The Fed whirlybird's are here.

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by thcnology, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. only problem with drones, they are way too high up to see them
  2. kolah


    Regardless if you grow or not, changing IP addresses could be advantageous. Since so many things are now being tracked and stored in government Fusion Centers (yes these are real, folks) it's not a bad idea. I also know for a fact they lurk on the internet and Facebook and Twitter and other sites as well.

    I also disagree that the feds leave smalltime growers alone. In this day-and-age they are after just about anything. I.E., If you have 50 acres of lush property, a nice loghome and other toys, collectibles and weapons the feds would gladly bust your 50 plant grow just to get your property assets. Therefore, a bust on a smalltime grow would generate a nice chunk of change for the federales. The pigs have nothing better to do. If they spot weed growing they will take the time to see what the owner owns in assets and then cherry-pick the ripest locations. A 30 plant bust could easily make them half a million on seized property and goods. Not to mention the cases where a cop is called out to your place for loud noise (or barking dogs) and then stumble onto your small outdoor grow. They'll do a search, find weapons, charge you will felony charges and take all your property. Now you have no choice but to dish out cash to lawyers (who btw love all the business revenues) and fight the system to try and save your sorry ass.

    IMO, you can never be too safe. If for a minute you think you are safe just because you have a redcard or grow less than 99 plants you could be in for a surprise. The fed and state pigs will take anything they can get. It is proven when even the local cops bust people for small amounts of weed possession. Depending on the state and it's laws it is still a good collection for revenues even in the smallest amounts of possession or plant-grows. Fines, lawyer fees, impounding cars, etc add up quickly. And it is well known that these pigs get feathers-in-their-caps and possible promotions for making larger numbers of arrests (especially drug related charges) I am good friends with 3 deputy sherriffs and two city cops. They have all told me the same thing. They'll take whatever they can get.

    As far as drones go? No one will be able to plink them out of the sky with a rifle. Why do you think all these recent laws are being passed and/or being enforced such as "no rainwater collection, no gardens, no selling your homegrown produce, no selling raw milk, failing to recycle trash, etc ,etc." Once they get enough surveilance shit in place they can click on and view your home and your yard, spot a weedplant or a rainbarrel and easily issue you a summons via mail service.

    There is a difference bewteen being paranoid and being "prepared-and-cautious". It is my strong opinon to never let your guard down, no matter what.

    The Big Brother Eye-in-the-Sky is here. Interesting times are here for sure.
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  4. Dignan


    Blending in by sticking out is a curious strategy. Who has more of a target on their back? The guy who is online talking about marijuana with the other 3 million people talking about marijuana, or the guy who is changing IPs and cell phones every month?

    A guy who used to work for me and was an Art Bell kinda dude, trying to stay off The Man's radar, used to do things like causing a scene in the bank next door when they decided to start requiring a thumb print for anyone cashing a check without an account or photo ID. Causing a scene because he wanted to stay under the radar.

    I'm not saying the Feds aren't flying, but if they are, they aren't looking for small indoor gardens. If they found one, it must have been made really easy for them. Time will tell if the theory is right... let's see if that bird comes back and you get a knock on the door. I'm betting a hundie that it doesn't happen unless your garden is huge or the LEO that shows up is local.
  5. thcnology

    thcnology Guest

    NO, it's not Paranoia or Schizophrenia Sasha, sorry bout callin you lame too but;)

    It's called Situational Awareness...

    It's only about being 10% smarter then them, and the local pos ain't smart at all, most of em probably were previously in the fuckin army as bullet catchers, trust me those neanderthals don't scare me a bit. Black helicopters don't scare me much either, it's only the ones that look normal with fake "N" numbers that do, make it a habit of always knowing the local airbases in your area drive by them and write down the numbers of the helicopters, sometimes planes too, you know the nice ones that look too nice or have special equipment, especially if you see them fly in and out everyday. Cuz I still know of airstrips in certain countries where there moving it like oliver all the way north. Operations never cease to exist, they just sometimes change directions.

    And Kolah is exactly right, this is all about money.... more importantly who controls it. Money is Power, and that's why peasants couldn't ever count out loud. I am educated in economics as well as financial engineering. If you don't think the current situation of the economy wasn't engineered or that everything around you is an elaborate scheme, or if maybe you haven't realized it yet? you just haven't read your history books or studied enough. Don't ever think for a minute that you are safe in anything you do, or within a legal boundary cuz you've got a fuckin plastic card with your photo name and address on it???

