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"the healing center"*** BEWARE******

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by cannabeans, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. i would urge all farmers in the gallatin area or elsewhere to not deal with this guy. he will rip you off! he has done it in the past ...and im sure he will do it again!
    dont front anything to this guy!!!!! he will feed you lines of bullshit! and then eventually get mad at you, when you ask for your money, he gives all kinds of excuses! and finally will tell you to F off, and i quote" im doing you a favor....."

    this is my experience with this guy.
    please understand that im not talking about a few hundred dollars. :worried
  2. Rat tat tat tat. Brrrrrraaaappp.

    Thanks for the head a up. What is the owner's name? He can always change the name of his business. If we know his real name, he can be but on some kind of blacklist.

    Kind of like how they have those walls of confiscated IDs from people trying to make illegal alcohol, drug, and gun purchases.

    Start a blacklist of unethical dealers and growers.
  3. I have met "M" a few years ago. He tried to get a loan from me to expand THC. I didn't get 2 minutes into his business plan before I passed. He always seemed shady.

    It sucks you got ripped.
  4. burnalot420

    burnalot420 Lolipop Genetics Supporter

    scumbags..they never seem to go away..;(
  5. strawD


    does anyone know if this guy has had any other projects before? this sounds like someone i know of that opened a shop in missoula a while back ( the first one in town, that was on 3rd near reserve) who had a similar rep. more than one grower fronted over a lb and was promised business checks and then got busted by LEO and never paid. He was disconnected from that shop, and from what i hear ran out of town (if he wasnt he should have been) i also heard he was in missoula because he had been ran out of bozeman already. not sure exactly where he is now, but if this is the same guy his full name and address need to be made public so that no one else (grower or patient) falls for this guys shit. IMO for what he's done he should be "kindly" escorted out of MT and not allowed back.
  6. Do you mean Rick Rosio, owner of Montana Pain Management near the Good Food Store? He has also stolen money from people he employed, or delayed payment for long periods of time, who have no involvement in the industry. One of his builders did some work for me. He had nothing nice to say about Rick, and had to threaten him before he was paid.

    They sell straight up shit at top dollar. I'll call out Rick by name. Well known con artist. Do not support his business. He is not a bad con, but he does run a terrible dispensary.

    I take it Rick is not the person not mentioned by name and only referee to as M.
  7. Thank you for warning folks.
  8. rick rusio

    he got me for labor too, in the very beginning.... thought he went away, only to surface in missoula! he's bad news too!
  9. Rick Rosio, Mike Smith, Jason Christ, almost every dispensary in Billings, the big sky conglomerate, many many dbags in our business. good work on calling them out by name, these people are true con artists with no real love for this plant of ours........they can eat a big dick
  10. I agree these people suck! I have heard and seen nothing but sheisty thieving stories about these d-bags...Rick was getting people to sign a form that had a change of caregiver underneath the form, and was sending that shit into the state. Mike Smith was the reason we didn't get the better version of the law during the last legislative session...he got up in front of the legislature and rambled like some old hippie, and wound up pushing the key players off the fence...we could have had three oz's per patient and nurse practioners would have been able to recommend as well we would have had 6 plants in flower and 8 in veg...we can thank Mike Smith for not getting that passed! These people need to be boycotted and pushed out of this industry!
  11. hotRod


    calling them out is a great start to pushing them out of the industry
  12. Joemt

    Joemt Guest

    ALL 3 are POS

    In this order:

    1. Michael Smith - complete con artist - ...a long list of people have been screwed by this guy. This organization is his also. AVOID THIS GUY and anything he is involved with! Here is the link and his picture so you know what he looks like.

    2. Rick - low life, another theif

    3. Jason - screwed things up for sure! Self Serving.
  13. im new to MT Glad I saw this thread. I know now to avoid these guys.
  14. In god I trust, all others pay cash!!!
  15. What pic is the one of Michael Smith? Is it the one at the very top of the page where he is smoking a joint (bald dude)?

    Use last names too.
  16. Mike Smith is now in Alaska and does not seem to have changed much. (That is my website with an article about him)

    Mike Smith has called my home several times identifying himself as an "officer of the law" and his Dr has been forbidden to practice in Arizona for being "unsafe"

    2013-10-04T07:32:02 (6/10/2013)
    Action Taken: Practice Restriction
    Allegation of Complaint: Please reference the following Document
    State: Arizona
    Documentation: Download here (PDF)
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  17. Some people never change.....
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