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The Best Weed!!!

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by Farmer P, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Don't get me wrong, the weed I grow is outstanding. Everyone who tries it likes it and some say it's the best around. The high and frostiness are always great. BUT!! I have smoked way better weed and if I am going to spend so much time at something I want to at least compare with the best. Call me a weed snob or whatever I guess it may be true. I've had people tell me it doesn't matter what genetics it is all how you grow it. I have also seen with my own eyes people give out clones from some best of the best weed to a bunch of noobs and the noobs grew bomb even outdoors. So I tend to lean to the nature side of the nature vs nurture arguement. I think there are some secrets to growing great weed, but I think the most important part is the genetics. I think you have to get very lucky to get true top shelf from seed, although I have seen it done. A buddy of mine (now deceased due to a motorcycle accident) used to grow every year during the summer in his back yard and always had weed. It was nice homegrown, but one year he came across the one. This weed was $100 per quarter ounce weed all day long. He didn't grow it any differently it was just great genetics he came across. I told him you should have kept a copy of that. All the clone only strains were found in similar ways I imagine but the people who found it understood that this was a rare plant and worthy of keeping. I read that finding a good apple tree from seed is almost impossible. It is something like 1 in a thousand seeds just to get something decent. All the Haas avocados are clones from the same single tree. Big Ag has already figured out the secrets. You have to grow certain things from clones period! I think weed is one of them and I hate that we all have to waste time trying to find a needle in a haystack. Clone only strains should be widely available. People who understand have paid thousands for clones. And many times I'm sure it was worth it!
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  2. I generally agree, but i have had great luck? breeding? with seeds. I have popped most popular breeders and generally pop a minimum of 300 seeds a year to hunt. This is anecdotal of course, but i would say that in the last 3 years ive been prolific with hunting and that i think only one or two plants would meet my criteria for a true keeper, AAA, guaranteed to wow in bag and bowl plant. Luck can be turned to your favor, but at the end of the day, 3 of the plants I've kept over the years were from single packs, as in 10-12reg or 6-7fem. It's worth learning how to breed your own to save money. I'm being money minded here, but making F2s with 2 decent F1s, can still carry a lot, or all of the relevant good genes forward into new expressions. If anybody cares csi:humboldt is who i consider to have the best seeds on average. I've had 20%+barneys strains before from seed too though. Most breeders aren't intentionally putting out unstable genetics, but they also aren't refining cultivars either. Slamming F1 elites all day is the current state of the game. Ag crops go through thousands of generations. Your average "elite", $200 cannabis pack is on its first lol. A lot of ag products are mutants too. We all eating the same polyploid oranges and shit.
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  3. Good info, thanks for the reply! If someone said they were going to start an avocado or apple orchard and they were going to start from seed, anyone who knows the business would laugh them out of the room. I feel the same way about weed. The only reason you could even try that is because it's still considered illegal to most people and they are willing to settle for what they can get. This too needs to end. Eventually we will need suppliers who have actual lab verified cuts. Then the seed sellers will all but go out of business. Imagine trying to sell apple seeds right now. You will find some suckers, but you will not build a viable business.
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  4. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    I think it’s a combo of grower skill and elite genetics. And imo obtaining elite genetics is simply a crapshoot.

    An example was some ak47 I got from the local dispensary about 6-8 months ago. It sort of resembled the AK I’ve known for years but it was grown like shit. You could taste a hint of sandlewood on exhale but it lacked any punch and real flavor.

    I’ve grown ak from F1s and F2s. I’ve even had the famous cherry pheno which was amazing. But the stuff I bought was pure garbage. That grower that sold it to that dispensary is in it for one reason. A payday. Sad but that’s how it is.

    Some just do it for a paycheck. Others do it for love of the plant. There’s a big difference in those growers and how they are attuned to the plants needs and wants.

    I’ve known several local growers who don’t even smoke themselves. I mean how does that work? I’ve had their weed and I wouldn’t use it for compost material.

    Sadly some just don’t care and others do. But you can be the best grower in the world and you aren’t going to turn industrial hemp into fire. That’s the bottom line. Find some strains that make you drool. Check out some grow diaries of them and then when you get a chance pounce on those beans and pray for the best. That’s all you can really do imo.
  5. But I thought s1’s were equal to the parent? LoL
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  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    I don’t see where anyone said that in this thread.
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  7. And I never implied that anyone said that in this thread.
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  8. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    So what’s the big deal then? Anything to add to the conversation?
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  9. "Sadly some just don’t care and others do. But you can be the best grower in the world and you aren’t going to turn industrial hemp into fire. That’s the bottom line. Find some strains that make you drool. Check out some grow diaries of them and then when you get a chance pounce on those beans and pray for the best. That’s all you can really do imo."

    Well said!!

    I live in Cali and for some reason Dark Heart can't even sell me clones? Anyway, once it is legalized at the federal level, which I still have hope for by the way, I think clone only strains verified by labs will be the way to go. Of course some will be looking for something better and or unique but mostly only top notch genetics will prevail. Why take a chance when it comes down to it. Looking for that proverbial needle will keep some busy, and variety is good, but the true best will dominate imo.
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  10. PATENT your genetics now?
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  11. You could be the HAAS avacado of weed. The ultimate strain that is easy to grow, bug resistant, and most importantly super terpenes and high!! Imagine if you patented kush. Pure bomb kush. People who want to grow it pay every time they grow it because you own the genetic code. Think about it!
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  12. Madbud


    Someday, Home Depot next to the petunias
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  13. Sounds good as long as they skip the powdery mildew lol.
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  14. Not a big deal at all, I just see fem seed breeders popping up everywhere and they use the original for pictures and everyone go’s banana’s because they think they are getting the same as the original.
    And getting clones from anywhere your risking your crop with peat that you probally can’t afford to control by the time you notice them.
  15. Do you think it's impossible to produce top notch disease/pest free clones?
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  16. Absolutely not. I do it with my elites all the time.
    But no business will keep things small and controllable. It’s a race of who will get the biggest company first so they can control the market later.
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  17. I think in a legalized environment it will be the only way to go. Seeds are fun, but you are playing against the odds like a slot machine. I want proven genetics bug free. I don't think that is too much to ask. Someone should be able to provide this service.
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  18. In the meanwhile I'll make the most of what I got.
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  19. Next friday's harvest.
  20. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, that top pic looks like a painting!
    Good job @Farmer P!!