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Terpenez. The Real Deal?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Tasty Buds, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. I was gifted a product called Terpenez. I never use anything besides my base, and Drip Clean
    Anyway I have a 3 plant scrog running, so I said wtf, I'll do 3 ml per gal on one of em.
    I only used it twice, and this stuff works! Even at a fraction of the does reccomend for flushing.
    I've seen others post about it. Some swear by it, and others think it's harmful.
    All I can say...It really worked for the plant I used it on.
    Just curious to what others know about it? Did it work very well for them too? I'm also noticing buds on that plant are a bit denser, and still growing.
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  2. Ar.BsG


    Never heard of it . What's it do exactly ??
  3. I'm hoping to find out. So far, made em stink, added size and weight to a finishing plant.
    I only used it twice on the one plant. I'm not going to use again. I wanna compare the 2 when they're dried, and cured.
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  4. Ar.BsG


    Let me know how it turns out I've ben contemplateing trying some diffrent things like some of primordials terp gerp
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  5. G gnome

    G gnome

    So...the plant u used it on...seed or clone? If its a clone are u runnin another one of the same clones w/o it? Have u ever ran the strain ur using it on b4?
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  6. G gnome

    G gnome

  7. They 2 plants are from clone. I used it on 1 of the 2. I ran this strain over the winter, and several times in the past. I really like how it's worked. No question it's very noticeable.
    The pics are from this run. 3 plant scrog, under a 600.
    Last pic is from the winter run. Great strain, seems to have gotten real stinky from just 2 small applications using the Terpenez
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  8. That winter grow had colas weighing in in the 20+ gram, but never began to fall over.
    This run, they're starting to get too heavy to support themselves.
    After I check out if there's a difference in the dried product, I'm going to die a few crosses. I have a bit more details in a thread I started in the Advanced Technique section. I prolly should have put it in the breeders section.
    I'll be crossing a few of my strains to one of these. First full set of leaves are giants on all.
    Didn't wanna get off topic. I know it's a fairly new product. Still hoping someone chimes in on their results with the product.
    This pic us now already a couple days old. Really blowing up
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  9. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Beautiful plants there bro. I’ll be keeping an eye on this as it’s interesting to find new products and methods. Very cool.
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  10. Fake Lemon pinesol very distinguishable from the real deal.

    Pick up a vape and tell me that shit ain't harmful,or that it's legit. Taste disgusting, wipes out the high you're expecting from the strain, clogs your throat, induces sinus infections.

    As long as your taste buds don't work and you only sell to crackheads and placebo tokers with supreme respistory systems it'll be cool. Lol let's all take a moment to laugh at the sour diesel perfumes taking over the market. I haven't found one that reminds me of the air force base yet

    I'll keep growing normal natural authentic pot thank you very much. You know that skunky edible smelling shit with a jar penetrating pungency that travels and lingers and permeates. . Precursors not fucking perfume adulterants..
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    Unless you're doing foliars with floor cleaners, all "lemon pinesol" terps aren't real. Lighten up and let other people do their thing without immediately jumping down their throats and gatekeeping like you're the only one that knows dank weed or what is best to smoke. Almost every time I see your posts I think, "damn, that guy needs to smoke something dank and calm down."
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  12. Easy big fella. It was gifted to me, and on a 3 plant scrog, I've used it in one 3x's.
    Idk what it will taste like, all I know is the aroma is the same, but stronger, and the plant I'm using it on had gotten fatter buds.
    Imids, and worse are used In the food you eat, and drink every day. I pulled a tester. I will be honest and fair with my report.
    The plant with the larger colas, furthest were given Terpenez, the close one not, nor my diesel plant in the back...
    The last pic will be of the D. Only 1 was given the product. I was told, it's safe, and natural, but idk, and unless you know something I don't, it's safe. It has not changed the flavor. Just more greasy, stinky, with bigger colas.
    The second is the Choc D (does not smell like sour, nor does the Bubble) . It's a 41/2 x41/2 not filled in under a 600. Terpenez, or not, I can grow. This product did work as advertised. Nothing super crazy, besides another scrubber
    Why so excited? Oh, and no, I don't used emids.
    I will say, it's greasy as hell.
    In total used 3x's at 3 ml per gal over 9 days or so
    Last pic is with hps on, but ya, or I least I see the grease. I'll repeat. I did not change its sent.
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  13. No drama please. I like posting here cause its chill, plus I'm always willing to help, and learn. Sometimes learning what not to do is just as important
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  14. I couldn't find too much info on Terpenez. Ripped had me thinking I may have to chuck a plant, as he seemed so adamant about the product being harmful.
    This was all I could find, albeit from the manufacturer's website, and all I have is this to go by for now.
    Hopefully someone chimes in with some experience, or anything they may know about the product?
    This is off the manufacturer's website
    "Over 100 commercial growers have done controlled and non-controlled side-by-side testing with Terpenez and have seen significant results. The vast majority of users have experienced very favorable results which were not only more intense than they expected but far more pervasive than they could have hoped. Terpenez™ is comprised of all organic derivatives and essential oils – and the way it delivers the contents, multiple state agricultural/regulatory agencies have approved the product but had trouble classifying it within existing categories."
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  16. Evil Monkey

    Evil Monkey Premium Member Supporter

    Looking frosty an shit.......I could go on but I’m too stoned.
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  17. Thanks. I've been taking my moms from breeding projects, or had been taking up too much room, and throwing em under scrogs. Until I get back into "real" farming, I've got enough meds to last me indefinitely (I basically use for pain, or creativity and just general health)
    The new F1's I've got going will be my my 6th strain, and hopefully best.
    As long as you start with true top notch genetics, it makes breeding so much easier, but still time consuming
  18. Ok, tried a tester. The colas definitely got greasy, frosty, and dense.
    However, it did change the flavor, especially on the exhale. If I were growing a commerical sized unicrop, I may think about it, but for personal use, I like the taste of the buds w/out the product.
    The after taste is just better. This strain has that puckish taste (in the best way) on the exhale, and I didn't get that on the plant the product was used on.
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