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Sulphur burning questions

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by SEASCAPE, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Ok so when I ask multi people about burning sulphur in my room I get multi answers... Here's what I got so far..

    1-Burning sulphur is good for the plants

    2- 4 hours in the dark with the exhaust off

    3- I read on some rinky dink website to burn at a low temp!!!! NOBODY else told me this!!! I cooked it at 400 degrees and only have a slight smell of sulfur in the air. Someone said this could hurt the fan leaves-is this true?
    Since I bought a hot plate with numbered dial I'd like to know what temp to set it at!??! 150* 200* 300*???

    And if it helps here is the stuff I bought...

    It melted into the cup like a puck of wax :rain
  2. 140c is the exact temp needed for proper sulfur vaporization. 2 hours should be plenty. do it for a week str8 then once ah week.
  3. I always have burned mine on high and your correct on all your info. lites out, air outtake off, I burned for 5 hrs though. good luck
  4. Thank you for the fast responses, sucks I've never had to do this..untill now

    So whats up with the burn I just did, any harm?

    140*c = 284*F
  5. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    you dont want the sulfur to burn, but to vaporize like ibtheman mentioned
  6. Went back in tonight to find my plants were still standing : )
    So now the question is.. should I do it 4 days in a row being I have PM or go every other day?

    Most people say to stop using a few weeks before harvesting.
  7. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    how far are you into flower? you should only do short burns clsoe to the finish - one big gnarly burn can fuck your shit UP!

    you may want to think about getting some green cure for the last few weeks
  8. you need to get some spray PM killer, spray just the bad leaves, let um dry, pm will be dead, then do burns for a week str8, then once a week, up intill 2 1/2 weeks before havest.
  9. These pm spray's..are they ok to get onto the bud? From what I've seen of the PM it starts at the bottom on tiny leaves, this is the worst being so close to the buds. Then I get told it's already in the plant so how do the buds not get affected? Some of the plants coming in had problems, tried to do someone I know a favor and got some rough skunk no1's. They got transported in cold weather, could this be what triggered the PM? I hear that it can be in the plant for some time without showing itself, but with shock/temp change/general ranges not being the same that it could spawn the PM-IS THIS TRUE???
  10. Powdery mildew is systemic. I'm pretty sure the sprays and sulfur work by changing the surface pH of the leaves, so as long as there are conditions favorable to the growth of PM, it has a chance of returning. You really shouldn't spray or burn anything on a flowering plant. After the second week or so, when the buds begin to develop some resin, sulfur can get stuck on those sticky trichromes and be present after harvest.
    Dealing with PM indoors a matter of prevention. If you live in the Seascape near Santa Cruz, then I can guarantee that you should be burning sulfur preventativly, doubly so in the winter time.
    If you're still in the first couple weeks of flowering, then I say burn sulfur for even 6 hours, and do it at least two or three times. In the dark with no exhaust fans. You can even leave in oscillating fans off. The mist will pretty much coat everything.
  11. i run my sulfur a lot. im my mom room and flower room. 4 hour blasts, i also use green cure, that shit really does work wonders, spray it on and PM signs are gone. and yes the plants actually DO LIKE the sulfur, just not too much and in the right application. Sulfur is a plant nutrient...

    Once you have powder mildew its a constant battle. just like mites, its almost impossible to get rid of, so just roll with the punches or start a fresh crop
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  12. dont spray PM spray on buds, just leaves. if you got PM on buds, cut off and burn with gas or somethin.
  13. Does anyone have a pic of what their sulfur looks like in the cup after it's burned? I tried mine at what the dial showed 284* and did not SEE the burn-should I be seeing any smoke??? turned it up to 380ish and it started to make it go to a liquid..rrr Does my sulfur suck? Could it be that the hot plate turns off when it gets to that temp? Maybe just set it at 300 to make up for the turn off's? lol Or does that type burn different? Thanks for the help guys!
  14. 500lb- I'm in norcal on the coast. We had some good rain for a week straight, cold temps, and we get TON of dew/fog out here.

    I dont wanna blame the guy I got some clones from when it could have floated in the house from anywhere. The clones are another issue.. but from what I understand when a plant is sick it is more likley to get PM like a human when their imune system is down.

    The 2 burns or cooks I've done so far seem to have coated the pm a little, I just need to get the burn straight and keep on with the fight.

    I'm running a new Rival electric skillet plate with temp control and bought the drop in puck pot sold for a burner unit from hydro store. Anyone out there using the Greenhouse Essentials elemental sulphur?

  15. get a 5 gal bucket, mix up some green cure and dip the all the clones in the bucket. like turn the plant upside down and dunk the plant all the way to the top of your media.

    then do a sulfur burn every other day for a week then once a week till about 3 weeks into flower.

    thats my opinion on how you handle it... as for the temps idk, i just bought a sulfur burner from the hydro store, 100 bucks, hand it from the ceiling plug it in for 4 hours and its good.
  16. Jake, thanks for the tip but I buy my clones and there is no telling whats already been done to them so I just rather stick to a burn cycle from scratch. What can I say I like to baby them and not slam them full of crap for at least a week to 2 weeks. Lots of people out there just hammering the nutes from brith...kinda makes me cringe. As for the burnner there is no reason why this plate should not be burnnig the sulfur. The sulphur label reads "may also be used in the nivola evaporator" whats this nivola all about?
  17. RIVAL79

    RIVAL79 Funk Master! Supporter

    Pm i a bitch. Dealing wit the same shit bro. Just burned this morning and again in the am. Hope it works. I got like 3 weeks left in flower. It wasn't bad so i hope a few burns can control that shit. I'm gonna flush and spray them down wit ro water.
  18. green cure isnt a nutrient.

    i didnt mention nutrients. im telling you how to treat the clones as soon as you get them. green cure is a powder mildew cure...
  19. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    your going to ruin you bud burning this late and so often

    green cure is not a cure - either spray them with eagle 20 (systemic) and will actually kill the pm or dont spray them at all and put in quarantine for a few weeks - green cure is only going to make it so you dont know you have pm until its too late
  20. i just finished a room that started with powder mildew, and did exactly as i stated and pulled over a pound per light without a single PM problem. i guess "cure" isnt the best word, i was just trying to say it wasnt a nutrient.

    for you to say its only gonna fix the problem till its too late is kinda just generalizing on an experience you had, that doesnt mean it doesnt work...

    and how will you not know you have PM after just treating them for it. sorry i just dont understand, but ill have to try this eagle 20 stuff. but honestly your one of the first people to tell me green cure doesnt work. it worked for me!