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Suspect Shot Trying to Steal Marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Cali smoke, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. I didnt read this whole thread so I apologize if this was stated all ready.

    I live next to some Hmong folks - Nicest friendliest and MOST GIVING neighbors I have EVER had. (They might have just given him some if he would of asked) But, I would not step foot onto that mans property after dark or in any way ever ever threaten his family. It is in their culture to protect their property to the death, I mean look back into the article about the wisconsin hunters.

    I wish America was controlled by Hmong I would be right at home, dont mess with my shit, I wont mess with yours, if you have a problem say it to me like a man do not call the police.... and in the end if you break the rules I break your legs (or maybe kill you) and life goes on, people adapt to quit screwing each other over... its such a simple and beautiful concept....

    Just a thought for all of you that didn't know, dont mess with your Local Hmong Gardens.... History people, its repetitive, read it!

  2. pits


    sounds like a hard lesson learned..........
  3. wylie


    that is savage
  4. I cant believe the plant owner wasnt arrested!

    In Fresno, CA no less. I dont think he deserved to be arrested but it is CA.

    Nevermind. I caught up. He did get arrested and CA did not fail to disappoint.
  5. D.Tree


    Crazy shit man
  6. jyip


    funny you mention that

    i am watching "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood in the background as i surf here
  7. well other than to glorify the fact that he protected his crops. Please lets not be happy that someone is or might be dying cause of a mistake he was making. Yes he might have been trying to steal the crop but at the same time he might be dying and could have a family. Was it a stupid choice yes did it almost cost him his life yes but there could be a daughter or son or wife out there about to lose there family member and thats not cool . I will pray for him and hope GOD works on his soul and teaches him not to mess with a farmer and his . All jokes aside i hope the man lives and the farmer gets off without charges. Peace ,LOVE and happy growing.
  8. amsmts1


    My take...

    I read this story several times before writing this post. Senseless death, needless violence, and a great shot. See this country was founded on shots like that. The freedom to protect our property lies in the second amendment to the constitution. The right to bear arms. Obama announced he is signing an executive order banning semi-automatic and carbine weaponry. We are moving to the wild west with regard to justice. Be safe and carry firepower. Who knows when you might need to show someone the lack of brains in someone's head by blowing them out.
  9. "I was in fear of my life and i would like to speak to my lawyer!"
    ....Say it verbatim and u will always have the cops tail get a little bit shorter
  10. kes5480

    kes5480 Guest

    [/QUOTE]Donna Brown said, “I don’t think they should be allowed to grow it like that in the neighborhood like this. I mean this neighborhood’s full of people and kids....[/QUOTE]

    :sign0065: OK how is this neighboorhood any different than every neighborhood in the world...people and kids live there???? are u a fucking idiot Donna Brown....hahahaha:mad0233:
  11. kolah


    Just do what the cops do: shoot em' in the back, then flip em over and pump a few rounds in his chest. Then plant a throwdown gun and repeat after me, "I feared for my life." Viola!
  12. ahumado

    ahumado Guest

    oh snap! I thought this was gonna be the article about the guy that killed the cop on his field
  13. i would have done the same thing