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Shatter Problems!

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Troiller, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Does anyone know why my Shatter slabs are coming out this way. They look great in the oven the first night and then the look like the below pictures the following night. Part shatters and the other looks like dark clumpy crumble almost.

    Shatter 1.jpg
    Shatter 2.jpg
    Shatter 3.jpg
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  2. They have all been winterized too!
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  3. Trim, popcorn, or buds

    any chems sprayed, neem, ect prior to harvest?

    Temp purging in oven?

    How long purging?

    Looks like what my trim looks like. I use a t4, with OUT any sprays on the machine. I have to distill the bho to come out with a good product.
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  4. Hello,

    Trim, popcorn, buds (Trim)

    Chem Spray (Not Sure)

    Temp Purge (First night no pump 90F, second night 110 w/vacuum, possible third night 110)

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  5. looks like it got to hot way to hot maybe some how u got hot spots in your oven?

    or im thinking u had it at a to high of temp for to long
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  6. Machine trim or hand trim?

    My guess is machine. It's caused by the moisture by the machine beating the shit out of the material. Making a nice soupy mess. Reason why I turn all mine into distillate.
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  7. No machine, just by hand.
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  8. Hmmm

    are you fresh freezing the trim or drying it, then Freezing it?
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  9. Two.Bears


    I think he has too much heat.
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  10. I'd like to hear more!?
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  11. Can anyone point me to some posts that can carry on further?
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  12. From the balance of the posts, I can see that this was trim. The color also suggest older drier material. How old and how dry?

    What was the extraction process?

    How was it winterzed? What type and purity alcohol was used for winterization?

    How was it filtered after winterization, using what filter, and how was the alcohol removed?

    You appear to have both water present and points of nucleation promoting crystal and grain growth.

    I recommend bringing the material up to molten state around 110/120F in a thin film and then pulling a vacuum. The longer it sits, the more likely hydrate grains will form around carboxylic acid crystals, which form from points of nucleation like wax or fine dust. As you can see, it's not a pretty site.............
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  13. I’d say to much heat and not enough flipping.. maybe some aggitation. I never leave my shatter over night unattended or I wake up to something like this usually

    Bring your temp down to 90-92 and keep it there you cranked your temps and made wax basically
  14. This is your problem your purging at way to high of a temp for to to long
  15. Do you flip even if there's still bubbles on the side you're flipping from? I feel like my purge takes forever and inorder to get that liquid patty to move the bubbles, I have to increase the heat..
  16. Hell ya 2-3 hours max per side the I’ll let the slab melt a bit before I vac it to help release some gas I do this for about 30-60 hours strain depending
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  17. It doesn’t have to be a liquid puddle.. a soft slab will purge just fine over a period of time. You can get glass with high heat but it’s hard and takes a lot of flipping and a watchful eye
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  18. O man, no wonder it's been taking me so long compared to what I've read and acquaintances! Must be why I feel like my beatiful gold is starting to Amber..
    Thank you!!
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  19. Everyone purges differently this is my way. Someone might say this way is wrong and give you reasons not to do it just like I may do that about there method .. what I’m trying to say is do what works for you try a bit of my technique a bit of his and make it your own until you get what works best for you.. just my 2 cents at least