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Silica, Who Uses It And How Much?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by slimjimham, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. I just started using silica but prob 25% what's called for. 1ml per gallon.

    I'm using it because of a light pm issue I have that's stressing me out prob more than the plants ha.

    Anyone have good/bad experiences with it in undercurrent? And how much do you use of any?

    Think this will help the powfery mildew issue (seems like lots of studies backing this)

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  2. I use Mad Farmers version of Silica, before that, Protekt. the MF were free samples so I decided to give it a whirl as it's appearsto be identical to Protekt. Silica is usually derived from potash. There is no real reason to cut back on recommended dosage as it won't burn the plant. the worst it can do is mess up PH. If your going to give small doses then i recommend you use it multiple times a week.
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  3. FooDoo


    Worthless in the undercurrent. Used protekt and saw no results. If you use growstone grow rocks in the net pots then they say that those release Si
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  4. RoeBuck


    I've tried it and didn't see much of an effect from it. I still have some left and have used it when my pH is low as it does raise pH.
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  5. ken dog

    ken dog

    I use Rhino Skin and Bud Factor X every week.

    I never use it in my top of reservoir because it tends to coagulate and make a brown stringy slime.

    I mix the required dosage in about a quart of water, and slowly add it to my epicenter, while mixing constantly.

    It's hard to tell if it does anything special, because I'm using anywhere from 11 to 14 different bottles of Advanced Nutrients each week.
  6. FooDoo


    They got their hook in you deep. Bet your hydro shop loves you
  7. Can't speak for use in a hydro system , I'm a soil grower , but I do use it. I use it every watering at 5ml per gallon throughout the plants life and I notice a Difference in stem strength and overall plant health. I also use it in a foliar spray in combination with fresh aloe weekly

    I also heard there is some truth in it helping with PM but don't quote me. I know gardeners and Some smaller scale organic farmers use horsetail tea as a preventive to PM on squash and other veggies. Horsetail is loaded with Si so there may be a connection. I'm Just thinking the Si makes plants stronger and more resistant. If you decide to use it as part of your program look into Agsil16h and just make your own concentrate. I think I spent $13 on the powder silica and it makes a few gallons of concentrate, it's really cheap and your not paying for water
  8. ken dog

    ken dog

    I would like to say that the main thing to do, is use the entire line... Not just part of it. That is, if you want to see the results that can be achieved.

    So... yes, I use two silica products and my grow has never looked better... & I have tried Heavy 16 and Current Culture Cultured Solutions.

    Frankly, they are all expensive.
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  9. Mr.X


    Si is crucial bro, it improves the strength and the flexibilty in your stems wich is good for when they get top heavy and if you use SCROG method you want a bit of elasticity to bend and manipulate the stems. Also it aids in nutrient uptake because it creates a wider phloem wich is the transport vein in the main stem. And it helps plants deal with heat makes them tolerate more heat. What you want to do is ALWAYS mix it in first when your making your solution and water it down, at a 1/4 tsp per gl every feeding you will see the results. Good luck.

  10. You don't have to use a full nutrient line to get great results. I understand what your saying , but these nutrient companies bend growers over a barrel.

    Nutrients don't have to be expensive either. When your talking synthetics, it's basically salts and mostly water. I have a friend who makes his own VERSION of advanced nutrient products for at least a 1/8 of the cost. Not sure why anyone would want to support a pedophile anyway but that's another discussion all together.
  11. Calixylon


    Pedofile? thats a pretty gnarly accusation, wheres the info?
  12. Yup, I'm going to try adding it for a while. Not sure if I should incorporate it in the topoff tanks too or just put it in on fresh res changes every 2 weeks.

    I've definitely seen benifits in soil back in the day. But I thought it made the branches stronger but more prone to snap instead of bend if lst'd.... but Def held up buds better.

    I hope it doesn't screw with the ph too much since it's pretty stable now. If it throws things way off doubt I'll stick with it, but again hopeful it will reduce pm severity even though it's mild ams studies seem to say it does... locates extra silica to the infected areas reducing infection and ability to spread and attach itself. Hopefully...
  13. DrFever


    people have to realize that si function in plants is to boost the natural defense mechanism in the plants nothing more or nothing less could this mean it will boost trichomes ??? possibly as that is a defense mechanism being silica is the second most abundant thing in the earths crust who knows i do not think it wold hurt anything may be to much would ???? IMO i would only add it in soils rather then DWC or unless you have a sick plant like taking a Tylenol
  14. Perfect for what I'm looking for
  15. Alot of people are using the OSA28 product for silica now,

    calixylon one of the owners of advanced nutrients was charged in europe awhile back,
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  16. FooDoo


    Osa28 is a scam. Just proved it in another thread. Can link you if you'd like
  17. 5 gallons for $4600, seems reasonable. I'll take ten ha
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  18. The above video is a golden example of what happens when you wear out your welcome or decide to stop paying the man in a eastern block country.
  19. to get back to the op question,silica may help with your pm problem if used as a foliar but just adding it into your res after you see signs of pm will not help imo.and plants dont really use up SI like they will other nutes like NPK so just adding it in 1 x a week during veg and bloom is enugh to see the benefits. i use it about 1 x a week as my ph up because most silica products raise ph alot,more so when using r/o water.if your pm is just on a few spots,remove those leaves carefully.give your plants more space.crowded rooms are always at higher risk for pm.and try to keep your r/h levels from big if your growing in 60% r/h lights on try to keep it there during lights off.and keeping the temps closer helps your room at 74-76f lights on and 72-74f lights off,it will help stop the spread of pm.sulfer burns will knock it right out ,if your not close to harvest that would be my first option.copper soap fungicide as a spray will kill the shit also.theres alot of threads here on it,people use milk and water to foliar with good results
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  20. I'm prob going to get pro tek or silica blast, did the research years ago and can't remember which came more highly recommended.

    Any recommendations?