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Stored Buds Going Bad? Turning Brown, Pressurizing Jars. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Harvesting & Curing' started by Perception, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. My remaining outdoor from last year (14 months old now) is stored in a dozen 1-quart jars, and a single 1 gallon jar. I think they might be starting to go bad though. Is anyone familiar with this?

    • Turning very brown. Like brick weed you’d see back in the day.
    • Pressurizing jars. Most of them had a significant “POP” when I removed mason jar lids.
    • Losing marijuana smell, and smelling different. Not a bad smell per say, but dull and not like MJ.
    I’d heard that “brick weed” would turn brown from an anaerobic bacteria (from being compressed and vacuum sealed), that would change the smell, look, and chemical structure. Is this what’s happening to me?

    Storage Conditions:
    • Jarred up at 58% RH about 12 months ago.
    • Stored in 1-quart Mason jars
    • Stored inside a cooler (Dark), in basement under the stairs
    • Temp fairly stable around 65deg F all year
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  2. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Are you burping them. I had some mason jars I misplaced from last summer (stoned when I hid them).
    Found them a couple weeks ago browned out and smelled like mold when I opened. My remaining jars from last summer are still going strong. Gots to burp them I try to weekly.
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  3. Jimster


    Your buds are beginning to break down and probably infested with mold...especially if you stat smelling ammonia. Buds need to be kept below a certain %Rh...about 30% for my preference. The humidity and lack of O2 will cause the buds to cure (like tobacco) and lost chlorophyll, at first, then ruin the bud's flavor and potency if allowed to continue. Getting the sweet spot is important when storing in mason jars, since the water in the stems will eventually work it's way out an raise the Rh inside the jar. A burp every now and then will help to keep it just right. Sometimes overpacking can cause problems too.
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  4. NGA


    Vacuum sealer & freezer
  5. Last year, I did the initial cure for 2 months: Got big jars down to 65% quickly (few days after hang dry), then slowly burped over 2 months to hit 58%. The end result was some nice smoke. Then threw the buds in 1-quart jars and put them in to storage. I didn't realize that I needed to be burping them during the long storage.

    Will check for an ammonia smell tonight. I definitely DID overpack the 1-quart jars. I figured that since my cure was done, and I was at 58%, that I'd be safe. Apparently not.

    Yeah, this sounds like the way to go.


    I was thinking about processing the buds in to bubble hash. What do you all think about that? Think the resin is still good, after removing plant material?
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  6. Wee Zard

    Wee Zard

    That sounds like the way to go.
    Having been in those shoes,
    I have some tips for you.
    Deep freeze the buds and let the water fully chill before you start.
    Add a pint of 3% H2O2 to the 5 gallon bucket.
    That will kill active molds and improve the taste of the hash.
    Then, don't work too hard.
    A gentle "mushing" will get most of the capitate resin glands. Hard bashing can get another 2%, but at the expense of adding cellulose to the end product.
    Dirty hash, yuck. :)
    Seriously, no amount of hard thrashing will harvest the sessile glands. They are about 50% of the resin content.
    So, be gentle. Harvest top quality bubble, then drain, and dry the wet mess until it's bone dry. decarb it in an oven 250° F. for 30 minutes. cover it with a solvent. (I find that 99% isopropyl alcohol works best and purges easily).
    If you want "pretty" golden oil, chill the buds and the alcohol to below freezing and do a short, (5 minute), soak.
    If making medical grade RSO, I soak longer at room temperature. That yields a Black oil that is more medically effective.
    Either way will recover as much, or more resin by weight than the hashing did.
    With 20% buds, I get 9% in hash, and the remaining 11% in oil.
    I'm on a tight budget, so, rather than boil off the alcohol, I reclaim it with a small still.
    Carry on brother, may this serve you well.

  7. I took a more thorough sniff of everything last night. I'm not smelling ammonia really. Just a big reduction in the yummy marijuana smell. It's hard to describe what the new smell is. It's plain and boring. Almost like the lumber section of a hardware store. That's the best I could come up with :)
  8. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Like a musty hallway smell? Yes?
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  9. I'm hesitant to call it musty, as that kind of implies moldy to me. And it doesn't smell moldy. Earthy is more appropriate, but there is an unhappy undertone to it (I know this is an awful description, LoL).

    I think it's fair to say that it is starting to go bad, and is most likely degrading. I'm just wondering if the oils still have potency and flavor left. Like... if I make bubblehash out of it, will it be dull and weak? I'm sure the plant material is degrading, but didn't know if the oils degrade as well when herb starts to turn bad.
  10. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    What setup do you got there? I’m looking for a distiller in that size!! Specs if you got any brother
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  11. Wee Zard

    Wee Zard

    That's a Chinese still bought off the web, I don't recommend it. The lid seal is hinky. Had to tie it down with bungee cords.
    Gave a friend son copper plate and he made us both proper , copper, stills.

    2014-01-12 Distiller 004.JPG I use this to turn over-ripe mangoes into ethanol.
    There are plans to build them online, just do a search.

  12. I recommend putting that bud in the 160 micron bag with some dry ice and shaking it over a large mirror or piece of glass. The glands pick up some moisture from the process so let it dry before jarring. This makes a very stable light fluffy hash. No need to use water.
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  13. The problem was that your herb was too moist when you stored it. As long as it's very dry and stored in a cool place it should keep its color and smell for a year+.
  14. I’ve been wanting to try the dry hashing. Looks like a lot less hassle!
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  15. Wee Zard

    Wee Zard

    I tried dry ice. Was not happy. The very low temperature makes the leaves and syems quite brittle. The so called keif is actually just powdered weed, It won't do a thing for the smell and taste. Now I do bubble hash because I'm into quality over quantity.
    2 pennies.
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  16. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Bula vinaka
    I’m from fiji originally! Man mango vodka was the thing back home! Home brew! Lol
    But I like that copper still! I may make one.
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  17. If jars are building pressure it wasn’t dry. And the chemical changes with moisture built a gas n that’s your pressure. A lot of people actually make it worse with the jar. Stems barely snapping is tooooo moist for a jar. Also rh will not stay steady in reg mason. It’ll go lower or if the room is humid it’ll climb slowly.
  18. This is not true - Jars seal hermetically, if they're closed properly no moisture can get in or out. The effect you're seeing is the moisture inside the jar evening out over time.
  19. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    You ever ran that in your oven? Put it in a cigarette rapper ( can’t spell celaphane?) roll tight. Take wet newspaper wrap in newspaper tight as you can. Trying to remember 250-300f for I think 5-8 minutes. It fuses material to a solid and chunky smokeable hasish. Shit now I got to find my silk screen.
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  20. One thing to realize is you are not reading humidity you are reading relativie humidity. That means it's measuring the humidity and comparing it to the possibilities at that specific temp. If the temp changes the RH will change even though no moisture has left or entered the jar. That being said if yours is changing too much you may have a damaged or dirty seal on your lid or you are not tightening it enough.