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TGA's Ripped Bubba and Spacedawg Grow!

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by SkunkDoctor, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Welcome everyone, This is my second 5 pack of Spacedawg. Not sure why but none popped last round. This time I placed 2 in a cup of water overnight and they have cracked and been placed into ghetto brand Rapid Rooters! I've grown a lot of TGA strains. I love subcool really cool guy, gave me some nice nugs at hempfest to try out. The Jack The Ripper I got a killer pheno of and I'm very interest in the Ripped Bubba. Will Post more and they get above ground.


    3 x Space Dawg (Snodawg x Space Queen)
    3 x Ripped Bubba (Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Jack The Ripper)

    Clones Held of TGA
    Jack The Ripper
    Plushberry (black cherry pheno and lemon pheno) thickest stems ever both phenos. got the black cherry from Tacoma Cross as clone. Stoked on this didnt get a purple pheno from a 10pack.
    Third Dimension
  2. slap14


    How was the flavor and potency of the Plushberry? Hope you keep updating the Ripped Bubba as i'm very curious how it does. Good luck with those and look forward to the reports.
  3. awesome bro, ya got some sweet genetics on ya hands. looking forward to the updates.

  4. thunderfudge

    thunderfudge Breeder

    Exotic's bcs pheno(small bcs,not the mega producer had average potency,light purpling,3-6 oz are going to love space dawg.grows like and closely resembles flav.more cherry on the flavor imo.good luck
  5. I grew a 10 pack of plushberry and got a nice Keeper male and a few lemon phenos. Kept my best yielder. Was really stoked to see the black cherry pheno at Tacoma Cross is Tacoma, Wa. This clone resembles mine so far with some of the thickest stems I've had and also some really nice Vigor. I got like 15+ strains and its my fastest grower so far in veg. I'm just kicking them into flower today along with the following.

    DJ Short's Blueberry
    Barny's Tangerine Dream
    TGA 3d - Third Dimension (tacoma cross clone)
    TGA Plushberry Lemon Pheno and Blackcherry pheno
    TGA Querkle (smoked some of subs querkle and I couldnt tella difference from mine)
    TGA Jack The Ripper (More Indica pheno) from seed
    SSH x White Widow
    G13 (Tacoma Cross Clone)
    Chemdawg 91'
  6. slap14


    Sounds like it's worth giving a try, Thanks for the info and i hope you keep us updated on the Bubba and the Space Dawg.

  7. og619


    Ill be watching, just grabbed a pack of spacedawg this weekend, along with the agent orange and jillybean, and almost grabbed that ripped bubba, how did you attempt to crack the spacedawgs 1st time around? Dude working the booth at tga, during ht cup recommended the spacedawgs over everything, excited to say the least.
  8. Interesting, I met subcool at Hempfest a year or so ago he was pretty chill. I'm kinda quite and I told my buddy I heard he'd would smoke with ya and bust out nugs of his gear aftering buying a pack of seeds, so we instantly turned around and went back and asked to talk with him and ended up smoking some nice bong hits with him and he gave me a nice gram or so nug of Querkle witch i couldn't tell apart from mine. I was stoked to see him there I saw a picture of him a long time ago and just new it was him. Also as i had heard he will give out nugs with seeds in them and of course i got 2 nice healthy seeds that I dunno why i havn't started yet.

    The seeds are sticking above ground. Will take pictures when there's a little more to see.. All the Spacedawg's cracked this time. :D I placed them in a jar of water overnight then paper towel last time they didn't pop. This time i placed in a jar overnight then straight into RW cubes. 3/3 on the Spacedawgs and 2-2 of the Ripped Bubba. Still have 3 beans of RB and 2 Spacedawg. Probably gonna start the rest really soon I really want a good Spacedawg male to have some fun with.