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Seed delivery

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by jagle, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. jagle


    hey all,
    ordered a ten pack of ko kush and jackberry from sannie on the 29th, shipped on the first of november and arrived at the door this morning, the 4th, im shocked at how fast and professional sannies service has been, would just like to come here to tell people that im defo gonna be buying sannie again,

    just opened, free pack of el monstre f2, alright

    thanks sannie
  2. I made an order last spring, and got it within about 2 weeks.

    I made a lovely necklace with my beads. How about you?
  3. jagle


    haha ya those beads are great, think ill try plant some get a bead plant haha.
    loving the 5 freebies too
  4. Sannies is great customer service who stands by his product and service. Wish he was a seed bank hehe.
  5. jagle


    ya very happy with his service altogether, gonna be shopping from his store for a while
  6. fuzzy


    best beads

    Yeah Man,Hes got the best beads, peace,fuzzy
  7. i live in uk an my seeds get here really quick i can order on monday an they will be here by end of week which is very good imo. an hes the only breeder ive grown out the past year thats made me go "ohh wow" at my plants, an never failed to impress ive only grown about 4 strains inc some freebies sent but so far every plant has been superb.
  8. Thanks for the heads up dude's
    We are working hard anf with love to have the best customer service for our customers.

    greetz sannie
  9. g0vnaa


    1. Credit card
    2 Paypal

    Why aren`t those ways available anymore Sannie ?
    For how long will this be like that ?
    I saw it yesterday and got really confused ..
  10. sannie is the man i ordered 3 packs of seeds fucking homeland secerity took the seeds and put a note in the package and shipped it to me to let me know they got them i told sannie about it he called them dirty fuckers and i swear a week later a package showed up with 3 packs and some freebies fucking stoked grow journal soon to come thanks sannie
  11. swisscheese

    swisscheese Guest

    Bad idea to post anything about how breeders ship stuff on an open forum guys but sannie has some great stuff and is a real breeder it seems not a overpriced, inmature bean selling, pollen chucker.
  12. Heard great stuff about Sannie, will be going with him next time!!! Jagle, get some pics up of your set-up bro!
  13. jagle


    had some delays, just finishing it this week, getting everything ready before i pop dont worry plenty of pics and a grow journal will follow, my first ghetto grow, so i wanna document it well so i know how to improve
  14. After getting his confirmation e-mail that cash was received, I get the beans in about 7 days West Coast