TGA SnowDawg

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by pigfarmer, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Redskywalker

    Redskywalker Premium Farmer

    Beautiful plants, wow!!!
  2. S4v

    S4v Guest

    lookin healthy :)
  3. Those look great so far, pf. I'm using those same size smart pots. They're much more stable than people think they are and they help to aerate the root zone, which is a big plus in my book.

    If I could do it over again I would have gotten a mix of the #5's and the #7 sizes instead of just a bunch of #3's.
  4. FidelC

    FidelC Farmer

    Girls look lush Pig, you da man.:smiley_joint:
  5. tophmaster

    tophmaster New Farmer

    wow those are lookin great would love to see an update
  6. irie

    irie Farmer

    Niiiice bushy ladies man. I love snowdawg...just filled half a dozen jars for the dome. She's a yielder for sure. Will be interested in how these turn out.
  7. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer Guest

    I'm down to like 2 or 3 Spacedawgs, 1 ended up being a male & another got gifted as I'm simply outta flowering space. I will update the remaining SpaceDawgs when the lights come on tommarow. :420:
  8. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer Guest

    2 SpaceDawgs Remain in my garden from the 6 Seeds I sprouted.

    Today is Day 8 of Bloom

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  9. Ocanabis

    Ocanabis Farmer

    Looking good so far
    I love how they stay short and stocky.The branches will probably need some support around week 4-5.

    Good luck and I'll be watchin
  10. bigscoot

    bigscoot Farmer

    bushy as hell broski
  11. vandale

    vandale New Farmer

    niiiiiice plants beautiful
  12. couchlock

    couchlock New Farmer

    those are gonna be some big bushes.
    dig the root porn.
  13. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer Guest

    Today is 2 weeks of Bloom :sun2:

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  14. lurking_chap

    lurking_chap Farmer

    got some nice stretchy girls Pigfarmer, they're nice