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room temp advice for og kush grow

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by 420blunts, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. with room temp at 80-83 when lights are on and co2 between 1400-1600, will og kush come out airy/fluffy ??? i run 4 750's in magnum xxl's about 20 inches from top of canopy. tried 4 1k but temps went past 90. i have 3 16" wall mount fans blowing right on top of the canopy. each fan has ducting from my iceboxes right on top of it, feeding the fan 75F air. will having my night temps around 65 help with making og kush more dense ? any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. did i start this thread in the wrong location ??? wuts going on farmers lol. i can't be the only one growing og kush.


    My SFV OG came out dense with no CO2 and temps similar to what you are running. My nighttemps didn't quite get that low, maybe 70 or so. Lights on temps averaged around 78. Consistent temps and humidity within acceptable ranges should give you best results.

    With CO2 80-82 lights on and humid 30 to 40% is ideal IMO.
  4. as long as you dont reach 86 you dont even really need co2 so as long as room dont hit that your girls will be fine nice dense nugget
  5. thanks for your input 420king. really hoping you right. oh yeah, i use co2 cuz my room is ealed with no intake or exhaust.
  6. What he is saying is, considering youre using Co2, you should allow your temps to even raise a little (85 is pretty much perfect for Co2).

    big dense nuggets not small airy ones :)
  7. thanks for dropping in Hannaman. i understand that co2 works even better at higher temps. at the same time i remember reading somewhere that it almost depends on the strain.
  8. The OG seems to like about a 12 degree variance in temperature. My rooms get up to about 81 without co2, and have no problems. As long as you are taking out 40% of the under growth, you'll avoid larf/airyness. OG can be finicky bitch, but she's not that bad.
  9. actually sounds almost perfect to me, post some pictures for us man.. it sounds to me like you have the recipe for some dense og nugglets
  10. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    yeah thats pretty much dialed for og

    I try to keep my daytime and nightime temps with in 10 degrees
  11. You mention your room temps are 80 to 83f but then also mention that you have fans blowing 75f air at your canopy so it's a bit confusing what the temp is the plants are actually getting. If you put a temp gauge directly on your plant canopy and it's 75f in flower you won't get airy buds. It's your canopy level where your flowers are that really matters what the temp is.
    People get too conserned about what they are setting their temp stats too and not paying enough attention to the flowers canopy temperatures.

    In veg I keep my temps a bit warmer; ambient (surrounding room temp)around 78f day/72 night. When they start showing flowers I drop temps 2 degrees, then when they have been a few weeks into flowering I drop it another two degrees. Around week 5 flower I continuously gradualy drop the night time temps until they are only 60f night about 5 days before chop. My day temps I also drop to the lowest at 70f right before chop..week 8-9 day temp is set at 74f.

    Having your bulbs 20" away is a good measurement for og. They stretch a lot if its too warm and the buds get quite airy/stretchy if the bulbs are too close and it's too warm for them.

    A very important thing to remember is that just cause your temp stat setting says a certain number that doesn't necessarily mean that is what the temp actually is at your canopy level. Air circulation, temp stat calibration, closeness of bulbs, etc. all impact what your canopy level actually is.
    At auto supply stores or some hardware stores you can get small lazer temp gauges that you can point anywhere in your room to give you an exact accurate idea of where there are hot or cool spots in your rooms and what exactly your plant canopy temperature actually is.

    Usually if your cooling temp stat says example 75f your canopy level will be 3 to 6 degrees warmer than that.

    Very cool night time temps late in flower will bring out a lot of nice colors and a lot of resin. The plants put out extra resin to protect their flowers from the cold temps.
  12. thanks everyone for your input. i finally got my room to max at 80F when lights are on. night temps go down to 65-68. humidity between 50%-60% everyday. added another 40pint dehuey but took it out cuz temp went up to 85F. that is temp i am stuck for this run. will get rid of water chiller and all 9 iceboxes boxes after this run and get mini split.
    nws, i'm confused myself with this room. i have 3 ducting coming from iceboxes. each ducting goes to the back top side of each oscilating fan blowing at plant canopy. when i took temp reading out of each ducting, none of them gets any higher then 76F, but room temp still reads 80F with three digital hygrometer and a manual thermometer. thank you so much for the info.
  13. Kmans


    Hi guys , I am a new grower and this is my fourth grow . I'm growing with a 3+3 by 6 foot high tent , one 6 inch exhaust fan 2 oscillating fans one tower in the corner and a lilltle one blowing between the light and the canaopy the light is one 315 watt lec , I have 6 ,, 3 gal smart pots growing sky walker og Kush from reserva privada in soil , my light sits 20inchs from the canopy , just wanted to give some info on my current grow , now my question is related to temperature, I recently added a thermometer and tried moving it around different spots in the tent and realized the temp was a bit hot directly under the light at canaopy level 31 degrees c , floor level 26 degrees and above the light at the top of tent 27 degrees . I guess my question is how do those temps sound , I'm a bit confused , I feel the obvious temp that matters is canopy level , I also feel that directly under the light may tamper with actual room temperature, idk any thoughts appreciated thx.