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Skunk VA cut of chem 91

Discussion in 'The Breeders Lab' started by chemdog, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. chemdog

    chemdog Guest

    Please break down this whole skunk va cut 91 chem because iam very confused on this one.... I had a handful of freinds who moved to the west coast in 1994 and they brought out my original chem cut to the west coast which is the 91 cut since i was the one who started it only a few people had it at least at that where does skunk va come in to place and is he on this board?...Swerve or Raskel can u give me some feedback on this guys?
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  2. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    very good question... would like to know myself :)
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  3. I think the only person would know tje makeup would be either you or the guy you got the bag from. Right Chemdog?

    Also, I have tried Chem's sister but never the original chem. Last I read in HT magazine Chem was going for 800 an oz.
    If you haven't already, you think could give me the real story on Chem? If you have posted it can you point me to the link?

    Oh yeah, I don't think anyone here is more happy than my buddy GTD that you would grace us with your presence. I am very pleased to meet you, I've read and heard a lot about you! Thank you!
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  4. Yeah I never got that, I'm sure someone on this particular forum should know.
  5. dusty

    dusty Guest

    Sup Chemdog...

    You have to remember the user SkunkVA from buddy has threads saved that you guys are talking to one another...PM me if you want to know any more about the cut that Joe and Swerve have now...Joe got it in my kitchen lol...
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  6. chemdog

    chemdog Guest

    The skunk va cut is just my origianl 91 chem which guys this Aug will be 20 years old thank god i started those beans i knew that herb was special and knew i had something awesome....BTW i had to rejuvenate it in 1994 and the other day my buddy pulled out 4 beans he had from the 91 when we rejuvenated it in 1994 and we are going to start those 91 chemdog S1 hope they are something good...CD
  7. dusty

    dusty Guest

    Those will be off the hook. I already know!
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  8. those are gonna be special.....when can we expect those chemdog?....
  9. pel929


    i think i read somewhere that they think your screen name was skunk va. so they just nick named the chem 91 the skunk va cut. dont know if its true but think i read somewhere thats how it came about.
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  10. the rebirth! im sure they will be something special!

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  11. :hi::hi:I think im happier than gtd all i run is chemdog strains.
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  12. born again...yahoooo!!!
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  13. Yea I was under the impression the skunk va cut was yours and they named it that because it was ur sn...
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  14. chemfather

    chemfather Guest

    skunk va was a cat on overgrow a long time ago who lived in va. i believe and he had the original real 91 somehow.

    thats about all i know.

    ive run it and its seem to be the one. chemdog an i have a friend that has the original 91 also. we need to run them side by side an see how they look
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  15. greenthumbdanny

    greenthumbdanny Premium Member Supporter

    :giggle i doubt it >>>if you only knew:giggle

    whats up JB:passingjoint:

  16. hotRod


    20 years old this august > WOW
    that says it all right there

    :friday: cheers !!!!
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  17. I do know whats up ive been on the chemdog strains since day 1 a year ago u didnt know the differance between chemdog and chemdawg bro.:giggle:giggle
  18. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    263 one for me as well...started it:sign0023:..LOL
    im could only wish to start a strain and it get as famous as the chemdawg. im glad i got those deadhead OG beans the cali connection put out since they used that skunk va cutt in that cross....and if the chemfather ran the skunk va cutt and it "seemed to be the one"...that close enough for me LOL.....thanks guys:clapping
  19. ive been runnin the chems about twenty years after it first came out give or take six months what day would tha be ........ day 7301.
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  20. congrats on hitting the 20 year mark chemdog
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