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The Best Led On The Market?

Discussion in 'L.E.D Grow Lights' started by aquashield, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
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    SPYDRx PLUS is designed for full-cycle commercial cannabis cultivation with the power to scale from vegetative growth to bloom. For optimal results, we recommend CO2 supplementation between 800-1400ppm due to high PPFD levels. Also designed to cover a 4’x4’ area at only 6 inches above canopy, SPYDRx PLUS delivers an average of 1030 µmol/m2/s of light over your crop with unparalleled uniformity.

    PPF: 1530 µmol/s
    Efficacy: 2.3 µmol/J
    Input Power: 660W
  2. Is this the best LED light if its not what is and why?
  3. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    These are perfect for our small commercial 4x4x8 grow racks. I know of a few customers that have em and love em. If you can afford them I’d say go for it. Otherwise quantum led boards by hlg are hard to beat for the price and performance.
  4. Just looking for the best money can buy as it’s only going to be a 1-2 light grow. Gavita have also got a new light which looks at least as good.
  5. I think those are bitchen lights but you can buy 2 HLG 600's for the same money as 1 fluence spydrx (or gavita) plus i dont think the spydr has much advantage over the 600,if any.For sure i know the 2 600s you could have for the same price would blow the spydr away,lol.
  6. Hlg for the win. Quantum boards are what you are looking for.
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  8. I run 9 132qb and they don’t require heat sinks or fans blowing on them with external power supplies
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  9. Your drivers outside of room to so that helps.
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  10. The space is 2.8m by 1.6m I was planning on sealing the room and using co2. Do you think I’ll need ac or will these lights be ok with just oscillating fans?
  11. I’m sure be fine. My driver sits on top of heat sink so I have clip fan that blows across top. You can dim the lights just in case also.
  12. What about 2 lights in that area? With drivers outside of the grow space?
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  13. Be even less heat
  14. 2x620s be less heat? Want to be using a sealed room so will need to be adding ac to the shopping list if the temperatures to high.
  15. Is there any difference on the LEDs/Chips that Fluence has on their SPYRD vs the ones on the QB's?
  16. Remember..Gravita now = Monsanto!:crying2:
  17. The kit you posted link to has two 360 watt kits = total 720 watts if ran in one room. Shouldn’t be a problem since you can also dim fixture. It looks like your gonna have to experiment.