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Rdwc Holocaust

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Moses249, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. I have a 24 gavita flower room with a home made 48 site rdwc system. Each bucket is a brute 10 gallon all connected with two six inch airstones in each. I have 8 110 liter per minute air pumps going to the system. For the last 3 years no matter what I do my roots get fucked up rot away and res water always nasty. I run r.o. I have tried everything teas hydroguard fungicides I even installed a 6000 dollar chloranation and sediment system. I have a chiller run temp at 68 unless using tea than 70. All the buckets r wrapped in foam insulation and r as far as I can tell light proof. I've used every nutrient line and it's always the same. Yes i have limped a bunch of crops by but not matter what it's always a disaster low yields never ending heart ache and emergency labor. I just loaded my flower room cleaned the fuck out of the system and within 24 hours water smells foul and is foamy. I have 4 300 gallon r.o. tanks holding water they r aerated by two 110 liter air pumps each. I have tried u.c. roots pool.shock none of it helps the roots are always fucked up when they hit the water no matter what low ppm high ppm tea no tea . I am wondering if something is off gassing or I have like a 1 in billion problem or drowned some kids with their puppies for fun in a past life? I know this is long and rambling but any help is greatly appreciated I really don't wanna tare it all out and goto soil I've always been hydro and wanna stay that way if I can. Will answer any questions and possibly post picture if that helps
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  2. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Stop using organics, like the teas. Not many have great success using amendments like this in water. Way too easy for shyt to go sideways when introducing natural based organics to hydro.

    Another possibility is how vigorous is the water movement at the rootzone. You could maybe be thrashing the roots causing damage and then they start to rot. Just thinking out loud.

    And are you sure of the water temps. That is a lot of heat with 24 gavies

    Where are you sourcing your water from? I know you said RO but where is it coming from. And have you had a water profile analysis performed.?

    At the end of the day I would try not using organic teas and just use RO water with hydro based nutrients. Bet you see a change for the better
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  3. Tried no teas and started having issues so starting using the teas. Well water goes through sediment filter gets chlorinated than de chlorinated than r.o.d into holding tanks. I'm sure of water temps I have a chiller in effect and 200k btu of a.c. in the room. I considered the trashing issue and have chocked back air on certain buckets and doesn't seem to matter. Also have used various pumps to move the water through the system from high to low strength seems to not matter. the well water was tested and everything was within normal parameters there was alot of sediment in the well but the filtration system gets it all out.
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  4. DTG


    What is the medium you are using ?

    After that many fails, I would seriously consider a soil grow, but that's just me, I dig soil . . .

    Sorry for that pun, I am an old hippie. . .

    Yes, a pic of the rotten roots would be fantastic . . .

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  5. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Scratching my head on this one for sure. Seems you have all the bases covered.
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  6. If it were me, I'd set up some cheap little stand-alone bubble buckets with aquarium air pumps and do some side by side experiments. That will let you eliminate the possibility of issues with your recirc system. Run a couple with your R.O. water, a couple with straight well water with no treatment, and a couple with water you truck in from a municipal source. You could try inoculating one of each of those bucket pairs with hydroguard or another myco product, and sterilizing the other with a peroxide solution.

    Keep it SIMPLE. Feed name brand synthetic nutes by an established schedule without additional amendments. Eliminate all the variables you can, so you really find out if some combination of water / root treatment is working better than others. Then try scaling it back up.
  7. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    excellent input.
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  8. DTG


    I am not a hydro guy, but if I were, that would be the advice I would take. That sounds like a really good plan right there . . .
  9. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    could it possibly be your air stones harboring something nasty?iv seen that happen before.people getting rootzone probs in Dwc,checkin this stop using this,buy this,scrap that and they were still scratching theyr head.eventually after much fuckin with certain possibilities he realised his airstones were wat was causing the problem as theyr rough surface is perfect for harboring nasty slime n shit
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  10. Air supply adding contagious to your system? You could set up a filter system or lung room for your air pumps?
  11. In growstones. Switch out air stones every cycle and every time veg gets reloaded. Have tried stand alone buckets as a test with my water one time was great next test fucked up roots again. Have used emerald advanced gh veg bloom perfect grower all with thier own cycle same stuff every time. All my buddies tire of my complaining and say tare it out go-to soil. But I dunno wtf is wrong with me but I hate giving up. I KNOW tens of thousands grow this system successfuly everyday. Why can't I? It HAS to be user error and as such correctable? I've been using ez clones for years so easy 99% success rate but here with my well water devastation no matter what imported other water Same result. Air is pumped from lung room in bloom and from in the veg room (NO co2 in veg room). I have also tried pulling air from outside for both rooms in case of air pathogens inside made no doffdiffer. I wonder if 880 liter per minute is too . Much air agitation the buckets r aggressively bubbling but I thought that was a good thing. My system is poor man rdwc made so maybe it's just shitty work off gassing buckets something? I should have just gotten u.c. pimp system but I'm poor and clearly unsuccessful.
  12. 4plant


    That sucks man. Have you sent a water sample of the contaminated stuff for testing? Also are the buckets directly on a concrete floor? I've had root issues in dwc buckets that were sitting on a non insulated surface.
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  13. Process of elimination
  14. That sucks. I will taje your losses into account when I consider my future options at my "forever home" .
    @heisenbubble has a great thread going about rdwc, maybe it will help spark a new idea.
    I wanna do a lung room with a window. In case any extra a.c. is needed.
    Does it have to do with stale air? Recirculating May work with a few, not 24 sites?
  15. Your buckets were my first thought, they may in fact be of gassing and ruining your crop. You say you are too poor to replace the buckets but think about how much money you have pumped into the system already; you may have been able to save a lot if you purchased buckets designed for this purpose. Other than the buckets, I could only assume it’s something environmental going on in your grow space.
  16. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Uv light in the storage RO tanks?
    I had a 10k gal ro tank holding water, then we use for watering the farm, well, since I’m always making water I never really “use” the lot and have “fresh” make up, long story short, had a algae bloom of sorts happening , and didn’t find this out until I sent out water samples for CULTURE microbial. Test. Turns out my “good” water was shit because there wasn’t anything stopping the “flora” from populating. 2 things one can do, add UV light inside the tank, or install a ozone unit, I did both.
    Btw sand filters is where we tracked the source of our bacterial issues . I don’t use that type of system anymore , I filter through ss in line filter. They are reusable, keep a few sets soaking in bleach, then peroxide then rinse and into the filter.
    Haven’t had rot issues since.
    ‘My 2 cents based d on my experiences
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  17. Have you tried running fully synthetic nutes no organics at all and running sterile so no beneficial bacteria etc..just do h2o2 UC roots etc and absolutely no organics or even try powdered nutes only chelated and see how that does...also make sure your starting off with a 100% clean and sterile system so every inch of the system has been scrubbed and cleaned rinsed and sterilized along with the rest of the room and start from scratch...if your system isnt light proof like your res could be a huuge problem among with even the pvc piping too and depending on the color of your totes and lids as if it's not light proof algae will form and be a big problem....