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Should I Start Hitting These Plants With Nutes?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by mcaveman, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. They were started in cheap organic soil till I moved them on 12/9 to 3 gallon pots and fox farms ocean forest. I have gave them nothing but water since. They are are high cbd auto flowers plants were originally put in soil on thanksgiving. So a little over a month old.


    FYI this is my first grow
  2. Also should I prune these at all?
  3. They look hungry for N
  4. Couple more pictures, I want to note that some of them had some yellow tips on the leafs a week or so ago that cleared out on its own, after doing some reading is it possible it's gotten to much N from the ocean forest soil?
  5. what are all them white spots is that white powder mold??
  6. Try to put a filter on your camera or take pics just before or right after lights on/out. The hps makes it hard to tell.
  7. White stuff is organic diatomaceous earth I have been using to control a minor gnat problem, good eye! I must have spilled a little on plant
  8. Yep that's called N draw down it happens when the compost is a little under cooked I just had the same problem so I upped my urine to 1.8 lts to 10 lts water brought them back from the dead nicely here's a pic of before n after it took 2 to 3 weeks to come good .
  9. Upped urine? Please explain
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  10. I'm not an expert but I believe that would mean more nutrients correct me if I'm wrong. Those leafs on your girls that look curled in and are dropping are random and that happened to me on my super lemon haze (wind burn) to much air blowing on your ladies at least That was my case. I only prune the top 2 fan leafs on each budsite and that is when the plant is 100% healthy (after flower stretch) otherwise your risking yields
  11. It could be wind burn, I'm gonna back fan off for a couple days.
  12. I use human urine as my main N element
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  13. First timer and it has taken a little too long for me to discover the ailment of my grow. They need nitrogen and I worked too hard to get them to their present state to waste any more time seeing the curling tips and yellowing. I am hoping I can get an answer from folks who regularly use a mix of human urine and water to fertilize their grow. I know this is the route I am going to follow so all I need to know is the ratio of water to urine. Thank you in advance...signed; worried first time grow mama of 4 small beautiful but sick plants.