Rick Simpsons healing oil, make the medicine!

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  1. I just wrote a detailed explanation of how I make it below.


    I use ISO, 4 pint mason jars, and time. I also filter it a lot, starting with stainless, fine filters to unbleached coffee filters. I filter it at least 5 times. It gets rid of all the thick, nasty, plant matter. I get a consistent, dark green, oil. I was using 190 proof grain alcohol but 99% is a lot easier to get, especially in bulk. There is a consumer limit on the 190 proof.

    I use heat to evaporate the alcohol then infuse the oil into different products depending on what I use. Naptha is horrible so is denatured alcohol. They both work as a solvent but they both leave a horrible taste and residue.

    Not that vaporized chlorophyll tastes great or anything but I'd rather it tastes like plant than chemical. If I'm not infusing it, I leave it on the heat pad just stir it until it doesn't bubble anymore. You don't have to add water because the alcohol already has water in it, that will evaporate over 2 days on heat. Just stir it. I bought a digital heat pad, which really helps dial in the oil for my tinctures, capsules, and salves.

    Heat Pad - eBay

    The pictures are some of my oil infused with vegetable glycerin. I put the infused vegetable glycerin in capsules to ingest every 4-6 hours or I use it in edibles, tea, and e-liquid.
  2. i tried this and it didn't cure the cancer : ( wtf
  3. my friends mom has ovarian cancer and she's been eating a couple of milligrams of RSO a day, it's been about a year now with chemo she is currently stable. she loves rick simpson's oil and doesn't know how she could have gone through chemo without it.

  4. I'm sure this has been posted but it's pretty easy to still your own moonshine. 200 proof clean solvent after 3 or 4 distillations.
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  5. Yes ISO, methanol, or ethanol will extract the clorophyll, fats and lipids from the plant material.

    However there is a way to filter this out. Its called winterizing.

    Put the filtered liquid in the freezer for 24 hours and filter the liquid in the freezer.

    I make QWISO, and after winterizing my liquid is a pretty Honey/yellow color before i purge off the alcohol.
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  6. You can get higher than 190 proof but 200 proof is not very likely. Potent alcohol will absorb watee out of the atmosphere
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  7. Rick doesn't recommend alcohol
  8. 1470793186520-1684163790.jpg
    I know. I'm reading his book. He liked Namptha. I fully understand why. Tge alcohol extracts clorophyll, fats and lipids. Those have no healing property, abd make tge medicine taste HORRIBLE.

    However if you freeze the alcohol and plant material before extraction and have a Quick Wash 60-90 seconds. Then winterize the liquid (filtering in the freezer) you can easily remove those. I do it about every 2-3 weeks.

    I would rather make QWISO any day than RSO.

    1. Can be used internally and eternally like RSO if you purge the alcohol

    2. I get more return than RSO. I get 17-24.5% return (about the same as using butane.

    3. I can use it in edibles

    4, i can make it into tinctures

    5. If i run low on BHO i can dab QWISO. I prefer to dab QWISO to BHO. Winterizing gets rid if that harsh throat hit when you smoke weed or dab BHO.

    6. I can turn QWISO into ejuice.

    The photo abovet is .6 grams of QWISO I made today from 3.5 grams of girl Scout Cookies. The buds were about 6 weeks old and getting too Dry to smoke. So i turned It into QWISO. I got a 17.2% return on buds too old to smoke.

    Mr Simpson says he gets only two ounces out of a pound of Marijuana. That is only 12.5% return. Once i got 24% return, and another tune i got 24.5 return these were fresh, and 17.2% return on old Dry buds.

    Take a look at the thread shatter i'm old school. In that thread i spell out the entire process to make QWISO with step by step including winterizing.

    In all honesty i will never make RSO AGAIN. This does everything RSO does and then some. Not to mention higher yield.

    Besides my QWISO doesnt look black like RSO.
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  9. Squirrel.

    Just so yoy know; i have no problem with Mr Simpson. I consider Mr Simpson a Giant in this field. However He doesnt KNOW everything. He was stumbling around in the dark as human beings have been for thousands of years. Just like you and I.

