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Starting Outdoor Auto In July

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by kenny28, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Hey guys so my balast broke before I could start my autos but wondered if I could just go ahead and plant outdoor after they are strong enough to go out they are 55-60 days from seed if i remember correctly. they are germinating now so n will have to wait for new ballast. so sad
  2. Are they flowering yet?
  3. newh


    if you havent started them yet just start the outside,if you have started them already just give them a couple days to acclimate to the sun.Being autos if you cook them its over
  4. I put them in the tissue yesterday checked today can see they're cracking open I was thinking of putting em on south facing windowsill windows always open let them get strong to go out in the garden I can bring them in when its really windy or pissing down moneys an issue at the mo so a new ballast will have to wait so gardens next best option
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