Smoke report: Pre 98 Bubba Kush S1(Cali Connection)

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by saldiado, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. saldiado

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    Strain: Cali connections Pre 98 Bubba Kush S1
    Method Smoked: Glass Pipe, Glass Bong
    sharp coffee bean chocolate coco kush smell with a strong oily incense that gets left on your fingers after breaking it up.
    Taste: Strong coffee bean kush taste with coco incense after taste
    SMOOTH- burns to bright white ash.
    The High- Never gets old. It does not matter how high I am if i take a hit of this bubba and hold it in deep it lifts you up everytime, and without question can be a couch lock, but it is very relative to where your energy is at.
    It also has this body buzz that is similar to being numb, but not like at the dentist office getting a root canal, but more like if you play a digeridoo for an hour and then your whole face is buzzing. I had a good amount of 70 day and 86 day bubba and they both have their unique qualities. the 70 day is way more chocolate coco kush smelling, while the 86 day has a much sharper coffee bean kush smell with stronger incense smells too. this next run im thinking around 77 might be the perfect medium.
    Here goes the 86 day Bubba with a month cure.
    Without question a keeper in my book. yielded 13 zips off one plant, and their was definitely room for improvement.
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  2. good report bro
  3. solo

    solo New Farmer

    Great report....thanks for posting....

    Hey Swerve any more bubba s1's comming to the bay?.....
  4. Skunkmasterflex

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    im pretty sure the Bubba line will be coming in like a lil after April. there next line to be released the aliens then bubbas after that, im pretty sure anyways LOL....i try to stay up on things best as possible. sorry if im off :)
  5. savage

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    awesome report with a beautiful specimen!
  6. w00dy

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    Great report ,and damn 13 zips off one plant!
  7. Tex

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    Damn man..Sal, you killed it.. Great pics and report.. I can smell the Bubba from here..
  8. TheCoolestMan

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    What a report bro!!! +Rep, i can't wait to try this stuff seems exactly as the clone. Well done.
  9. luvinlife

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    good report sal, and some beautiful little nuggets too! swerves bubba def rocks!