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The Best Strains For The Rick Simpson Oil?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Jerome, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Jerome


    Hello all I'm new to the site and have found plenty of helpful articles and posts on here so I think that I might be at the right place to ask a couple of questions. Hopefully you brothers can help me out.

    I found out that my estranged father has throat cancer about a month month ago and his close friends tell me that the chemo has really taken it's toll on him. He's well off so I know that he can handle the medical expenses; he's never smoked anything his entire life but he is a functional alcoholic. I was worried that I too might get throat cancer once day since he is father and I too drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and marijuana. I've been smoking marijuana for 8 years and cigaretts for 6 years but I've been off both for a year now.

    I've recently come across the Rick Simpson Oil documentary and thought this could be a possible cure that I could pass onto my father and it might also be something that I might need one day. I have a couple of questions that might be applicable in modern times since the documentary I watched is quiet aged:
    1. What are the most effective 2014 methods for making the oil?
    2. What strains are the most effective and which ones can you recommend?
    3. Are CBD strains as effective as those that are high in THC?
    4. If you've traveled down this route (cancer patient) what methods could you recommend?
    I really appreciate any responses and any other recommendations that you might have for me outside the scope of what I've asked above. Hope all is well with you and yours this festive season. Happy Holidays!

    Jerome in the House ;)
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  2. Rick Simpson Oil is made by Rick Simpson's naphtha and rice cooker method and Rick has demonstrated that it works.

    I salute Rick's contribution to medical science, but don't recommend naphtha extraction, when there are solvents available whose possible constituents aren't listed as know carcinogens.

    We've also had good luck supplying ostensible end of life patients with cannabis essential oils extracted using butane or ethanol. We've primarily supplied those formulated into the form of Holy Anointing Oil, or Holy Shit Oil.

    High CBD provides good seizure and pain relief, but according to Dr Robert Melamede's research, THC is the major player with cancer.

    It is easier to raise someones tolerance level to 300 mg three times a day, if the CBD levels are higher, as it ameliorates the effects of the THC and reduces anxiety attacks.

    Dr Melamede did the same thing by administering three times the oil weight in Citicoline concurrently.

    No personal cancer, but have watched too too many people go down the cannabis trail, some of whom miraculously improved, and some whom died anyway.

    Usually those whom came to cannabis as a last resort, after exhausting all other avenues, have the lowest survival rates, cause their immune systems are usually trashed by that point.

    The miraculous ones for the most part were where the patient took the oil prior to going in for invasive surgery to take biopsy samples, and when they took new images for the surgery, the tumors were gone, even from multiple organs, or when they did surgery, there was no tumor or it was greatly diminished in size.

    Our immune system is part of our endocannabinoid system, and Phytocannabinoids don't really appear to cure cancer, but in many cases restore our own endocannabinoid system to balance, so that it again does its job of keeping us cancer free.

    If you wipe the immune system out with chemo and radiation first, there doesn't appear to be enough left to restore to balance.
  3. Jerome


    Thank you SO much Grey Wolf. I never knew of the Holy Anointing Oil and Holy Shit. Now I do :). I'm a newbie to the extraction game and do get nervous when I think of BHO extration because of all the stories I've read about newbies blowing their homes up while attempting to extraction their shatter. I'm wondering whether there are safer methods that can match BHO grade and quality? Could these methods also work?

    Vegetable Glycerin

    Magical Butter MB2

    Ice Wax (Bubble Hash)

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  4. tweedy


    Had a chance to meet one of the mothers of a patient of yours. She had nothing but good things to say about your oils and said that you cured her daughter down in the OR research hospital. Even told me the doctors are now giving it the credit your oils and your team deserves. There are a million people out there suffering for no reason other than a political strangle hold and the advancements you are making in the field are astonishing.

    @Jerome Listen to everything this man says and read all you can of his work. He knows his stuff and there is a lot of misinformation out there that can do more harm than good. Extracts are not created equal, and Graywolf/Skunk Pharm is the one you need to pay attention to.
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  5. @Greywolf , solid bro way to make a difference
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  6. None anywhere near the concentration of a BHO or QWET.

    Have you considered a QWET extraction? For our purposes, it will do a fine job!
  7. Thanks for the good thoughts bro!

    We made a pact amongst ourselves at the start, to just quietly pass out oil for free and let the patients using it, run through the streets shouting it is a miracle and voting for it at the polls, because none of us have any medical credentials and had we made claims, we would have been hammered down sort of like Rick Simpson was.

    The cannabis medical properties cat is now out of the bag, and I don't see the anti cannabis crowd ever getting it back in. Look for even better things to come, now that trained scientists can legally experiment and have the equipment and financial backing to cut to the chase!

