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Recovery Tank= Poor Quality.

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Deeeizzle, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Should the recovered butane effect the quality of the run. Single recovery.
    Recently out runs from the recovery tank are pouring foamy for some reason.
    Historically we would use recovery tank when full and runs would come out he same. We only recycle one time. Any guidance or help is appreciated.

  2. A recovery tank should only be solvent. It should not effect anything since it goes from liquid (injection), gas (recovery), liquid (condensing coil during recovery). Basically distilled gas. A molecular sieve helps keep water out. Not really sure what you mean by foamy? Is it during injection when coming out of the column into the shatter platter? In my experience recovered butane should never effect quality.
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  3. Foamy as in when we pour the consistency is foamy..

    Thanks for all the help btw. Much appreciated!


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  4. Depending on how much butane is recovered, it come out a little foamy during pour off. How does it come out after purge? Still foamy or crumbly?
  5. I think that’s it. Just recovering to much tane. After purge it is just thick because of the massive foam ball from the pour instead of a nice poor. We are just bleeding/recovering to much and left with goopy foam maybe?
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  6. I've never fully recovered every last bit,always leave a little for a nice pour off, but I can definitely see how that would happen. I am pretty sure thatd how ppl get the cotton candy consistency.
  7. i think you answered your own question. ive gotten the same a few times if i step away for a couple mins during the last of the recovery and it starts to pull a vacuum it comes out like that
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