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Run Off Issues

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by DrOctogon, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Growing in straight Promix HP
    My ph going in is 6.2-6.5
    Ppm going in as of now is 1400
    Nutrients being used are Mills

    I’m in week 4 of flower and plants look amazing but my run off is all out of wack

    Ph coming out is 4.5
    Ppm coming out is 3000+

    Last 2 feeds I’ve given 1/4 strength to 15% run off to leech some stuff out.

    Just trying to figure out if this is going to start locking nutes out. Should I run just a ph’d feed through or keep it how it’s going.
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  2. heisen


    They look good as shit man.maybe try and get the ppm runoff down a little.there is definitly a little build up from the 4.5 runoff but everything looks good to me.
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  3. heisen


    High nutrient levels in the MIX will create a very acidic environment.3000PPM seems high as shit to me for PPM runoff
  4. Your plants look fine to me, some pristine muff on them.
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  5. Thanks man. And that’s why I’m confused with my numbers all off the wall. Not sure if they need a straight water flush. But being in week 4 of flower, I’m also not trying to make more issues.
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  6. Agree 100%. I’m still getting used to feeds with promix. Thinking they need the feed, feed, water schedule.
  7. Check your meters with control fluid for both, PPM's say your plants should be toast, and the your PH on my grow would signal a premature end to my plants. So calibrate your meters for piece of mind. The higher your PPM's go, the lower your PH will be driven down. What's the PPM of the water your using? I have hard water, 220ppm from the tap, this is a problem for me on the calmag side of things(I just add calmag), but this hard water keeps my PH steady, and it will only move a couple of points up from 5.8 to 6.0 in a week, so swings and roundabouts.
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  8. I use RO water. I’m on a well where I’m at.
    Nutes used are: mills for base nutrients ( A. B ) right now 12ml per gallon
    Calmag- 4ml a gallon
    OSA for silica - .5 a gallon (but I stop using at week 4)
    C4 - 5ml a gallon
    I use 55 gallon drums
    Plants are in 20 gallon pots and get 6.5 gallons every other day
    Total ppm: 1400
  9. 3000 is not terribly high for soil,i like to see the runoff down closer to 1800 to 2000.if these were mine i would lower my feed to around 1000 and raise ph to 7.0 for a few feeds and keep watching runoff. that being said i use promix and feed at about 700ppm daily with 6.2ph and my runoff is usually around 1200 to 1500 and ph is usually close to 6.0
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  10. people gotta understand a good organic soil mix would be around 2500 to 3500 if ya checked the runoff on day 1.i believe the minor problem you are seeing is from the low ph,not your ppm numbers
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  11. PharmHand


    I’d say the low ph is FROM the buildup. 3000ppm, is that .5 scale or .7? Your plants are taking up/using SOME of what you’re feeding and leaving behind the rest which builds up over time the nutes left behind are likely acidic. Pro mix themselves recommend 10-15% runoff every water to prevent buildup. Promix being peat n perlite isn’t soil
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  12. He's in straight peat and perlite though which isn't soil.

    @op i use promix and have for years and i like to do a weekly "rinse", where i feed water and microbes, like someone would do a compost tea. Your plants look great though, if the build-up becomes a problem you'll know right away what to do. Because there's so much in your mix though when you flush at the end they'll probably still have food for a while. Probably won't matter anyways.

    What are you looking for? You seem to have everything under control and are already doing light work on the build-up. It's probably not going to impact your grow but even some burn or a day of starvation is not going to be a big deal anyways. You get lockout, you flush ez.
  13. Yeah I'm aware of promix,I use it runoff whenever possible also
  14. GrowGod

    GrowGod BANNED! Supporter

    Use some sea green a couple times a week, they will beak down that salt buildup.
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  15. If i came off judging you as ignorant, it was unintentional. I'm definitely aware of who you are and that your knowledge of probably everything growing is great. Can i ask why you water them without runoff? I do that currently to maximize food and a couple other reasons, just wondering what yours are?
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  16. I do it mostly so it has plenty of dry time ,with a good/ fast wet and dry cycle . I'm able to feed every day and if I see issues I can work to fix them right away kinda like hydro or coco works. If I get runoff it's almost 2 full days before they need water again.roots like some oxygen,so a good dry time is crucial Imo.but I do fuck up from time to time and see some runoff.i usually try to capitalize on this and sample some of it for ec and pH.just to see what's up.
  17. Totally understand and I've done the same in the past. I find myself actually working towards the opposite and hoping for it to stay wetter longer so that my illness doesn't impact their feed if I'm incapacitated or something. Basically i mix when I'm healthy so i can only water the plants when I'm not. More and more often i find myself leaving a tray with a little bit of water so they can go a whole 2 days without needing watering. Works well but is the total opposite of your intent.
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  18. It’s on a EC x 700 scale.
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  19. These are 20 gal pots getting 6.75 gallons every other day. And they are dry and light
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  20. Starting to get some discoloration on leaves. Any ideas?