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Raskal's OG Smoke Report!!!

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by winta, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. INFO
    Tester Name : winta
    Grower: southstreets
    Strain : Raskals OG
    Method Smoked :zong and raw papers


    golden green frosted nugs!


    Dominant smell of bud : earhty citrus
    Associated smells of bud :sweet vinegar


    Dominant flavour : earthy og

    Associated flavours :citrus with a hint of vinegar like taste

    Harsh/smoothness : 8 (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth)
    - cough factor? yes/no: hell to the yea!


    Profile : Percentage of head to body (e.g. 80% head 20% body) - 50% head 50% body
    Potency : 10(1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent)
    Duration : 1 1/2 hours then i was sleep lol (approx length of buzz, from first hit)
    Use : Bedtime or if u tryin to just zone out out!
    Munchies?yes/no : yes....when i woke up i raided the fridge and pantry then ate up my son's fruit snacks smh lol

    turpentine ()
    metallic ()
    ammonia () - urine () - vinegar (x)
    bleach ()
    lotions () - plastics () - glues ()

    fruity () - berry () - black/blue/raspberry () - citrus (x) - orange () - lemon () - lime () - apple () - mango () - grape () - cherry () - tutti frutti ()

    floral () - perfume () - blossom ()
    minty () - methol () - spearmint () - peppermint ()

    woody () - incense (x) - hardwood () - sage () - juniper () - cedar () - pine ()
    basil () - garlic () - dill () - clove () - parsley () - pepper ()
    tobacco () - chocolate ()

    earthy (x) - loam () - dirt () - musty () - dusty () - dry ()
    animal () - bird () - rodent () - gamey () - skunky ()
    botanical () - hay () - autumn leaves () - trees ()

    Very nice! not a pretty OG taste im used to but thats what makes its rockin! its a lil more musky with dense frosty sticky buds :lock: this one is heavy expands your lungs alot too my wife and i were finished :giggle it leaves u in a daze then NITE NITE lol very good variation of og if u ask me :bong-hits::rock
  2. Nice

    Excellent 5 star report Winta that is what I've been wanting to know for I don't know how long thank u brotha.
    Those buds are simply unbelievable looks like a tasty solid rock of resin Big ups to u & ofcourse brotha Southstreets for the growin that dankness, looks like u got her dialed in & on :lock: bro props!
  3. wow it hit you like that dawgy i gotta get some rascal og beans now///great report winta
  4. yea south grew the fuck out this shit! thanx for stoppin in!

    maaan idk if its the strain or south's skills but this shit put me down :giggle

  5. ya absolutley south got grow skills he dont even speak of lol mad props to you to southstreets what was your method of grow the buds look rightous
  6. first off thanks everyone for the kind words and thanks to my brotha winta for taking the time to do sick ass smoke reports on the herb!!! i'll be sendin you some new stuff real soon!! wink wink.. lol.. i guess lots of outdoor sun.. lol.. and letting them flower all the way out 80 days... :)
  7. Daaamn dude you got me jonesin once seems you have everything i want but don't
  8. Steve Z

    Steve Z Guest

    damn dude that shit looks intense

    nothing like some fucking amazing outdoor. GOD i love good outdoor :boogie:

    sick report and grow fellas
  9. np bro u already :)

    yea this was some fire man very nice!

    yea this was some intense smoke indeed had me pullin the bong a lil easier and shit all shook daddy about coughin :giggle

  10. RIVAL79

    RIVAL79 Funk Master! Supporter

    That looks so tasty! The best outdoor i grew was og as well. Don't know what kind but i was fire regardless. Big ups on the smoke report winta! Mad props 2 ss 4 da grow. Keep it up homie!
  11. waayne


    Great smoke report bro!
    Looks like South killed it on that one!;)
  12. yea man they were some pretty ass nugs bro!

    thanx mane! yea south hurt these too!

  13. thanks brotha waayne.. you know how the 3 amigos do it! lol... imma sendin you some funk and bublegum for you and some raskal full melt...
  14. Aerojoe


    great smoke report man, I'm probably gonna do some of this out soon and hopefully it will come out as shiny and resinous as ur pics.
  15. How is it in relation to SFV?