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the new LED LAMP! 10w cree!anyone have this new diamond series

Discussion in 'L.E.D Grow Lights' started by Ever after, Oct 9, 2012.


    they have a 150w and a 350 w and the 350w does a 4.5 by 4.5 space so its the perfect lamp to replace a 600 or 750w or 1000w HID lamp

    i dont have time to go download the picture of the led and then upload it to the farm too busy with other stuff

    please check out

    the light array /led lamp seems to have 3w led's and also 10 cree led lights does anyone think the 350w one by advanced led lights are better than the mag +

    i really hope to get some replys on if this is a good lamp or not im kinda tired of hps and mh lamps and i dont like light house led lamps at all they seem to emit tons of heat compared to HPS lamps on an idependantly cooled duct dedicated only to the lights .............
  2. you pretty much nailed the current state of affairs. I run AC next to leds.
  3. I work with lights for a living (not an electrician.... more of a sales side)

    LEDS- still not yet, a lot of the technology being developed may trump the LED, because of price of manufacturing. On the other hand, there are some huge companies considering the dive, with that said right now is not the time to dish out money, stick with t-5's or MH. Prices will slash in half regardless soon enough..... and hopefully have more reputable people with their heads out of their asses in the game, so maybe it will be worth it.... the quality of LED's in the grow market is still too shitty IMHO.....

    but i suppose what do i know, i just work with em for a living LOL
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  5. and after looking, those are not the best price either. mark up 3000% much?
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  6. Is solar storm led any good?
  7. Ohhh boy.... I have just purchased one of these lights as I couldn't get my first choice, two Area51 XGS 190's. (They are perpetually sold out), then I see this post from October 9, 2012, linking to the light I just bought. It's April 2014 and these are being advertised thus:
    NEW - Diamond Series XML - 10W CREE XML

    The model I bought was just shy of $1000 and I'm a little disappointed that a light that's been out since at least October 2012 is being represented as a bold and capital "NEW" model.
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