Reflectix vs Block-IR (CAP)

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by noone88, May 17, 2010.

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    I had some Block-IR from CAP and I also stopped by Lowe's for Reflectix. They are almost the same product. Imagine thin layers of bubble wrap with foil on each side; that's what these products are.

    I believe the Reflectix brand may be superior because I saw a double-layer of bubble insulation versus a single layer of bubble insulation in the Block-IR.

    Lastly, Reflectix is a bit cheaper than Block-IR. 4'x25' roll costed me $44ish + tax. has the Block-IR 4'x100' for $200 + shipping.
  2. mego

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    I've heard its the same thing as far as blocking IR goes. Although, Around here the Lowe's/Home Depot version costs about half of the price of Block-IR.
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    Nice.......are you using this right now?
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    Not currently, I may be soon though, depending on which route I take on an upcoming project.

    4x175 (700 sq ft) for 239$

    Plus they are 'local' to me.
  7. Donkdbz

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    Reflectix and Block IR are same thing. 2 layers of emergency solar blanket with bubble wrap in between.
  8. RMCG- good call on that link, thanks
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    Just don't spill any ph down or any acidic mixture for that matter. Wipes the reflective properties right off