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Roots Organic

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Groperco, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. I just got roots organic anyone running this if so what feeding schedule do you use and how was your crop. Open to all suggestion. Happy farming and thanks to all who reply
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  2. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Its pretty good stuff... too high in nitrogen for my taste but it works well... look in my signature under 2016 drugs
  3. Ok thanks man I'll check it out.
  4. Was you their feeding chart?
  5. I've used roots organics line in the past ( Soul Synthetics now, Which is the 95% organic , 5% organic converted to Synthetics)

    Main reason I switched from Roots organics to Soul Synthetic is the PH would swing too much and the over-foaming roots line would do ( where Soul is the most stable Organic tea i've ever seen, it fixed everything)

    For Soul Synthetics The name is miss-leading when it's only 5% Synthetic and it's organic converted . compared to a true Synthetic it shows everything in it ( and it's real stuff that I can google up or actually know What's it's deprived from)
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  6. I just use there soil it run hot for about 3 weeks so don't put babies or lil clones right in to it
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  7. So far my ladies like it . Thanks for the comments.
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  8. Roots Organic is causing me crazy PH fluc that I can't keep under control, I should of went Soul since I'm using Coco didn't know any better and listened to the garden store owner and now I'm trying to save my plants from dying and losing my garden.
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  9. Are you using tap or r/I water. I use well water and have not had a problem with ph
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  10. I use tap water as well I have a lil of a ph problem of it going low but that about it works good with coco lol
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  11. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Putting babies in hot soil is not a problem. .. feeding too soon is
  12. what is the diff from hot soil and feeding to soon its jut per feed soil with to much nute right??
  13. Using Reg. Water. Just got some sample of Soul Syth. and have not had any issue with my gals looking like they want to jump off a cliff. My conclusion is only use Roots Organic for Soil only!
  14. Hot Soil is when you mix, has too much ferts and the alkaline is off and it's literally to "Hot" for your plants and they get burned and/or die
  15. What feed schedule do you all use. The master schedule has you feeding grow all the way threw flower. That seems like to much N for my tàste. And also for those who have ph prob you should have a air stone in your brew for 24 hrs.
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  16. When I figure out how to post a pic I'll show some of my critical kush from Barney farm and secret sour from DNA
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  17. grohio


    Lets see them pics!
  18. 20170118_190403.jpg
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  19. That is from 2 weeks ago. Just put them in flower last night. Minus the sick one you see that got mites. Got that taken care of tho b4 the spread. Will keep you all updated. Thanks for looking. Happy growing.
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  20. Btw these are all cuts from a good friend of mine that helps me out a lot. Thanks my friend if your reading.
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