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Str8s Orient Express

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by str8smokn, May 9, 2015.

  1. Here I have 6 GSC bag seeds,hence the Fortune cookie name.these are coming into week three.
    I believe I have one sativa leaner and five indies. Nice short fat fingers.three are around 5" tall with 3/4nodes,and the other three are short at 3"tall with 3/4nodes.this will be an exciting grow for me,first time running this many at once.this is my second true grow.
  2. Sorry,these will be grown in FFOF mixed with perlite and EWC along with CAPPS beanies mixed into soil.will be feeding with General Organics Go-Box,and molasses .
    So here we go start with #1 and on thru to #6:) image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  3. Three of them are 5" tall with 3 nodes,and three are short and stacked with 3 nodes
  4. Looks good bro! Watch out, that foxfarm soil is HOT!
  5. They look great. Should be some fire.
  6. I'm in for the ride ole m8
  7. Sorry in cups is organis potting soil( I thought it said organic starter soil)cut with perlite about 1/4&1/2&1/3 EWC or so,they seem to be doing fine.
    I have two autos going also,they are in FOx Farm but with the middle hollowed out and seed starter was added( jiffy ). Sorry I got confused they are all going together.
    Thanks I have heard that though @john martin ..
  8. Let's hope so @Majk1862 ,that's what I'm rolling with..
    @Ned Kelly Always enjoy my down under brothers company,hopefully i can keep these ladies happy for their life and they will reimburse me later..
    Had humidifier problems with filters,got a new filter less one now. We should be good on that now( hopefully).still just a little cheap Vicks 40.00 at Wally World.i will get pic up soon if need be.
  9. Also sorry for #1thread , I thought I put fortune cookie in the title. It was supposed to be .. Str8s Orient Express..
    Fortune Cookie run
    But I think I might of hit the return button after the Orient Express part to type the Fortune C.... Part under it. But I guess you can't have two line names sour only took the top.. Oh well..
  10. They look good
  11. Here's the ladies with their own space now.will probably repot next week to 6-9" round nursery pots,with FoxFarm. image.jpg
  12. Lookin' good bro.

    Is that a big Basil plant on the right?
  13. No they are both pepper plants,one is a mortuga scorpion and other is a scotch bonnet.
  14. The scorpion is about to flower.i might collect pollen and dust some scotch Bs with it.
  15. Is there a benefit of having them in the grow, or just some side-projects of yours (companion plants?).
  16. I just like peppers.
  17. But we shall see if they work as companions, pepper is usually used in some form of pesticide , I think.
    I have them around the autos I just moved outside also,the peppers were moved outside about a week ago.
  18. I love peppers also, but they are in the nightshade family of plants, which means it's a good idea for people who eat them in large amounts to make sure and get some form of grass-fed dairy, because it has vitamin K2 in it, which greatly helps counteract the negatives of the nightshade family (for people who eat tons of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and PEPPERS).

    Sorry, back on topic :p
  19. Did not know that!
    Thank you.
    I learned something new today:D
  20. Everyone was repotted today,looking good in their new pots. image.jpg image.jpg