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Rdwc Cannabis-optimizing Rdwc Growing Conditions Necessary To Achieve Maximum Yields And Maximum Che

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Billy Jones, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. How does any grower really grow the top-shelf quality product and grow it consistently?

    First and foremost it about seed genetics. 2nd, optimal plant and rhizome health must me sustained continuously 24/7 throughout the total growing season, for months, no water pump or electrical failures. Sure, anybody can usually grow pot good enough to catch a little buzz before work or school… that’s a no-brainer for the 1st crop.

    But what if you’re a seasoned, experienced grower and want greater production, higher chemical quality, and shorter grow-out time… grow a better product, catch a better buzz with less smoke for friends and family. You know, like the pharmaceutical grade quality product.

    Let’s look a little deeper… what’s really important?

    The genetics of seeds are always limited by numerous things in a canna-hydro-grow. The high cost of supplemental elements, nutrients and concoctions you buy and use are compromised when for any reason, numerous reasons they the plant cells cannot metabolizes them efficiently at the cellular levels.

    Do you have any idea what is the most common metabolic factor that will always compromises cellular metabolism in aerobic plants and microbes preventing optimum cellular consumption of nutrients in RDWC horticulture?

    I have heard and read many opinions about this from many RDWC growers, Horticulture professors and microbiology professors?

    I would love to read your opinions about this? Please share…
  2. i'll bite, probably will take something away from it.

    Most of my experience comes from aquatic plants not terrestrial but most of the principles are the same when it cones to consumption of nutrients.

    Are you saying that you cannot grow quality plants in sterile setup? If so i disagree and also disagree it always compromises metabolism.

    Some of the limiting factors to nutrient uptake: Light source (broad statement), salinity (osmotic pressure), transpiration rate, ratio, concentration and type of nutrients, Co2 (in atmosphere), oxygen level at the roots, temperature etc.

    I would say that if all of the above are met in a live or sterile setup the difference would likely be negligible. My opinion is a healthy plant is just that and healthy plants don't have damaged or dying in this case roots.

    I do agree that the addition of, or ensuring that beneficial microbes are present has huge benefits. It provides a symbiotic relationship that provides several benefits but would not call them necessities like most I named above.

    Beneficial microbes help provide defense to the root system they inhabit against other bad bacteria and fungi. They also aid in the breakdown and absorption of certain nutrients. They also consume dead or decaying root tissue keeping things like pythium at bay or choking them out all together.

    No doubt that beneficial microbes are IMO extremely important if you don't want to be chasing your tail in a sterile system.

    Personally I have seen in large part the factors I have listed far more often as culprits of plant health than microbes and usually once that happens the secondary effect is bad bacteria/fungi ravage the plant and that's when having beneficial microbes really makes a difference.
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  3. Of all these you have listed, which 1 do you think negatively affects cellular metabolism and plant health the quickest and most drastic when deficient?
  4. Without a doubt. light
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  5. Light? Do you mean “light” like with a solar flare? A sudden neutron burst that literally fry’s the plant? I have heard of solar flares killing electronics and skin cells.
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  6. If by solar flare you mean when a troll lights a fart under a bridge... then yes
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  7. A-M, you’re on drugs again this morning aren’t you.
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  8. No I am working. But if i were on drugs the first thing that may come to mind when someone refers to light just might be a solar flare