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Russet Mite! aka Super Mite,aka Tri's eater! info inside.

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by ibTheMan, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. These are the Horrible mites i was talkn about but didnt know the name, well its Russet Mites and from what ive been told you never ever want these or your fucked for good!
    Guy at the grow store has seen them on bud grown in michigan and says there coming from cali.

    Also there tiny, smaller then little mites and do eat on the leaf and make spots like regular mites.

    Double Click and Read!
    russet mite! 001.1.jpg
    russet mite! 002.1.jpg
    russet mite! 003.1.jpg
    russet mite! 004.1.jpg
  2. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    What a nightmare. <gulp>
  3. good thing they make azatrol and neem
    i think that stuff would kill off sasquach and the lock ness monster
  4. That stuff Wont work, there in and on your bud, neem does Zero, the only thing that is known to help/kill um is heavy sulfur burns, from what ive been told.
    Im not crazy but sounds like a government made stain or something, i mean they EAT THC ! whats up with that. aint that ah growers worst nightmare?
  5. Have they made it to the uk :(
  6. There origin is Serbia, so they come from over there. also Hungary so, there World wide.
  7. shit a brick :(

    thats not good news, how long have they been around????
  8. There only new to us cause of weed blow'n up world wide, the Russet mite itself may have been around for hundreds, thousands if not millions of years, but im not sure.
    What i am sure about is these make mites seem fun from what ive been told, and are only really passed around by clone, so GROW FROM SEED.
  9. i use foggers, id have to imagine they get everything, like a burner
  10. thats just crazy man, they eat THC, thats 1 High N Mighty Mite....

    fingers crossed they wont ever make it to my garden
  11. f-ing too right bro

    seeds are the way to go, the only way to be sure....

    if this thing gets out of control,,, Man, i dont even wana think about it :(
  12. I know, thats what im sayn. i meant govermeant enhanced bug not made when i was talkn about the fishyness of a thc eat'n mite?!
  13. wow ib, I thought you were crazy before when u mentioned them. haha jk. That some serious shit though. I really hope they stay out of the northwest.
  14. I doubt any government makes just suck..stick to seeds
  15. fractal



  16. Interesting,
    I think I have encountered them. My circle of friends had this mysterious problem that we considered "Rust" which would usually cause problems mostly in flowering. Shriveled up and dusty growth starting at the bottom and moving up. We suspected deficiencies and fungus, but not really russet mites. I had looked it up and could only find references for citrus crops.
    One terrible scene I saw was in an under-lit and humid veg room, and the new growth shriveled up and was consumed by this brown dust! Literrally a dust eating the new growth. The only way the problem was cured was culling the crop and starting with clean clones. Weird!!!!
  17. News Flash guys....Hemp Russet Mites can live and lay eggs on SEEDS!!! Yes, its true. They have learned to survive winters on seeds. These fuckers are truly evil!
  18. nuttso


    This one here are kinda nice too...Rhizoglyphus

    Don't know if you ever experienced them. But it don't look good if you have this bugs. They stick to seeds to....



    or look at this bug (Polyphagotarsonemus latus):

  19. nuttso


    but again. i think you can gas everything with co2. best is small clones. you can gas them over weeks daily... nothing that needs air will survive this. get a clean veg and bomb clean flower room. no more problems.
  20. nuttso


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