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The Chem Logs...testing...

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by true grit, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. So I would first like to give a huge THANK YOU!!! to the homies OJD and True! You guys are awesome! I was priveleged enough to get some testers to throw in the mix...some seriously killer gear from the sounds of it, and I'll definitely be scooping a few more of this round....

    First to hit rooters are Chemmy Jones and UKush... looking for at least a few females of each and as with my history of Connoisseur seeds- im sure I will be pleased.

    These went into rooters today, and those that have seen any of my grows know that things are always So for this round things will taking a nice turn for the better IMO...

    This run will be one of the beginning of the coco/hydro experiments. I already have some youngins going in coco, so shit should be crankin by the time these are ready to go. I also switched back to vert light the other day- so back to big plants and big buds....

    veg: Canna Coco A/B
    H&G Roots Excel

    bloom: Canna Coco A/B
    Bud Candy

    I'll post pics once things are up and ready for coco. Thanks again guys and they are germing as we speak...
  2. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

    man grit you need to stop you are making the rest of us look bad. just do enough work to get by no need going 100% all day:rofl
  3. I'm on for this one:mysterymachine::afroweed:
  4. ojd

    ojd Guest

    oh boy another true grit thread
    i cant wait

    we cant thank you enough bro for doing quality logs of the strains you get
    a good tester is very hard to find

    il be along for the fun ride:free-character-smil

  5. Tobor the 8th Man

    Tobor the 8th Man Moderator Supporter

    Heck I am in for this one too. Bring it!
  6. LOL...don't worry I'm cuttin back. hehe. Appreciate it though bro, do put a lotta work in. Best part about putting a lot of work into this...its not something you have to say "maybe it will pay off later" get to deal with the babies daily- thats enough for me...

    Sweet broseph good to have ya.

    THANK YOU AGAIN!! I'm super stoked to get these will keep me from poppin some more Hazey Jones for a bit. lol.

    And no problem bro, thats why I do it. You guys deserve the props you're getting with the hard work that goes into doing it right- and thats evident by the gear homie. Connoisseur always has spots in my garden.

    Now you guys get to tag along as I try to beat the crap outta this coco system!! ha.

    Sweet broseph...I'll do the damn thang!!
  7. Awesome, love your threads and cant wait to see another unfold.
  8. You lucky feller you!! lol.. congrats bro.. cant wait to see you whip these out!!!
  9. Hells yeah True Grit!! I been hearing about the new gear OJD's is puttin out and if it is anything like his last batch of goodies were all in for a real treat.
    Good luck yo and ill definitely be keeping an eye on this 1.
  10. Thanks bro means a lot!! This one I believe will unfold quickly!!

    Hell yeah, I'm super stoked about these beans...between these two breeders selection must me amazing, so I can expect gems!

    Hell yeah, i most def think we are in for a treat!!

    UPDATE: So after 36hrs in rapid rooters we are 7/8 above ground with the last one pushin its way up...these are vigorous, this will be a good one!!
  11. Tex

    Tex Premium Member Supporter

    Niceeee bro..!! Should be damn good smoke.. Chair pulled.
  12. Watching!!
  13. 8/8 All up and crankin.....
  14. Nice Grit!! Cant wait
  15. waayne


    Really nice genetics!
    Gonna enjoy this show!
  16. Chemmy Jones



  17. Lemonhoko

    Lemonhoko GBS Genetics

    Im on this one!

    Btw, thanks for the tips on the PM, TG.

    Good luck in the grow, Im sure you will knock them outta the park!
  18. uuuuweeeee i wanna see them chemmy jones maign u a lucky guy
  19. Congrats on the promotion True, it's good to see someone from Colorado rockin it.
  20. LOL!

    Damn Grit doin it! Cant wait to watch this grow.