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Rick Simpsons healing oil, make the medicine!

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by logic, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. I'm glad I found this thread on here. Had seen the vid and lookin into making it, about 2 mos off till I'll be able to.

    My GF's bro had his R jaw removed last year, completely eaten up with cancer. Now it's back in his lymph nodes and back of head by muscles and nerves. Surgery not an option and chemo probably won't help. So they've basically told him go home and die.

    So I'm gonna see if I can help but don't know if there's enough time. I'm at week 7 in my 1st grow (OG) and adding in drying and curing it'll be about 2 mos before it's ready. I hope he hangs in there.

    If anyone knows of another option I'd be glad to hear. You can PM me if you'd like. Thanks - Socachi
  2. would you run the oil through this distiller to further refine it?or would come right off the plant?
  3. If you watch the vid it calls for bud. I think you'd have to use a shit load of trim to get anything. He uses a pound of bud to get a small amount of oil
  4. Hope all is well with your BnL

    Hey Chi if you need a really quick strong version
    ie "rick simpson jet fuel" go to a collective or make some wax/budder/oil get some 90% or higher Alcohol
    warm it up a little put the butter/wax/oil and stir it up it will dilute into a liquid it can be used same as rick simpson, Applied internal under tongue or topographical but only few drops it is Very strong , ive made for terminal patients before works really well with appetite sleep and some pain

    Another quick version is Qwiso
    freeze nugs and freeze some alcohol put in in a jar and shake the crap out of it for about 15 mins and strain thru coffe filter then evaporate on flat glass surface
  5. You go slips :)
  6. Look into Vcaps instead. Gelcaps all contain another cancer causing product, msg
  7. In my experience a rice cooker is reckless and Rick showed it so many can utilize it making their own oil but he used a distiller as I do. by far the safest way to go and you can recycle your solvent. since you can recycle you can be less price worried and get the best solvents. IF you do use Naptha notice the boiling point chart offered up. you'll see one Naptha with benzine and one without. If you do the conversion math you'll notice an extreme difference in boiling points. One is 212 f, the one rick uses, hence the added water drops. the other boils out at about 365 f leaving nothing in the oil but oil less cbds and thc among most other alkaloids.

    I see the point of putting the product in the freezer in a bag to bust up and break off the tricomes for keif but before your boil off? why? it's the protective waxes you are wanting to open up and the decarbing to conver thcv to thc and cbdv to cbds for greater amounts recovered. Freezing slows tis process
  8. Straight organic honey bee honey....glycerin and alocohol are both alcohol based and if people have had or currently had problems with alcolohol they both seem to trigger the desire to drink, kind of like chocolate does some people...The glycerin is so sweet as well that alot people confuse the intitial sugar rush basically for the effects of the cannabis adder and it is just glycerins effects.


    Just wanna say got alotta respect for you after readin somma your threads. good to see that theres other stoners out there that have an education lol or even some basic knowledge

    anyways, i'm a bit confused how are you making the tinctures using 100% honey as in honey from honeybees? i heard of this method once but never understood how it works? Keep doin watcha do some good info man

    just reread the post, so do you isolate the glycerin then simply make the tincture in that?
  9. saarbou


    use ethyl glycol, the cleanest alcohol out there and it's especially for that, don't use all those chemicals on it. you try so hard to get natural chemical free hemp and then use butane.. that makes me sick to even think about it.

    look it up, ethyl glycol. it's very expencive ($20 per 500ml bottle) if you can get it, but it leaves no residue and it's very clean, very potent (strips the THC right off the plant and as little chlorophyll as possible)

    Spread the word - cure cancer!
  10. probably just do a body weight scale down of dosage for a doggy

    thc for dogs is a depressant.
    known fact
    dont do it

    i used to smoke out my old dog and give it edibles before i did some research and found out it is not good for DOGS

    so dont do it
  12. From a Cannabis Culture article by David Malmo-Levine. Referring to Michelle Rainey. Peace GS

    One of my most recent memories of Michelle involves sitting next to her on a plane heading for the “Treating Yourself Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo” in Toronto this past July. On the plane she showed me her anti-cancer medicine. In addition to using the “Rick Simpson oil” – 4 oz in 60 days - she began using Afghani Bull Rider powdered hashish in a capsule. She was using twelve capsules per day – according to Michelle just one capsule was enough to put any normal chronic marijuana junky on the couch for hours. She was also using synthetic THC pills – up to 8 per day. Perhaps the tumors were attracting all the medicine away from altering her perceptions. Perhaps her tolerance was simply at “heroic dose” levels.

    On the last occasion she and her partner Jef came to visit with me, for the purpose of showing me all the little black tumors that were being pushed out of her body – apparently a result of her treatment with the oil and hash capsules. She insisted on me touching them – they were hard and round and black. There were a few dozen of them around her neck and she told me they were being pushed out everywhere. I figure she made sure I saw them because she knew I was completely and totally unable to sit on an important truth when it needed to be said. She knew I would do my best to let everyone know that there WAS an anti-cancer effect that the hash-capsules was having. She also mentioned an MRI she just had done – her liver was ravaged but her kidneys, lungs and spleen were clean! Michelle smoked non-stop so this alone was news-worthy. Had the cannabis cured SOME of Michelle’s cancer?

    I wish I could interview her doctor and get an official response to counter-act the spin regarding Michelle on CTV on Oct. 23rd
  13. My dog snatched some baked goods one night. She couldn't stand and would shake like having seizures when she tried. It wasn't good for her at all. She's fine now, but I would never want her to have any again, not that I did the first time--she's quick. :) Just my 2¢.
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    Thanks for the insight
  15. Hi

    Hopefully you are around and could give me a little help. Im in the UK where there is no medical MJ available.
    My girlfreind has been battling a brain tumour for the last 4 years. Has had surgery, radiotherapy & after regrowth that made further surgery impossible , a year of chemo. She tolerated that well so is continuing at the moment. The tumour has stopped growing and she has recouperated somewhat.

    I was shown the run from the cure film by a freind last month and since then i have been swallowing up any information i can about producing the medicine & think i am approaching being ready to attempt this. I am a total novice but i need to give this a try. I am going to get on with the gardening whilst learning all i can about the much trickier extraction at the end.

    Time is most obviously of the esscence so any words of wisdom you could impart on me would be much appreciated.

    How many plants am i likely to need for enough oil. Is butane extraction no good?
  16. Hi
    Very sorry for your girl friend and you as well. I certainly hope the oil will help her.
    I'm by far not the expert many others on here are but would like to help in any way I can.
    Simpson suggests that a standard treatment is 60 grams. I think this would be about 3 pounds of bud. Good bud is the best. Try to aquire the best you can afford.
    He also says that in an extreme case a person may need 180 grams. So what she would need is possibly more than the regular dosage. Like I said I do not know much about this.
    Hopefully other here may be able to add to this and give you some direction.
    Good luck and I hope all works out for her.
  17. Butane is a very good solvent for making extractions from Marijuana. I highly recommend looking into units from Tamisium or Eden Labs.

    This short blurb about CO2 extraction goes over some of the common solvents used.
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    nice job thanks mate.