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Questions with H&G Aqua Flakes Formulation for Bloom and pH Stability

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by UCMENOW, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. UCMENOW I'm loving the aqua veg rite now!!
    O love it =)


  2. First time user of UC
  3. You usin the Multizen in veg? ........Works great!
  4. im having great results with house and garden.

    keep it simple

    Dutch Master Zone
    Botanicare Cal Mag Plus
    H&G aqua flakes A&B
    H&G roots excelerator
    H&G drip clean
    H&G multi zen

    foliar spray with r.o. water and wet betty

    for bloom im dropping the roots excelerator and adding bloombastic
    and thats it.
  5. Looking at the H&G chart you reduce the amounts of basic nutes when you run shooting powder (P&K) for the last few weeks. Seems like the ratios of N P & K would be fine then. It worked really well for me on my last grow but it was ebb & flow so things may be different for a UC system.
  6. Nitrogen seems to be far more available given the aeration and water movement in the may take MOAB instead of shooting powder or some other 0-XX-XX solution to help offset the high N availability caused by the combo of UC and H&G.

  7. I REALLY like what shooting powder and bud xl do to my buds. Adding those to my line up (used liquid kool bloom and kushy kush once with similar but not as good of results) made buds as big as a baby's forearm and almost hard enough to drive a nail with. I saw about a 30% jump in yield. If I could replicate that quality and get the benefits of rapid growth that I've seen in successful UC grows I'd be all over it.

    MOAB sounds like it's much like shooting powder. I'm not experienced enough to be the first penguin off of the ice in trying it out if and when I get a UC system. I'm hoping some other folks have taken that gamble and won and want to pass on the info.:)
  8. MOAB is similar to the Shooting powder...Just a bit heavier in the P and K.....and a lot cheaper.......Cleaner tasting results with Shooting powder............As long as your PPMs are in the right range, (800-1000 is usually a safe range for all strains) You shouldn't be afraid to try any late bloom booster....I think they are an essential additive in the late bloom phase.......Different strains sometimes like different enhancers......It's cool to find your recipe through trial and error........Fun stuff.........Peace
  9. Idk what is worse, your misinformation or your ernest attempt to help the community grow with it....
  10. Any info on the half dose of H&G part A in flower , anybody done this?
    Saw it mentioned but didn't see follow up.
  11. I have been running house and garden for about 5 weeks now and havnt had a single problem huge veg in 4 weeks and no ph fluctuations... I love house and garden so far but cant really give a full opinion until i harvest...
  12. DUTCHMASTER GOLD - ZONE, Botanicare Calmag, DM A&B for veg - had ph flucts very rarely, and mostly due to them eating up ppms i think.
    Dutchmaster gold -zone, cal mag, DM A&B, ADV big bud. wk two day 1, ph stable for last 48 hrs so im stoked! ABSOLUTE MONSTERS, 21 day veg.
  13. Yes I have but it's not a half dose you only want to cut part A by about 20-30% starting at about week 3 1/2 of bloom. Hope that helps.