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Ready For Flower But Need Some Advice On Feed

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by PassTheJ, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Quick backdrop..

    Running strong 4th gen GSC clones.
    Decided to be as minimalist to figure out my plants better.

    So far...

    My 3gl pots of my own mix. 60% ocean, 30% peet moss, 10% perlite and verm = 4 weeks of feed.

    On week 4, watering didnt cure the slouch so I added a 300ppm mostly even solution mix of nit, phosphate, potash. Not much. Just enough to finish the week.

    That mix fixed the slouching problem. They are happy and praying. It's now almost week 5. I'm about to water them and I'm sure the last remaining nutrients from the feed will be done with.

    What next? I will be switching to 1212 with the next feed. Not today's watering but sometime tuessay / wed.

    I'm scared. Never did it this way. I was big on chemical additive so I only dealt with over and never under.

    Goal.. Just trying to get them through 10weeks of flower on a minimalist mindset.

    Dont know how though. My plan was to use my guide that I've used for 4 runs and just -50% whenever I feed but that doednt feel like what I want to do.

    Does anyone have any links to good guides for this situation or advice on how to proceed?

    First time everything is perfect and I dont want to fuck up..
  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    What kind of nutes are you going to use? They are probably ready to flip anytime you're ready. Just know they will stretch when they go into flowering so plan for the growth spurt. With organic nutes, they take time to break down and become available to the roots for uptake so you have to plan ahead somewhat.

    Don't be afraid because you're just getting to the fun part. They may look stressed or malnourished at times but they'll turn out fine as long as you don't make any drastic changes and induce stress.

    That's where most new growers run into trouble. They see normal signs of maturity and see it as deficiency and freak out. That's usually when things go downhill.

    Just take it easy and allow the plant to run it's course. You're simply trying to keep it alive while it works it's magic. It's when you push them to produce that you usually end up making things worse. Just keep em alive and they'll do just fine.
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  3. hawkman


    "" will have all your answers + more one of the best reference tool beside "I love"