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~the real original sensi star clone!~ smoke report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Skunkmasterflex, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    Tester Name : skunkmasterflex
    Strain : sensi star orignal clone
    Method Smoked : toro bong


    pics bellow


    Dominant smell of bud : skunky earthy deep dankness
    Associated smells of bud : almost kushy, slight sweet lemon


    Dominant flavour : woody/hashy/skunky/funky
    Associated flavours : incense/kush/earth/skunk

    Harsh/smoothness : 8 (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth)
    - cough factor? : yes


    Profile : Percentage of head to body: 80% body; 20% head
    Potency : 9.8
    Duration : 3 hours
    Use : Daytime/Bedtime...both depending how much u smoke
    Munchies? : hells yes
    turpentine ()
    metallic ()
    ammonia () - urine () - vinegar ()
    bleach ()
    lotions () - plastics () - glues ()

    fruity () - berry () - black/blue/raspberry () - citrus (x) - orange () - lemon () - lime () - apple () - mango () - grape () - cherry () - tutti frutti ()

    floral (x) - perfume () - blossom ()
    minty () - methol () - spearmint () - peppermint ()

    woody (x) - incense (x) - hardwood () - sage () - juniper () - cedar () - pine ()
    basil () - garlic () - dill () - clove () - parsley () - pepper ()
    tobacco () - chocolate (x)

    earthy (x) - loam () - dirt () - musty () - dusty () - dry ()
    animal () - bird () - rodent () - gamey () - skunky (xx)
    botanical () - hay () - autumn leaves () - trees ()

    ~~this is the skunk house cutt that is from the original release of the sensi star from the 90s and has been going since then gifted to me through a breeder out west and it will be around for a long time to come. the buzz and flavor are great and the bag appeal is amazing. the buds when cured are rocks and the yield was pretty good for the extreme quality of the smoke.
    sorry about the poor quality of pics. all i have right now is a camera phone for photos...will post better ones when my new camera gets here. for now we rocking a 3.2 Mega Pixel shit camera haha....enjoy:cool0041:
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  2. Right on SMF!!...nice report..I'm astounded you gave her a 9.8..coming from you brother that says tons.....My buddy out west has been raving about this one for years and I never took him seriously...thank you.
  3. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    bro to give something a 10 means there is nothing better. i never really give anything a 10, but this bitch is def a bad ass indica! i smoked the star back in 2000 from a grower that was wicked bad ass. every other star iv got since then has been mild and a max of a 7 till i came across this real original! its a must have if you are a indy smoker like myself. super dank and ill put this cutt up there with the OGs and Chems. the inside of these buds are golden its nuts.....
  4. Rob1


    shit sounds sick bro.. skunkflex aka "bud porn star"...
  5. i grew sensi star from cuts i was gifted on my second ever grow, not my best grow but still a class plant, and that looks pukka proper bud porn ?:cool0041:
  6. I didnt even know there was a sensi star original clone, i thought it was a seed line from paradise, like their own creation kind of thing. Sick lookin shit right there fella!
  7. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    thanks for the love fellaz......this was the skunk house first run with the cut so im hoping to do her even better next run now knowing she can be fed like a mofo. ill get her more frosty next run for shizzz ~SMF~
  8. markscastle

    markscastle Well-Known Farmer

    Again I have origanal Sensi Star seeds but have no where to grow anytime soon! I got to quit looking at all these pics and reports.It makes me want to grow everything and I can`t right now!
  9. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    Big buddy...this is a cutt from the first pack put out and this was the keeper from many packs went through so I was told. I know that the new packs going out these days arnt the same as the originals they were putting out in the mid 90s.

    Markscastle....u won't be disappointed bro, the real deal star is soooo much better than the new lines its unreal how different they are.
  10. Wow.. must be dank if your braggin about it for sure!! Super nice Skunk!!
  11. bigherb

    bigherb Farmer

    thanks for the great report

    ive always heard good things about SS but this report gives me an interest to aquire these genetics with the high esteem of your post ,the taste skunk /hash /incense its definetly somthin id lov too hav in my jar

  12. Damn the original clone of sensi star from Cali? I thought this was a strain bred by Paradise Seed Co. over in Holland. What is theirs an IBL? I am lost.
  13. ojd

    ojd Guest

    killer report skunkmasterflex

    my buddy had 1 amazing sensi star about 7 years ago,then lost it

    and went through untold packs to never find the same thing again
    he's given up of ever finding the old sensi star

    dont you just hate it when a breeder loses 1 of the parents of the cross and just crosses something else in and sells them as the same

    all the big dutch companys do that as ive expeierienced it over 10-12 years ive been going to dam

    good to see the sensi star is still alive out there somewhere(shame it aint the uk)

  14. yea it was the late 90,s i grew it out, ive lost touch with the guy who gave me the cuts, i kept it for a few grows but limited space ended up losing it, but my pal had great mothers but 10 yrs later i doubt its still going ? and it was grown from dutch seeds what company i dont know. i bet if you grew out a ten yr old pack and a new pack there would be major differances ??
  15. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex Premium Member Supporter

    thanks bro, wasnt tryin to come off as bragging, just stating how much better it is than all the other sensi cutts iv came across or smoked since the first time i came across it by a grower that had the original release. its like night and day

    yeah shes got a wonderful flavor and great bag appeal thats for sure. like i said if your going after this strain try to get the earlier release as its changed quite a bit over the years...

    it was from seed originally i was just saying how it was the original cross, as in they have changed it over the years. they probably lost the original mother and father so had to remaster it. sometimes things come out better when they do this; in this case its not even close in my experience with this strain. the original is amazing and i could see why they try to claim its the worlds strongest indica(not saying myself it is) but compared to what they are calling sensi star now that you can buy this is def the original. thats why i called it the original clone. this cutt came out of many packs gone thru of the first time the star was released.

    i totally hear ya OJD as i went through the effort of tryin to get the original AK47 from 99 and i couldnt find the pheno i once smoked that a grower had way back in my area. just like the star the old ak was totally different as im sure the original mother and father are lost and they re made it. i really with they would just say this is version 2 or whatever so they dont mislead you or ruin credibility of the orignal releases. star is bomb as hell but i think has kind of had its named ruined because of the newer releases being not good at all. i woudnt ever had going out trying to find a good star if i hadnt smoked the original killer way back when. i think a lot of dam banks do that just as you said.

    major differences between the new and old bro. the new one isnt even worth growing out. though the yield is a bit better on the newer one, the density, flavor, and most of all power just isnt there with the newer one. too bad you lost it if you had the first release, shit has great medical qualities to it for sure.
  16. Great report, flex. If SMF says this shit is bomb then you know it's BOMB. I know a few dudes in NYC who have been running the original release of Sensi Star for a long time and she's def some tastey, potent smoke. Makes me miss NYC and all the bomb shit going around those parts.
  17. fractal


    That looks like a seriously dank bud for sure. Sensi star is cripplingly potent one of the buds you smoke and then wake up before you realize it you passed out.
  18. rawman


    Shit looks dope man. What else haven't you told me about?
  19. looks proper great smf..sensi star is also strain we grow here almost everytime, you got some impressive solid looking chunks from that, looks very fresh. what methods you use with your camera do you snap them with flash or something? lc
  20. thanks for the heads up it was on my to get list but not now