    I was able to piece together a way to make QWISO that removed the clorophyll fats and lipids and improved the product, gave me much higher yields (About the same as BHO) than RSO, and the ways of using QWISO is unlimited.

    Use any way RSO can be used.
    Made into tinctures
    Made into ejuice
    Smoked or dabbed
    And more
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    I posted a picture of QWISO where i made .6 grams of QWISO from old buds of Girl Scout Cookies.

    Took a dab and that old buds hits like a freight train!

    Strongest QWISO I have made. Flavor better than usual.
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  11. Danolo


    My wife and I have had very good success with concentrated cannabis oil. For now, I'm buying it from a trusted dispensary and encapsulating it with olive oil and lecithin.

    My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fybromialgia. She uses two of these caps per day, each one contains about 75 mg of cannabinoids and she inserts them rectally. This bypasses the stomach acids and allows the concentrate to immediately absorb into her blood stream. Much better bio-availability than eating it.

    The effect? She sleeps pain free, her swelling and weird knobs have reduced and she feels better overall. She's been doing this for three months now and is 99% off pharmaceuticals... once a month or so, she'll have a bad day will pop a Naproxin.
    Usually on any given day, a few bowls of our favourite herb in the vaporiser, deals with any other pain and improves her mood (mine too :) )

    If you'd like to learn more about how a make these capsules, let me know.
  12. What solvent is used to extract Cannabinoids.

    I only use Everclear or 99% ISO.

    I ONLY use Swan 99% ISO. ITS 99% ISO and 1% water.

    I don't recommend Namptha
  13. Danolo


    I dunno what was used to make this oil... I buy it from a local dispensary and the staff know nothing.

    Once my grow gets going, I'll be looking for ways to extract my own oil.
    Thanks for the info... one day...
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  14. I dont usually RSO because you never know what solvent was used.

    In Ricks book he recommended Light Nanptha, ethanol, or 99% ISO.

    I DONT recommend Namptha.

    I used Everclear and. 99% ISO.

    99% ISO does a better job. I mean higher yields.
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  15. Wolfe


  16. Yes he does.

    In Rick Simpson book Natures answer for cancer. He lists three solvents that can be used.

    Light Nampths
    Grain alcohol
    99% Isopropol.
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    Sorry what I meant to say is I use everclear also. For some reason my explanation got lost in the post. I've had blue euphoria that I made that tasted like blueberries when I would eat the oil.
  18. I used Everclear. Then i used 99% ISO. ITS ALL I USE NOW.

    Much higher yields
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  19. Wolfe


    I'm sure the yields are higher but I use everclear. And I would rather do it that way. It's less explosive for one thing. I have also had people with stage 4 cancer go into remission. So I stick with what works for me. I have had patients with so many tumors the doctors wouldn't even operate because it would kill them to remove them. After not even a month on the oil and it has shrunk the tumors enough to be removed. Had another person go into remission also with a rare type of aggresive cancer. And was able ease a dying woman with advanced cancer who died giving birth but baby was healthy and strong. The doctors wouldn't let her use it until her last week alive. I've had people put it on skin cancer spots and dissolve them. I gave it to all those people for free. I get about an ounce of oil out of a qp with 1 big bottle of everclear. Any success stories from your ISO? I may try it in the future. But for now everclear is more convenient.
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  20. Well here is what happened.

    I had good success with shatter from northern Lights.

    I found a guy with 26 grams Northern Lights that was 2-3 months old.

    He wanted $7.50 a gram but talked him down to $115 for the 26 grams. I put everything in tge freezer. I extracted it then winterized to remove chlorophyll, fats and solids.

    I purged the 99% ISO and yielded 4.4 grams of medicine. I vaped it with my Kiln clone wax atomizer. It ebabled me to go 4.5 months without a single crohns flare. Thats saying something.

    I did the extraction witg a single quick wash lasting 85-90 seconds.

    The yield was 16.9% on buds too dry to smoke. Northern Lights only has 17% THC, and 3% CBD if memory serves. I was surprised i got that much medicine out of dry buds