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Super Skunk Autos Stunted Seedlings

Discussion in 'Auto Flower Strains' started by Ashephard, May 28, 2018.

  1. So Im doing an hydro setup for the first time... My ladies are still seedling so I jave them under 2 (2FT) T5s HO UNTIL I move them into my cabinet with 600W MH.

    Anyways the oldest is about 2 weeks old the rest are a little older.
    Why is the are the coloylodon leaves turning yellow... The new growth looks mangled as well... Is something wrong with her? The next oldest has some brown spotting on the tips of the leaves... Whats going on there? The rest of these guys are taking a long time to pop there little heads out.
    Should I put the oldest one in the cabinet to flourish?
  2. Moved them under 600 WATT MH about 3ft away. No longer hand feeding hoping the roots chase the popping water bubbles.
    Will spray very lightly the RRs in a couple days if they get 2 dry.

    Currently the Res Contains 11-12 Gals PH is 6.12
    Hydroguard Bene Bacteria (Full Strength for 1 Week seedling)
    Root 66 Root Stimulator (Half Strength)
    Magic Cal (25 ML)

    (No Boost, Grow, Bloom, or Thrive Alive Red/Green)

    Thinking the yellowing seedling will probably die. And one is trying to recover from nute burn... Will watch closely if it gets worse I'll change the Res again. Hoping at least 3 out of the 4 will be viable plants. WENT THROUGH 20 SUPER SKUNK AUTO seeds to get them... I personally killed 2 but the rest never sprouted...
  3. Today's Pics.
    One seedling looks a little droopy. Otherwise everything is the same/good.
    Seedling with slight burnt tips leaves have very long roots growing out the net cups. Working on its 4th node.

    PH today is 6.3 it move up .1-.2 overnight but still acceptable.
  4. Today Pics
    Decided to do some basic LST to the older seedlings also added an small humidifier. Have to refill every 10hrs or so... Added some plastic as humidity mist was getting blown away.
    Roots are coming out of all net pots now. Some are even touching the water.
    Will watch to see how they respond to the LST.
    LADIES are looking healthy....
  5. I do believe your temp is changeing to drastically 22 degrees is a lot for seedlings to drop in
  6. Yeah Temp are typically 66-70 with lights off and 77-85 Lights on... Trying to narrow the range. I would like the high to be 77 and the low 68-70...

    I have AC in the room ambient temps are low but the Cab holds tons of heat...
    Added a little fert today adjusted PPM to about 370...
  7. Is the ac in the same room or like in your vent room cause im running a 1000 satt and maintain75-85 you can keep your room mid 80s during veg 68 is cold when i raised the temp my autos took off an inch the fisrt day.
  8. Hmmm maybe I should just raise of the off tempa by not running the AC with the lights off... AC is in same room. Cab is in closet on other end of room...
    So im thinking 75 off 78-83 on...
    Will be better
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  9. Yea shut of ac at
  10. Will check the of temp during the next dark cycle. I have it set to durimg the hottest parts.of the day... About 11:15am till about 5pm. Honestly didnt think about Lows of off temps...
  11. Yea i run 24hr light with ac during day and fans at night but yea if u run 18/6 those times are good
  12. Seems temp swing open you up to mold issues. Shouldnt hurt its ability to grow as.long as temp is over 60... Thats good news while I figure out how to make it work...
  13. 18hrs after applying LST oldest seedling with slight burnt tips responded well... Already new shoots growing. 4 finger leaves are developing. Thinking about topping once the 4th node develops a little more.... May even try to clone the top.
    Most growers say you cant clone or top AUTOS but I'm pretty sure thats if that more of a guideline...

    All four seedling some basic LST now. Also sprayed the youngest seedling with Thrive Alive B-1 Green.
  14. heisen


    Tying them plants down added insult to injury.your trying to train plants that I doubt will get over 10 inches have a ton of issues here.i would suggest doing some more research from experienced growers in hydro,
    I can see your plugs are way to dry,you need to have a good tap root emerged before you put into hydro.not even sure what kind of system this is.
  15. heisen


    Take them wires off the plants and cut the bottoms out of some clear juice jugs.put them on top of them till they bounce back.your humidity is to low for them small are on a time clock.your gonna end up with 6 gram plants
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  16. Wow your making quite a bit of assumptions lol
  17. heisen


    I'm not the one with jacked up plants,you are.ive been at this long enough to see what's going on here.maybe I'll wait for you to tell me what your doing wrong and what I should do to make my grows better.
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  18. Ok so the roots coming from the net cups are 8 inches on the oldest seedlings and are pretty much in the water... The rest are about 3 inches and have at least 6 or so coming out the bottom
  19. heisen


    Pics?lets see the roots
  20. Also I just moved them into a DWC in all honesty these seedlings were setting on a shelf under T5 HOs and were quite under watered and almost died as I was away from home a few days and couldnt take care of them.

    Decided to move them under the lights and to allow the medium to dry out a bit... The plant are getting plenty of water at the bottome of the net cups... I want the medium to be on the dry side so that the roots will look for there source of water... Jas stimulated the roots so far...