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Sage Zeta

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by JeenYuss, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Anybody hear of this strain? I have someone telling me they have the real deal. That its some Dutch sage times the original og kush before they even called it og kush. He says very few leaves at all.
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  2. ete530


    where can we find these seeds looks like this strain is coming from denver,co maybe...any information on this would be great. I know the S.A.G.E strain has quite a name for herself.
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  3. Oddly I may know a cat growing this one. He is newer to growing but he and his partner spoke very highly of it and also said it was highly regarded by the grower he obtained it from...he said denver was where he got it. I will see if I can gather more info
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  4. jlo33


    This zeta sage is the real deal. Actually I'm having a bowl of it now. It's a great sativa with a dominant head high. Every time I go to Livwell in garden city, colorado I look for this strain..... best in CO
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  5. i just heard about it.. its getting a little buzz around it in LA.. i thought it was a strain thats closely gaurded by some russian growers in the LA med scene and they charge an arm and a leg for it and pretty much impossible to get a cut.

    havent tried it yet but was under the assumption it was an og cut.. og x sage sounds fire though. i wonder if its the same one yall are talking about.
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  6. I remember seeing Zeta around a few places here, but never with the 'sage' attached
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  7. S.A.G.E. (Sage)(Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium) came from THSeeds in '98

    from what i understand, Zeta = S.A.G.E. x OG Kush(unknown cut)
    however i have also heard a complete different story that Zeta was worked from Blueberry.
    But then again i have also heard that Zeta = Mk Ultra x LA Confidetial ....

    a good friend worked on the S.A.G.E. project back in 96-98, i will ask him and get back with a better clarification.

    edit to add - so Zeta Sage could be a cross between the two, or a mislable of Zeta because sage was used in it... idk...
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  8. Zeta is 75% SAGE and 25% og

    no blueberry

    no russians;)
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  9. I'm curious who you know that worked on sage?it is a plant that is quite near and dear to me;)
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  10. Zeta sage is a sativa dominant amazingly awesome hybrid strain. It's tasty and gives you a great head high. For Sative Strains, this is my favorite. it helps with being lethargic and for those with depression or getting a jumpstart before work. It definitely gives me the chink eyes-and it makes me giggly kind of like I was in High School. Good Times-
    I too am a patient in Garden City, CO- cool man