Sour Pebbles Auctions OVER

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  1. Alien

    Alien ...

    Sour Pebbles (FEMINIZED)

    (Fruity Pebble OG F1 x Alien Diesel F1 reverse pollen)

    The Alien Diesel is a hybrid I made in an effort to shorten the flowering time of an amazing Sour Diesel without losing any of the sour candy taste or large yield. This was achieved by crossing a female Original Sour Diesel x Alien Kush F1 male. I did not happen to save a male of this strain, and the female I selected was so outstanding that I chose to reverse her using STS and breed feminized seeds with a few of my favorite females, including the FPOG.

    Flowering time: 56-63 days
    Indica/Sativa: 55/45
    Yield: Very heavy

    By now we all now the Fruity Pebble OG. She's our flagship. She's well known for producing keeper phenos in every bean. To quote Skunkmasterflex, SuperOG, Squiggly, Delae632, and Motiv303...this is a plant that makes a pheno hunt kind of pointless. Every lady is a winner. She is a game changer in every department...yield, aroma, taste, high, ease of growth, etc.

    With the Alien Diesel pollen brought into the mix, expect larger, heavier, cola shaped buds with a bit more Sour D structure added to the Pebbles. This girl will be covered in frost from head to toe. As far as Alien Genetics strains go, this one is a cash croppers should be relatively simple to find the proven FPOG flagship pheno with some extra chunky weight and flavor added on her.

    These beans are FEMINIZED. They have been fully tested and have not shown any herm qualities to date. Do keep an eye on them while they are flowering as you should do with ALL beans, especially FEMs.

    Guaranteed 11 or more per pack.

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  2. MakinGoo

    MakinGoo Moderator Staff Member

    Another sic ass strain Alien.. Damn all ur gear is fuckin dank.. Great work doggie..
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  3. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    These are now up on the bay :)
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  4. Classic Remix

    Classic Remix Well-Known Farmer

    come on, Alien.

    i would like to try and pay some bills this month.....
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  5. motiv303

    motiv303 Amputating Fakeness

    If you missed out on the Fruity Pebble OG and have been kicking youself ever since, here's your opportunity to redeem yourself, this one is SERIOUS! Ive been crazy excited about this one since i first heard about it and had begun to think it was never gonna come. Thank you A for making this girl and for giving us all a shot at her. More FPOG goodness on the way, and all ladies too, shiiiiit. What more can you ask for? How about a sour D/ Alien kush twist you say? DONE! HAHA, Best of luck everyone, bring the A game this time, i dont think this one is gonna be easy. Peace homies! Motiv

    BNUTTHEHUT Well-Known Farmer

    This sound like an amazing cross. Cant wait
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  7. true grit

    true grit Moderator Staff Member

    wowser! and fems too? gonna be happy folks!!
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  8. delae632

    delae632 Moderator Staff Member

    Best of luck to all the bidders.
  9. squiggly

    squiggly Well-Known Farmer

    I expect shit to be reaching near a grand for these bitches lol--good luck everyone, and congrats to the winners on the sledgehammer aliens.
  10. Classic Remix

    Classic Remix Well-Known Farmer

    I just want to stop and give a quick shout out to all the heads that throw those "10$" bids up there.

    you get em, big guy.
  11. Alien

    Alien ...

    That's fuckin' hilarious, Remix. I'm sure a bunch of other people were thinking the same thing.
  12. sky high

    sky high Well-Known Farmer

    Those are the guys in the med states. Cut em some slack....they had to sell a whole ounce to make that bid!
  13. soserthc1

    soserthc1 Well-Known Farmer

    so i'm assuming my 75 dollar bid will be gone in a few minutes well was fun why it lasted... I looked up and seen sour pebbles for 10$ and i was like WHHAATTT.... I can get off a 1/8th and be even at that price....
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  14. bigcheese510

    bigcheese510 Well-Known Farmer

    yesss. another win . . streaking longer than the A's. . this is how champions are made !
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  15. superog

    superog Blow'in Money Fast!!

    The big dogs might come out for these beans!!! Yall heard what the homie Motiv said "bring the A game this time, i dont think this one is gonna be easy." haha... I feel the same way homie. Hey Alien these are the shit!! Farmers better jump all over them. Good luck!
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  16. superog

    superog Blow'in Money Fast!!

    I see you killing it homie!! haha... Hell yeah! Champions..
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  17. MakinGoo

    MakinGoo Moderator Staff Member

    That was my ballin' out of control ASS!!
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  18. MakinGoo

    MakinGoo Moderator Staff Member

    U know I'm bullshiting ur dog don't even got $10 rite now. It's good I'll b back on by end of the month..LOL
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  19. motiv303

    motiv303 Amputating Fakeness

    Cmon Goo, you know id've covered at least a $20 bid for ya homie. Lol, youll be up and stackin soon big dog. Peace brother! Motiv
  20. Funtcas3

    Funtcas3 Well-Known Farmer

    so just 2 days for this one ya...
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