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Space Dawg smoke report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Ocanabis, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Breeder: TGA
    Strain: Space Dawg
    Lineage if known: Snow Dog x Space Dude
    Grower: Ocanabis
    Judge: same
    Type (sativa/indica ratio): 70 % Inica 30% Sativa


    <7-8> Density
    <9> Aroma

    Pheno's that are more Snow Dog dominant are dencer and chunkier and while the Space Dude dominats plants appear more spear shaped and a tad lighter/flufier.


    <9> Potency
    <9> Taste
    <10> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
    <70 %> Indica Influence
    <30 %> Sativa Influence
    <2> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
    <2-3> Duration (In hours)
    <1> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
    <10> Overall Satisfaction


    High Description: Clear and center headed with an easy laid back feeling
    Smell: Lemon's and Fruity Bubble Gums with hints of spicy hash, skunk and grapes
    Taste: ranging from Citrucy Lemons and Grapes
    Medical Effects:
    <Y> Medicinal Strength Calming,Mood elevating,Relaxing
    <Y> YES

    Best to harvest be for the 50 - 57 days if you want to retain the Fruity Bubble gum aroma's that come from these gals.I missed it by a few days and harvested at 60 days and the aroma's stared to fade off with the exception of the lemon Pheno's.
    30 days cured
    Lemon Pheno's are excelent tasting leaning to a very sharp citrucy yet slightly sour, almost diesel like Lemon taste.It leaves a very Lemony taste on the gums and pallet long after you finish your bowl. The High comes on fast and hard hitting but after 20 - 30 minutes it will level off to a realy nice cruzing spead buzz.I felt very energetic and refreshed after smoking just one bowl but yet I could also just kick back and watch a movie or some thing.By the way,the buz from just the 1 bowl lasted 2 hrs at least.
    Bubble Gum Pheno's: I came across 2 pheno's here.1 tastes of grapes with hints of lemon that when smoked it leaves a menthol coolness on the exhale.Yet she smells of Grapes and skunk.Its a very unique smell that is like a love hate realation ship.I found my self taking smell tests and thinking Man the stuff stinks but yet I was intigued by the smell that I had a hard time putting the bud down.

    The 2nd pheno is Skuny,hashy and earthy.The smoke from this gal reminds me of the classic skunk weed with the hashy undertones from back in the day but yet she is very,very smooth tasting.She almost has no taste to her at all.I realy had a hard time figuring this one out and this is about the best description that I could come up with.
    The high both of these pheno's are very up lifting / motivating as well.Although not as potent compared to the Lemon pheno's I would say these are good day time or all day smokes.

    Bubble Hash
    So I made a batch of Bubble from all the pop corn buds and trim.Let me say this,its some of the nicest hash I have made to date.She taste of Spicy hash and hints of lemon that just roll off the tongue when exhaled.The High is top shelf with its extreme potentcy could easily put the most experianced smokes on there ass guarantied.The beauty part is you don't even see it comong.It seems to come on a bit slow but then by the time you take your 3rd to 4th toke thats when it slaps you up side the head
    and leaves you with a holy crap expression on your face.Best to leave this to late night as it will put you out to pasture for the night easily.

    Thanks for bringing the Space Dawg to the masses Sub Cool.I realy enjoyed the experiance that came from them
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 056.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 060.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 033.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 011.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 014.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 041.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 042.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 043.jpg
    Space Dawg  -Nugs 'n' Stash 045.jpg
  2. Now that's what I call a smoke report - major kudos dude. Great descriptions, insight, pheno-specific details and post processing.....thanks ooodles. Got some of these in the fridge that I'm planning for the next run. Thanks again :)
  3. hey ocanabis, its people like you that make these sites what they are... i always loved your posts on b-bay...extremely detailed straight forward reports with some of the best pictures of cannabis ive ever never seem to amaze do you think this stacks up against sub's other gear? do you have a favorite?
  4. very detailed smoke report......... and hash report.......... If I where a teacher I would give you an A+
  5. Phew! Nice report, Ocana. The bud looks great and the hash looks fuckin' out of this world. Everytime I see a TGA grow, the buds always look trich infested and I always think, "man, that would make some killer bubble."

    Thanks for the detailed report!
  6. Now thats a report! What type of cam and lens were used for those photos?
  7. samara

    samara Guest

    Killer pics!!!! Wicked smoke report. Your making me drool all over my keyboard Ocanabis. Great job.

    Peace and Love
  8. oldhand

    oldhand Guest

    man thats a great report... those are some seriously frosty nugglers there... nice work!
  9. That snowdawg looks frosty as can be, great work bro.
  10. great description and photos. mite have to snatch a pack
  11. great job Ocanabis. both the nugs and hash look and sound killer. enjoy them. :animbong:
  12. Fantastic job on this smoke report.
  13. Subcool

    Subcool Guest

    Amazing report bro thanks for all your hard work!
  14. First wanted to say- kick ass grow, the grow thread was great and I gotta give you props for the best background for picture taking evar. second, very nice report and ridiculous looking buds.
    Last, damn I really need to scoop some TGA gear asap. All have looked great, seem potent as shit and best of all, most are pretty damn short flowering... Ocanabis, you said 52-55 days would be good on this? Solid. Nice job Ocanabis for a dope grow and subcool for another solid stock.
  15. herijuana

    herijuana Premium Member Supporter

    that hash and the buds look a+ dude.
  16. brilliant review and photographs :flower the bubble looks killa :mmm beautiful work
    getting outdoor garden area ready for the season, have dedicated a section to (5)TGA strains and excited is putting it mildly :harvest:
  17. Excellent review. Pics, everything.
  18. fantastic hash shots brother...
    whats happening Ocan?...lovin the spacedawg
  19. amazing as always ocan,makes me want buy some seeds lol
  20. nice report ocan nugs look dank.