    You are spot on about some of our patients physicians being more than impressed and eager for the science and meds to be available to them. We saw that especially with our Alzheimers patient, for whom cannabis had profound effects.
  8. Big fan of Graywolf here, I am a cancer survivor, been making and taking cannabis oil for over 2 years using the method described in the attached pictorial. Would love to learn more about decarboxylating CBD since harvesting a Charlotte's Web plant, hoping to make a blended oil with high CBD oil combined with high THC oil. Graywolf, if you are ever in Colorado, let me know and I'll buy you a cold one. Jerome, this is how I make the oil at home with the plants that I grow, a variety that includes Harlequin, Meltdown, Blueberry and now CW, aka R-14er. Some people have suggested that a variety of strains, mainly Indica and including some high CBD is the way to grow. I like the effects and have experienced improved overall health and the glioma tumor has not grown back after surgery. (They pretty much always grow back) Graywolf is the expert here, so I would sure like to hear what he thinks of my home grown cannabis oil method. Good luck!

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  9. Jerome


    @Graywolf: I can't thank you enough for your generosity and willingness to share your tried and tested methods. This culture of ours truly is one that is selfless and one that is concerned with the survival and livelihood of patients. I will never forget this. I thank you sir. No I do not know what QWET is but I will be sure to look it up.

    @420circuit: I appreciate you sir. Thank you for the booklet.
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  10. Thanks for the good thoughts and for sharing your procedure bro.

    Our's is similar, with some notable differences in finishing. I have no doubt your recipe works!

    I use a hot Canola oil bath in my fondue pot, and a bain marie vessel with the alcohol mixture in it like a double boiler, sitting on jar rings in that, so as to be isolated against the bottom and local hot spots.

    I finish and decarboxylate in that pot without ever removing it from the oil. When it is decarboxylated, I weigh it and add the rest of the ingredients.
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  11. Thanks for the good thoughts bro! Here's a QWET link.
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  12. Thanks Graywolf for the tips! Can you point me in the right direction for decarb info for CBD? Once the oil is extracted I was considering about 60 minutes at 245F. This CW strain doesn't seem to have any THC-A, so no worries about too much CBN being created, but I don't have very much material, about an ounce, so would like to get the max CBD possible with my kitchen equipment.
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  13. StIs10


    Dear Greywolf,
    which strain is best for lung cancer? Is there such a list saying which strain is good for which cancer?
    If there is not, shall I just go for the highest THC level?
  14. I know of no strain specific for lung cancer.
    The evidence is that it is the effects of the cannabinoids on our endocannabinoid systems, responsible for the cancer cure.
    Dr Robert Melamede's studies suggested that it is the THC that is responsible for those medicinal effects.
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  15. Soncek


    Hi everyone ,
    This thread has definitely helped me get optimistic again after most of my friends and family singlehandedly classified me as stupid for declining chemo and surgery and for opting for the oil. I got diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks ago, early stage, and I have been going through ups and downs day to day, based on what I learn that day. Who would have ever thought that obtaining the right strain would be the most challenging detail of the whole process! It seems I could get my hands on morphine much easier than this plant! Anyways, hubby purchased 30% CBD content hemp oil for me online earlier today, mainly because we cannot wait any longer with not doing anything. I understand THC is the important one and we are exploring our LEGAL options for now (we live in Maryland). I was wondering if you can tell me whether or not I'm doing myself an injustice by starting with this commercial oil while sourcing the material for RSO? I'll paste a link to this oil. My surgeon is bent on chemo/radiation first, then surgery, and I'm just repulsed by their pushing of chemo. Also I cannot seem to find any testimonies of survivors of breast cancer that did not do any chemo/radiation, but opted for the oil. After the research my hubby and I did, he became a firm believer in the oil, while I get so discouraged and upset, I just want to go back to the hospital aND let them do what they think will help me. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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  16. Dr Robert Melamede did say that some cancers are sugar loving and some fat loving, so overall treatment is different. The lecture that we sponsored him at was also over five years ago, so I'm not current with what he's come up with in the interim.

    He is a very nice down to earth person up front and personal, whom I recommend you contact directly and find out what the latest is.

    I also suggest that you scan page 141 through 146 of the Granny Storm Crow list at for the list of studies done related to breast cancer and cannabis.

    Good luck!
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  17. Soncek


    Thanks for the links! I will check then right away
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  18. I'm hoping I'm not repeating questions here but need info on cannabis oil. My father was recently diagnosed with Large B-cell Lymphoma. From what I've read CBD is more effective at treating Lymphomas but Rick Simpson oil suggests using strains with the highest THC possible?
    I want to get my father started on oil that is made from a strain that is best from for his condition.
    Does anyone have difinitive answers to these questions?
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  19. lindsay


    What a beautiful day to share love in this quiet day of love. But Cancer has affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter, mother, sister, friend, co-worker, doctor, or patient. Thinking when will I be free from my nightmares but God have his own way of reaching his children, I was once a breast cancer patient for two years and eight months but now, happiness and joy has filled my soul. "ALL THANKS AND PRAISE TO GOD ALMIGHTY" for using Rick Simpson and the entire team of Phoenix Tears Foundation to cure my cancer with the Rick Simpson Cannabis oil, the God sent natural plant (Hemp oil) to help stop this cancer madness on earth. Help a life by reaching the Phoenix Tears foundation at [email protected] or call 850-588-3358 to help save a life today. Nothing is impossible; if I can cure my cancer then you can too.

    Never lose hope fighting cancer, only the strong continues.

    Lindsay Payton, Paloma Lane, Harlingen,Tx