    Might as well send em all an invitation to your "going away for awhile" party?

    I know people that have been taken down in international ops because of things merely said over the phone. I know people that know people within certain US alphabets that sit and listen to cell phone conversations all day. I know they have certain satellite technology that picks out certain key words, once those words are picked up on they go into a review Que, where these pricks listen and decide to put you on monitoring....hello Patridiot Act? How do you think predators locate those good old boys in blakistan and drop missles on em? Change your phone regularly I don't care what you're really talking about, but it's really nothing of there fuckin business. Same goes with email, use multiple addys, I have no idea anymore how many gmail accounts I've had, ask yourself why only recently did they start asking you to link a phone number? Buy throwaway phones at Walmart with cash, never pay the bill with a credit card, MOF if you havent already don't use bank accounts or credit or debit cards, just another means of tracking your activites, your's much safer in a coffee can buried in the desert, and then banks can't use YOUR money to make more for them overnight, while paying you next to nothing on interest. I mean are you trying to help them to Fuck You! Pay for everything in Cash, swap IP's every couple of days it's easy, unplug your connection and plug it back in in an hour or so... or use public routers, or TOR and FUCK spacebook!!...its obvious as a "seeya" later front it's the easiest way to connect the dots because social networking is... "I just can't help but talk about myself and my so called friends"

    The point is comrades no longer this is a fuckin joke, I don't have shit on me and these assholes still don't know it, but they've been watching for a long time, they just can't figure it out, maybe because I never give em shit to work with! or cuz I travel yeah I've sat and talked with the assholes in the seediest bars south of the border as well as the most upscale clubs in the biggest city, the problem for them is my situational awareness is so good, I can pick out "seeya" agents from a mile away, guess they just don't belong or just out of place you might say...dialects?

    As far as the drones go.... yeah we're all just getting fucked over and over again, and a day is going to come for THEM, but even I don't know when, I before Me except after WE, as long as We can beat em We wont join em.

    Maybe it was just all a dream, or maybe it was memoirs in the making...

    if it was rhyme of reason, it was measured out of meters of treason
    if the files were stacked up in piles, it was the spring cleaning at the fall of man
    if we stopped, you stood there and we looked back and marveled at the beauty of a spotless mind
    if the pieces came in the smallest pixel, we assembled them all
    if you stood there and watched, we stepped back together, and saw the biggest picture

    so until then to them... it's Catch Me if you Can;)

    time again to fly high above cop cars and low pass under radars

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  7. joeca1i


    Another reason to Vote for gold o'l RON P. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
  8. The feds have been here awhile with their fancy choppers. You're paranoia is very amusing though
  9. Dude.. you linked World Weekly News.... Bat boy/ UFO's.. let me say that again... you linked world weekly news..
  10. thcnology

    thcnology Guest

    Nah beasty boy;) you just managed to link world "weakly" views... better catch up on you're homework cuz you're continuing to fail! Wait it's the internet and you're only ten... or you're 35 with an IQ score of the same;)
  11. thcnology

    thcnology Guest

    sure iviars the feds are everywhere... what a profound statement?...but not over my house? and sasha you're such a juvenile, and I really tried to be nice to you, but can you do anything but draw pictures?

  12. this dude is the fed. lol

    i wont click on links from such a sketchball. copy and paste or no more links

    thcnology get some sleep tweeker or better yet tell us again for pages and pages about how the feds are chasing you because of all the different shit you do involving many different things not just weed growing and then tell us again about all the people you know who know people and then end the same paragraph telling us again the problem with this facebook nation is that society has to tell everyone else about themselves and their friends.

    ok either you are switching personalities while your writing since the very thing you say you hate your doing or your just a fucking ...
  14. kolah


    Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way...and sometimes its best to say nothing at all.

    Maybe someday we will have a world full of people who can agree to disagree, withhold all the hatred and be able to share a beer or a joint in matter what our differences may be.
  15. maybe when he stops talking shit to everyone but until then hes my bitch
  16. OK time to close a thread cause it is a waste of bandwidth.

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