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Solution To Initial Hang Dry Before Cure

Discussion in 'Cannabis Harvesting & Curing' started by Hdinkleman, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. So i live in the northeast usa, its winter now and humidity in my apartment is typically below 20%. inside my tent with a carbon filter exhaust RH usually hangs around 25-30 ( no issues with bud rot during flowering lol)
    Anyways mu first post here was trying to figure out how to maintain humidity in my tent around 50-60% to get a slow dry before putting bud in the freezer to finish with ed rosenthals sublimation method as seen here

    I have done a couple sample buds but before hitting the freezer the himidity inside a jar at room temp of 71# F i already was too low, around 45•RH%

    problem i am facing is, humidity is too low to hang in my tent with exhaust fan running, humidity is too high with no exhaust fan running.
    So thinking and experimenting i have come up with a solution i will test in the next few days after i chop. Solution is to hang my branches in my tent hanging INSIDE a paperbag in the tent. i will put a hygrometer inside the paper bag to check high and low RH. I am only drying to the point i can put the buds in the freezer, which is barely crisp on outside, with stems still able to flex without snapping, which hopefully will take 3-5 days after bud washing. I will follow up this post with any results good or bad.

    Please feel free for comments or your personal experience of what worked for you
    I am only growing for personal use so i am looking to preserve maximum taste and potency.

    here is my converted paper bag ( double long using some duct tape and scissors lol)


    this should be long enough now to put a hygrometer in the bottom and have more than enough room to create a mini microclimate inside.
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  2. also if i place a hygrometer inside a jar with some buds what should the RH be inaide the jar? 55-60% rh correct?
  3. Dan789


    Put a smal (one gallon) humidifier inside the tent, that’s how I’m raising my RH in my veg tent 60%, running dehumidifier outside in room to keep the RH around 40% for those in bloom. Normal air circulation in all tents, and exhaust 24/7.
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  4. you dont think the paperbag would work? im trying to keep this as sinple as possible, if a couple paper bags, scissors and duct tape is all it takes to keep it at the correct RH thatd be great. if not i do have two humidifiers and might have to go that route.

    mind you this is my first time drying so this all may be much ado about nothing, but i am trying to wrap my mind around the concept and execute a proper dry all at the same time. i guess i tend to do this alot, im trying to play out all the options and possibilities before the drying begins so im not caught totally off guard when the process begins.
  5. Dan789


    Here’s my take, when I use paper bags, it draws moisture out of the buds, not imbues it into the bud, the paper absorbs moisture and with its bigger surface area passes it off more readily. I can’t see it working to keep or stabilize the moisture content.
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  6. ok so i guess you are missing what im saying completely, ill try it again.

    first off the hunidity in my tent is low, approx 20-30% RH i was asking if it makes sense that if i hung a paper bag with buds in it the paper bag would act as a buffer to the tent humidity actuang as a wick essentially for the initial hang dry.
    ill do it anywaus and post back the results if anyone cares
  7. im not trying to imbie anything into the bud, i have no idea what you are talking about i am trying to hang dry my bud
  8. Dan789


    The bag will make the bud dry out faster without the necessary amount of RH.
    Better yet, go with the bags and report back how well that works...
  10. I’m also in NE and hang dry till the lowest “nug” snaps from the individual large “colas”. I then final trim and place in large containers with hydro packs (55 is all I have right now) then I open for a few hours and when it’s closed it has the packs. So far it’s going well. In a few days to a week I’ll trim the bugs off the larger buds and final jar. May still require occasional burping
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  11. Interested to know if the bag method works for you. If the tent is just used for drying why not get a small four inch fan attached to a humidity controller? And it should kick on to expel the humidity once it goes higher than the setting you choose.
  12. Use a variac controller on your fan so you can get it in the sweet spot
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  13. Agreed humidity controller would be great to
  14. I had a temp controller laying around and found my fluctuations of 5 degrees I’m able
    To control my humidity. Basically when the tent hits 75 it Evacs the air till it hits 70. Works like a charm this time of year for my veg tent. Not really applicable tho
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  15. I will end up getting a humidity controller i plan on chopping tomorrow morning and due to a few unexpected issues over the last two weeks i am unable to purchase one until the week after next. alredy around 20% amber trichs on the top buds at this point i have been delaying because i dont know what to do.

    why would the paper bag dry it out faster? ok if that was case youre telling me people who cure in a paper bag all have 50-60% RH in whatever location they store the paper bag? im a noob here i was under the inpression that a paper bag would allow the bud to dry slowly, otherwise why would anyone cure their pot inside of one?
  16. i do have a fan i have 3-4 of then laying around i dont have a humidity controller though, am going to order one for my next plants i didnt plan ahead to drying though now that im at this stage i wasnt thinkjng about RH at all until i test dried a small bud a couple weeks ago and it def dried too quickly hanging inside the tent, RH was 25-30% and the lights were on
  17. yeah that would be great i am going to end up getting one i just wont have it for a week or two and i am under the inpression my plants are iverriping as i type, considering just cutting them now actually
  18. why would enclosing the hanging buds inside a thick paper bag make it dry out any faster than open air? im still trying to think about this, i thought the paper bag would act as a “wick” and actually pull the correct amount of moisture out of the bud faster than normal because of the low RH of the tent, which would in turn counteract the fact that in normal hunidity YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO PUT FRESH CUT BUD IN A PAPER BAG so actually it would make sense to WANT to have the moisture oulled out quicker than if the ambient RH was higher. and mind you i was going to put the bud in the freezer after 4 days hanging anyways, im not trying to fully dry the pot while its hanging, i was going to try the freezer method and also a traditional paper bag cure as well
  19. 8131DC67-8D3F-47FB-A409-DC4A6441BE53.jpeg D7A21E2E-697E-4086-B4D2-6F42F5BFA3C9.jpeg