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Running Out Of Room, Need Suggestions Please!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by AnselAdams, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. With 3 weeks or so to go on these autos; i am rapidly running out of room. As this is my first hydro grow (as is the cabinet) i have no idea what to do now that my efforts at topping have obviously failed.

    I think my main problem here is that my lights were too far (mfg says 30in) (lies! i tell you, i have photos of heat stress, but that is another post. :) )

    I say this mainly based on the length between the branch nodes. (am i doing too many dabs?)

    upload_2019-2-9_0-58-46.png upload_2019-2-9_0-59-5.png upload_2019-2-9_1-4-23.png
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  2. Lol. Thats how they reward you for good growing.

    Try super cropping the tops (pinch stem and bend down)

    I do this often and it makes a knuckle at the bend and gives back more bud.
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  3. Thanks for the quick response....

    How far from the top? 6", 12"?
    Should i try an even the canopy out as if i had used a net? You can see where I had to take out the second light.
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  4. No problem. I was just browsing. :)

    I would bend them down to even the canopy at the right distance from that lamp. I dont know the answer to that. I know in my room i need about 18” between my canopy and the 600’s hps i run.

    Maybe someone who knows led like yours will chime in.

    Also i use stakes and tie down stubborn branches. They like to stand back up you know. So i read that you can tie weights with string to hold down yours since no dirt to stick anything into.

    Takes a little practice but you can feel the squish when you pinch and roll the stem between your fingers a little and it bends feeling solid but flexible.
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  5. gwheels


    I cant tell by the it flowering?
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  6. Highkev


  7. gwheels


    I ask because autos flower at week 3 to 6 every time all the time...
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  8. I missed that detail.
  9. gwheels


    You could be vegging a photo thinking its an auto....and the stretch didnt even start yet :D

    Once i had 3 autos in a grow box (first grow) and one was triple the size....then i found out i used a photo seed and put it on the deck.
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  10. yes, they just started about a week ago.
  11. gwheels


    Bend em they will double in height.

    Autos are no good for short spaces unless you run 100% indica X ruderallis like afghan kush ryder (2 foot max height)

    You can run 100% sativa photoperiod plants in 4 feet height with a scrog net and flip them at 60% full. And put then net REAL low. My current grow with King Tut and GG4 in tent 2 is causing me space problems but the stretch ended and now i have to bend buds. 12 inches from the samsung strip light.. prune the shit out of them delarf them and bend them
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  12. Ugh. had not thought of that possibility...

  13. I just bend most every plant before week 3 and tie them down.

    Growing from seed i often dont know how they will turn out.

    I bent this one the other night.

    E37625CA-94DA-41E9-A884-3294136E6524.jpeg 13BBB7C2-BE44-4EBD-BA7C-2A1F582D0658.jpeg 7E874593-F957-4A7A-930A-3C5AD80A679C.jpeg 91B18993-709A-49AC-8E36-7F96699DF5C7.jpeg
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  14. Well she has started flowering. How long has she been growing?

    I posted a set of pics to show how to bend and tie down plants (LST).
  15. Thanks for the 411. now on the hunt for afghan kush. :) I have the 4 ft of room in the flower box.

    on the other note... more height is NOT what i need right now... lol. Already sent one to the recycle box in hopes of reducing the over-crowding.

    Keep'em coming folks. The advice is much appreciated.
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  16. This is week #8 from germination.
    My First Grow & log
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  17. Well you got a full flower cycle to go. I would figure out how to tie those down to the res real quick. Hope they are still nice and flexible. Looks like they are.

    Bend a little at a time. You can use weights on string too. Got to be creative here.
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  18. gwheels


    And for future use silica is a great suplement for bending stuff. Add it before all other nutes then calmag then your nutes.

    Your plants toughen up a lot with it. I didnt use it this round and i can pinch off shoots when i use it i have to cut them off.
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  19. upload_2019-2-9_11-39-26.png

    Have been using it since week #3 ;-)
  20. I think you mean something like this... I think if i did it right i gained about a foot. If i didn't i just kill the top 12" of my biggest. :-(

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