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Removing Terpenes

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by EugeneOregon, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. 3461CF92-1158-480E-9B61-8EEBBA24BAE4.jpeg Horizontal configuration shown with terpene fraction collecting in first collection bulb. Bulb will be swapped out for a clean one to collect cannabinoids. Boiling flask contains rosin pressed concentrate crude.

    Time lapse of cannabinoid fraction coming over:

    Cannabinoid fraction
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  2. hawkman


    interesting ?????? must have some labratory experience
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  3. Here is that same compound now after a few runs through the cryogenic sublimation apparatus. The compound on the mirror is many weeks old and is in storage under vacuum for another purpose. The white cake is the compound I am working on. The dab on the mirror also looked like this but settled as seen. This has actually settled 50% when the photo was taken. This method has several benefits but that is a different post. This compound started as a new friend’s rosin press crude. He wanted to see what could be done with it. He is gonna get back some very potent med . Compared to the SFE crude runs I have purified this rosin is hands down easier to do this with. High terpene content comparatively.
    Here is SLO-MO footage of the spin bar while in the boiling puddle just an inch below the cold finger that the THC deposits onto. Vacuum is ¾ of one micron nominal. Heating mantle setpoint is 135C nominal for a final pass. Cold finger is ice water temp which is added after this video. Footage starts and stops at normal speed. Check out the wave action the stir bar kicks up at slow motion speeds!

    Because this started as rosin press and was not dewaxed or filtered, this compound has never touched solvents of any kind. 100% solvent free and pretty darn close to that kind of purity too.
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  4. Dbear180


    Dude you make me feel like a caveman when it comes to this! Good job! lolz
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  5. ammon


    You using Krytox vacuum grease, or have you found a more cost effective solution? Looks like you're going through a bit of it.
  6. These are the two I use. The spendy stuff is like skin lotion and is great to work with. The cheap stuff is ... well ... cheap. Lolz. Both serve well it just depends on the mood and specific lab.
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  7. Tor lube FTW!
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  9. ammon


  10. Haha for the win.

    I used it the semiconductor field for high vacuum high heat applications ( channeled o rings) the shit woooorks.

    TorrLube Purity Grease is chemically inert, nontoxic, and nonflammable making it the perfect grease for applications where different materials, chemicals, and gasses will interact.
  11. The torr lube s made not to off gas, the krytox does, I had to come down on some people who wanted to do whatever they wanted putting this shit in O rings (works but the torr lube is better and you for sure wont get contaminated. (it is messy tho dont apply too much)
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