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The New Shit,show Ya Pics.

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by keiksweat, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Hi all,
    thought I better get off my ass n start a thread,as our usual hangout has ran its here we go,show us ya pics,give us advice,ask us whatever or just chat some shit.were good at that.
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  2. Here's my flower room.barneys farm,blu cheese.8 week,ready for chop tonight.its under a bare 600 hps bulb,was under my 2 450w led panels.i like to mix it up ya see.oh and the strip light is uvb reptile light.wich I use for last couple of weeks. WP_20160302_18_45_47_Pro.jpg WP_20160304_18_38_11_Pro.jpg WP_20160214_19_38_06_Pro.jpg WP_20160214_19_37_45_Pro.jpg
  3. Veg room,more blu cheddar.these are the last of this plenty of beans to some nice hazeman genetics on route from my mate mikezilla....cheers bro,you the man.anyhow,lets get this rolling,got loads of chopping to do,and hopefully loads of scissor hash to burn. WP_20160304_19_05_30_Pro.jpg WP_20160304_19_05_13_Pro.jpg WP_20160223_19_21_59_Pro.jpg WP_20160223_19_21_59_Pro.jpg WP_20160227_18_55_41_Pro.jpg WP_20160223_19_21_59_Pro.jpg
  4. basseye


    Nice setup really diggin those led pics as well.
  5. Cheers B,I'm not looking forward to chopping these 4.I've been putting it off since 4;00...
  6. Here is my 1st Fogponics attempt in a 2x3x3tall grow box. These plants are a mix of seed, clone from my first Female of unknown strain. and clones taken after 3 weeks flipped into 12/12 that is why they range in size. The 3 largest plants are from Bag seed someone claimed to be white rhino but who knows I figured give em a shot. The med-small ones are clones from mystery seeds my pops gave me back in Nov 2014. Best he could tell me was he thought they was called Sensi Bud and they have been in the tool box since 1993/94. DSCN1548.JPG Here is the mom to the clones from the 1994 seeds
  7. cool set GP,I've been messing around with diy aeroponics stuff for last couple of years,I've got a half built fog cloner built.the aero system I built worked great.I used to use it to start off my young ens before sticking em in my rdwc set.had 3 crops die in a row last year.put me off hydro for a while.always liked the idea of organic soil grow,so at the moment I'm experimenting with worm shit and all that good be honest I'm loving it pal.still got one dwc bucket in veg.
  8. Lookin good, time to get out the choppa and hail Armageddon in that room!
  9. I got 3 cut down and ruff trimmed.ran out of hanging space.had to leave the ozone generator on outside me tent.smell is horrendous.even with my fan attached to a Y piece and 2 phresh filters scrubbing away.i sprinkled some cress seeds ontop of my 4 plants in veg.just looked and its like a layer of clover ,an inch long covering me thought process was,cover crop,living mulch. We'll see if cress works as a viable cover anyway.seeds were in the back of the draw.being a cheap skate,I had too.
  10. Hows things AO...
  11. Doing well, doing the whole water thing this morning lol. 2 weeks left on my gals, one will be done a little sooner than the rest. Ill take some pics while im in there
  12. My main grow room is all DIY super soil. don't think I will ever not have Dirt Dogs. I started this hydro stuff because the wife wanted me to get rid of my "JUNK" Told her I could put them lights to use,
  13. I've got junk everywhere,missus is always on my case over it.that and electric bills....haha..same old story..i bet there's a million blokes getting the same earache,over the same reasons...
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  14. i
    1994 its some original old super skunk
  15. You know it buddy. Idk how many times my lady has told me to pick up the bag of soil in my living room XD im running an experiment...hehe
  16. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    Hey lads.just thought id drop a few on a bit of a roll postin pics tonight so here yas go...
    cherry pie x 88ghash 20160306_155148.jpg unknown sativa 20160306_155208.jpg stardawg 20160306_154931.jpg sfv og x chem91 (valley dawg fems.pisces) 20160306_154814.jpg
  17. All is looking proper! Wish i could rock it like you cats! Here is my attempt! image.jpeg

    Black Lime

    ChemDog IV
    image.jpeg Cherries Pie What up crew! Looks like this is the spot to chit chat! Hello to all! You huys got sum proper grows going! Mouth watering!
  18. Hey,mr zilla....were you work tonight?
  19. ya showing off bro.hehe...thats the fuckin real shiznit right really coming on