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The New Project

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Smoking Gun, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. So I just began germinating some new seeds, Loompas Moondawg F2 and some bagseed from Jack x Snowmaster, so I will refer to this as Jack Mystery. I am popping 3 of each and am looking to keep no more than 2 of each. The early veg will be done under T5 and then moved into the 2x4 tent under quantum boards (still deciding on which units to use) for the remainder of veg and flower.

    I will be using my own soilless mix made from coco coir, a compost product (called Bumper Crop) and perlite. These will be getting BioBizz nutes to give me a completely organic product.

    I am really looking forward to what may come from these beans. It will be nice to have some additional variety in my pipe.
  2. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Looking forward to your journey!
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  3. Me too. I worked with clones for many years, this will exciting to see what these beans will give me.
  4. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Seeds are interesting. You never know what you’ll get and you’re always surprised and disappointed along the way. You’ll find some keepers that you didn’t expect to make the cut and cull ones you were for sure would make the cut. You might find a pheno that replicates the breeders intention and match the description or you might find something completely the opposite that’s even better.

    The only real downside is the length of time it takes to add a new strain to your collection vs grabbing a known clone. But the journey itself is the most rewarding aspect. You can never replicate the journey and will always have an interesting story to tell.
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  5. DismalDude

    DismalDude Moderator Staff Member

    I'm onboard for the show! :)
  6. All three of the Jack Mystery seeds have popped and been planted in their starter homes. Still waiting to see if the Moondawgs pop (I really hope at least one does).
  7. That bumpercrop works good. Thats what i use. I cut it with a little coco coir.
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  8. My mix is 3 parts coco coir, 2 parts Bumper Crop, 2 parts perlite. At least right now, for the bigger pots I want to amend this mix with a little crab shell meal, green sand and Marine Cuisine. This is a new mix for me but I started using Bumper Crop 12 years ago. I actually use Bumper Crop on a pretty much daily basis in my professional life.
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  9. This current run i put a little worm castings,and bone meal in with it. I ran out of perlite while making it so this batch was lite on perlite. I have noticed it takes a little longer to dry
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  10. That is what I was going for here. A nice base with pretty much everything the plants need but a mix that was light enough and would dry relatively quickly so I could supplement with some additional ferts. I am going to use BioBizz nutes this run, also a first for me.
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  11. Good luck with your grow. I cant wait to see how you do.
  12. Thanks I am really excited too, so many possibilities that may occur.

    On that note, I still haven’t seen anything from my Moondawgs, so I went a bit nuts and started a whole bunch more seeds. I put 4 more Moondawg seeds in some water with H2O2, hopefully it will help and I will get at least one to pop. Then I had some old bag seed from various varieties of which I grabbed 1 OG, the cut is unknown, and three Triple OG. Then I had some seeds that are about a decade old from an old acquaintance called Little Blue Somango, which is a cross based around Somango. I am actually really hoping at least one of those pops, it would be awesome to see what is in those genetics.
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  13. I forgot to mention that I also put 2 SSSDH seeds into a paper towel. These seeds came from a grow I did a long while back of SSSDH so the only possible parent is the SSSDH plants I had going.
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  14. Madmax


    All the best with the grow dude.hope you find some good phenos your looking for.
    Ive noticed with stubborn seeds that wont crack i put them in warm water and helps them heaps buddy.
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  15. Im gonna pull up a chair on this one mate.
    Itching to pop more beans myself
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  16. Does the h202 help germ? Usually I just throw in humidity dome in root riots but last go 6 of 16. I’m used to about 95% germ rate.
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  17. I haven't tried warm water, but I did put the paper towels on a heat pad to keep them warm. Hopefully that is the same as using warm water.

    Truthfully I am not really sure if the H2O2 helps but I am hopeful. Plus it can't hurt.

    Ok, quick update Jack Mystery #2 has broken the soil surface and is up and running, and quickly from the looks of it as I can already see the first set of true leaves. I am hoping its a girl but I do know that sometimes these quick growers turn out to be male. But my fingers are crossed. I have been a big Jack fan for a long time and this will be the first time I am growing anything with Jack genetics.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
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  18. DismalDude

    DismalDude Moderator Staff Member

    Nice man! Lol,you sound like me.I start poppin like crazy and then room is a big factor! Lol.
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  19. Ok, well its been a few days and I felt the need to put up an update. All three Jack Mystery have broken the surface of the soil.

    The 4 Moondawgs I had soaking were put into soil yesterday so lets see what happens. Unfortunately at this point I am not expecting anything from them. Its a shame I was really hoping tobsee what they had in them. None of the other seeds have shown signs of popping either, a bit disapointing but that is how it goes. At this point as soon as I have a few extra bucks around I will be ordering the Pink Lemonade from Mosca.
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  20. Bodean


    I've ran a few of Mosca's work. Good stuff. Solid choice
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