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Sshaze 260w Cfl

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by London bud, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. I'm growing a single super silver haze from seed in 40L of M.Grow root boosting soil under 276W of cfl's, twelve 23watters evenly spaced out over a flat square ft. All the bulbs are 2700k, I'm using them for veg and flower.
    I started 12/12 from seed, after a month the plants started to show sex, I started with five but four turnt out to be male and were binned.
    As soon as the first whites pistils appeared on the top of the plant I topped, removing the flower at the fifth node, I topped the side branches growing out of the node below aswel and reverted back to the veg, I left the plant under 24hour light for two days before continuing under 18/6. The plant stopped growing flowers and began vegging again with no problems.
    One week later I topped the two new tops creating four, I didn't top the node below again but now the side branches below had started to come through I topped them aswel so now I have four branches on top, four at the node below and four at the node below that. I have been LST, tying down top branches allowing the branches below to catch up, tying down again and further allowing lower branches to catch up creating a broad flat canopy, I've trimmed away any leaves from the bottom that wernt getting enough light.
    I've been keeping watering to a minimum, adding a few drops of baby bio for N, I also add a touch of mollases and liquid seaweed, I give plain water every now and again aswel.
    Between watering I foliar feed, I add just a touch of the liquid seaweed to the water and mist quite regular.
    The LST turnt out to be not so low stress after I split the main stem down the centre, it's been two weeks now though, ive done nothing to mess with the split and although its taking a while to heal the plant seems fine, I have pre flowers throughout and tons of side branches and leaves.
    The plant is over two months now.
    I'll be taking a couple of clones before staring 12/12 this week, I'm really impressed with this plant so far though. I'm hoping it'll produce 3z's, hopefully more as I've done a lot of LST and will continue with it while the plant starts to stretch
  2. At the moment, this plant is about 10" high and about 20"wide. Lights on temps range from 24celsius up to 30, she doesn't seem to mind 30. Nights are beginning to get chilly in London so I may have to put in a small heater soon.
    I want to know how much other experienced cfl growers are yielding.
    The top of my plant is 40cm squared, any idea on what to expect?
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  3. Done some more tying down today, the plants canopy is 50cm sqaured, I have about 30 tops, does anyone out there have any idea what I can expect to yield from this, im still vegging right now. Can I get a 4 and a half out of this?
  4. You started that 12/12 from seed? That’s a nice plant. Set up nice too. Ive never used cfl but you’re doing good though. Yield still open. Early.
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  5. Yo thanks bro, i started 12.12 then soon as i saw the first pistils I topped and revegged
  6. Oh so you basically just sexed out the ground then vegged. Eliminating wasted time on makes. How long veg ? cause your set for a nice flower there. Nice n wide.
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  7. Ye just sexed em, tbh tho i think it made my plant stronger. Its just over two months, thinking about going to three and trying to get the top of the canopy a nice flat sqaure metre then flower but I'm getting inpatient now lol
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  8. Last night I switched it up to 12/12, I'm gonna tie her down a little more today and really even up the canopy to expose a few more growth tips for this last burst of growth. I'm gonna strategically trim a few leaves that are shading shoots or leaves on the underneath getting no light. I've had pre flowers from the start so I'm thinking she won't take to long to burst into flower now it's 12.12. I've changed the nutes a bit now, I'm using a feed of 4.3.8, before the end of the stretch ll cut the N. Am still continuing with molasses and seaweed.
    I'll upload a pic in a bit.
    Also I did have a few fruit flies, nothing major but i mixed half milk half water in my spray bottle and misted the top of the soil and it seems to have done the trick, no more fruit flies.
  9. Two weeks in 12 12 tomorrow, on day 10 the first new pistils started appearing.
    She's stretching out and new pistils are shooting out by the day now. It's fucking exciting.
    A week ago I cut off the bottom branches, they were never gonna reach through to the top of the canopy, I didn't want to waste them, I had no dirt of rooting shit so I have left in a cup of water on the windowsill and they seem to be doing well. A lot of information out ere gives the impression that fresh cuttings can't take up water so need to be misted and kept humid but from what I can see these cuttings are obviously taking on water, they are firm and rigid and have never wilted in the 7days since I've cut em, I think I can see growth where they were cut but am not sure if it's wishful thinking, I suppose time will tell
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  10. My clones well hopefully. There's four of em in there
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  11. Second pic here looks off.
  12. Ye i know, it's nice n green really, just couldn't get the camera to not be yellow
  13. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Nice work with your cfl gurl. Great canopy management. :D Keeping your canopy as flat as possible will help with your final yields. Be sure to trim away all the lowers before you get too deep in flower. Especially with cfl as the laggers down low will be stealing energy from the top flowers.

    By keeping your canopy flat and not gainng too much height you will be maximizing what little par ppfr you are getting with your cfl's. Controlling your height is key to minimize the inverse theory when talking about lighting and its energy.

    Here is a link to help you understand the inverse law/theory as it pertains to lighting.
  14. Thanks jumpincactus, I've been taking away leaves from underneath that are beginning to yellow from no light but should I just take away all leaves from underneath now?
    I keep her roughly 3inches under the lights, the tops are looking really even, I've got no idea what to expect out of this though. This plant is a lot bigger and badder than any previous plants I've grown, there's well over 20 strong tops now stemming off from 8 main branches over two nodes. I'll check out the link about inverse theory now. Any guesses as to what I might end up with?
  15. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    No way to quantify your final yield. Too many varying factors all the way down to genetics and actual phenotype of the plant you have. I would even prune actual limbs with bud growth that are struggling to keep up with the flowers at the top of your canopy. Eliminate all sites that will be larf and popcorn buds.

    On your next run start earlier so you have minimal pruning once you hit flower to keep the plants stress levels down. Either way considering the lighting you are using your doing a great job man.!!! Imagine that momma under a thousand watts!!!! But for what your running you should do a o k :D
  16. I took everything from underneath, any small side shoots not reaching through, obviously I can see its gonna enable the plant to focus on what's good, thanks for the advice.
    I'm gonna buy a better light after this one, I've learnt a lot with cfl though but it's slow growth, ivegged this for nearly three months
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  17. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    I have seen very respectable buds grown under cfl's search this site there are a few. We all started from somewhere.:) My 1st grow was under shop light regular fluoros in the 70's :ninja:
  18. That's old skill lol I weren't even a thought in the 70s. I'll let you know how i get on
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  19. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Yes sir been at this a few minutes!!!!

    please do let me know...…….. grows intrigue me no matter the style, lighting, or method. Be sure to tag me when you update. If you need any help along the way feel free to reach out. :D
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  20. Ok I have a question regarding nutes, I'm after advice. Im currently 16days into 12/12, shes started flowering all over, shes still stretching, im feeding with an NPK of 4.3.8 at the moment along side a teaspoon of mollases and a drop of liquid seaweed
    Once she finishes stretching what sort of NPK ratio will be best when she's in full flower?
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