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Testing New Nutes On Seedlings

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by vagiboy1987, May 17, 2018.

  1. Hey folks I'm Vagi. I'm a small hobby grower with a few years under my belt. I'm not your normal fall in line grower I'm an experiments kind of guy trying to create and find new ways to grow a broad spectrum of plants. I do grow cannabis every year although not in huge quantities, I like the science of it. So enough with that bullshit here's what ive got. This year Im trying a new way of doing an old trick, that trick is molasses. Particularly on seedlings since they are so sensitive to nutes. So far for my test I have 5 GG auto flower fem, 3 LSD 25 fem and about to do some free momma Mia seeds I got with my purchase. My setup goes as follows. I have a 4x10 (8ft in flower) continuous grow tent. In my veg side ive got a simple 4 foot T5 grow light and bellow that an LED shop light ( these may not be for you but they work great for me.) On my flower side ive got 2 1200 full spectrum LED lights and other than that its just your typical setup. My medium is 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 play sand, and 1/3 composted manure PHd to 6. I use well water from my property and I grow my plants in black 5 gallon air pots. For this test I used 2 of each strain one for the test and one with normal molasses and water that I mix at a 1/4 cup per gallon. So what's the difference? Well in my test set I use the same molasses water but allow it to naturally slightly ferment for a day or two( were not making beer here just a little.) On the other I don't allow it to ferment. My seeds were soaked for 24 hours and planted directly into the soil mix. So far when watering ( a little everyday due to high temps) I put some of each nuts mix in a spray bottle and mist the seedlings then add enough of the solution to moisten the soil. The plants have gone for two weeks now and so far so good. The germination rate was the same but there is a noticeable difference in growth between the test and the control. The test plants, every one of them, are actually about twice the size of the control ( unfermented) plants, and growing at a much faster rate and seem to be thicker stemmed. I will get pics in weeks to come and keep everyone interested posted on progress. If anyone would like to try along with me be my guest!
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  3. I'd like to add that the concept here is not the alcohol itself but the natural yeast and bacteria that comes along with the fermentation. I want some but not all of the nutrients to be broken down into different nutrients and especially carbon dioxide, that gets released into the how tent and directly into the soil through the bubbles in the liquid. If this test works good throughout at least the veg process ( more nutes will be added to it later as well) then I'm going to test some clones with some diluted beer. So far so good just try to keep your alcohol level to a minimum as were not trying to grow drunk plants here and kill them
  4. No...but thank god because thats retarded. Why the hell would anybody even think that was a good idea? I don't see any reason why to do that in the first place it doesn't make any sense. I know giving really diluted alcohol to plants sounds like a crazy ass idea too but as beer works as a soil stimulant in compost, if its diluted, it made sense to try it. I'm a hobby grower i can lose a few plants and fuck up experimenting and it does nothing to my pockets, its just for fun. But no buds on a pot plant is like growing tomatoes without fucking tomatoes on it, what's the point.
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  5. You see beer and fermented products have yeast, yeast is a fungus. Why add fungus to plants. Well fungus is used to break down other shit. The "beer" in this case a raw rum but alcohol is like 1-2% not really alcoholic won't really do much for the plant itself directly, its what it does by converting other things into more things. Like carbonating the liquid hence free CO2. The yeast isn't allowed to get out of control ( I'm a lifelong moonshiner so working yeast is second nature) the mix itself stays relatively the same but due to the yeast taking a small % of that stuff and breaking it down into new things I can add benefits to things in the soil. Those things in the soil use the byproducts and they in turn work harder and more effectively. I'm not so much feeding my plants the mix as I'm feeding the shit in the soil for the plants. One mans trash is another mans treasure. The yeast has trash the shit in the dirt likes, the shit in the dirt have trash the plants like, the plants in the long run are going to die and get cremated anyway ( god rest their tasty souls) so why not experiment. I'm either going to get shitty weed I'll throw into compost or I'll get some good weed it's that simple. Its not a loss either way for me. Thats why I'm so open to the experiments I can do things that may be dangerous. But wouldn't it be better for me to do it and say it didn't work here's why, not having to get a profit, than some other guy thinking the same shit and loses his crop. Thats what moves cannabis forward, not doing the same thing and falling in line but blazing a fucking Oregon trail and hoping you don't catch dysentery in the process lol. Its just am experiment. It doesn't make or break anything it just gains knowledge.