This is how I used the foliar pack 4 RA

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    This is how I used the foliar pack for RA. I mixed 12 teaspoons/gallon of water(I know it seems like alot) then I took a 3/16" round bamboo stake and poked holes in the dirt(don't know how many but there was alot) put the pots in a rubbermaid tub and watered in the mixture until it was to the rim of the pot let them soak 20 minutes. So it was a dunk/soak on my 1 gallon pots and my 4"x4"x4" pots. All the run off was used in my mother plants which were in milk crates lined with landscape fabric. I did not have a big enough rubbermaid to soak the mothers so I just poked the holes and watered it in slowly over about 4-8 hours. The 4"x4"x4" recovered in a couple of days from the overwatering. The one gallon pots took 2 weeks to recover. The mothers were really never water log but it still took over two weeks before I could water them. My first watering after treatment I used hygrozyme at max dose(some will tell you this stuff is a myth) to wash the waxy poop off the roots that the aphids leave behind after feeding on them. I really think it helps the plant recover faster so will adding some root stimulator. I also bombed the rooms right after applications of the foliar pack. It seems these little bastards see it coming and try to fly off. The smaller pots recovered the fastest with new healthy growth in a week. The mother plants took longer 3 weeks to a month to see noticeable new health growth. I recommend taking the liquid off the top so you dont water in the carrier(talc)as it will make the top of the soil like concrete. I work in 3 tsp/gallon of water a week as a maintence program added to my teas right before watering. So far everything looks a thousand percent better with my first harvest without chemical bug deterents coming up in 18 days. These are known strains to me as I have had some of them over 20 years and I have to say they have never looked better. The fragrance,sugar and size of flowers are amazing and I know it is all due to Caps bennies because it is the only thing I have changed. Since I have been in dirt 90% of the strain I grow average(6-8 plant runs) an ounce a foot and this run I can tell it is going to eclipse that average weight per foot. This is from plants I was going to cull until I used the foliar pack. A couple of thing to note IMHO nothing will truly save a flowering plant to get the yeilds you had before RA infestation. Usually because it is to late once you start to notice the yellowing to do anything about it. The foliar pack will help you recover somewhat but it won't make your yeilds back to 100%. Before the foliar pack my yeilds were down 50% after adding it to sick plants it brought it up to 65-70% of what I was used to. I hope this will help in your fight with these little spawns of the devil. Good Luck
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    Thank you so much for posting this up here. I hope that anyone else suffering from RA's will have the same success as you by following your method.
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    With that long of a recovery time, would you suggest using the foliar pack as a drench app 8 days from harvest? Im guessing not. I think working it into my waterings might be my best bet this late, to try to counter the RAs w/o setting it back weeks.
    Capulator, again I appreciate your generous donation!
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    @danoid, how are your mothers looking now? did the foiler completley kill off the ra's?
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    Sorry it took so long for me to reply. My life has a way of catching up with me no matter how hard I try I fall behind.
    Primo303 as long as you don't overwater I don't think you can hurt anything but that being said unless you recycle your soil I don't think you will see a benefit seeings how it is so late in your run.

    Biggs my mothers look great except for the lower end of the plants(still purple but now at least I can see it starting to stripe) all new growth is healthy and vigorous. I have treated them two more times since my intial use. Now I am running in to a height issue with my mothers. I had all but two strains backed up with new mothers so I was just keeping these mothers around as an experiment as I have everything backed up now. This is only from my experience with caps bennies so your results may vary that being said I still have fliers(winged RA) but I do believe that the root pack is keeping them from colonizing to the point that they hurt the plants. All the fliers are slow, dazed and confused. I am days away from harvesting my first chemical free run in over 3 years. I did not run any bug deterrent chemicals or PM detterent chemicals only caps bennies. I am absolutely stunned with how healthy my plants look. Words cannot due them justice. I have always run 2-1000watts over a 4'x8' space but when I was plagued by the RA I found that reducing lumens helped save a totally worthless harvest so I switched to 3-400watters over the same 4'x8' space. Well not knowing how things were going to turn out I keep the 400 watter for this run and the plants look like they were grown under 1000watter. Simply stunning the size and density. My next run will be back under the 1000watters. In three weeks I will have a dry weight so thats when I will know the end result of this wonderful product. Good Luck in your battle with these little bastards!
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    I stickied this. Update?
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    Everything is outstanding here. Do I still have RA? Yes I do but they do not harm to my plants. I have flyers caught on stiky traps but I have not found any colonies on the roots but I do not have a very powerful scope.What my original pest problem was according to an endomologist(don't know if thats the correct spelling) was phylexora and strawberry weavils. A person in our little collective took a soil sample with rootball to work(where god used to coach before he went to Texas) and thats what they said was the problem. It was an under the table thing so I myself did not get to ask any questions. I still treat with Imid after the cut's root, spectricide follow within a week then it is your bennies the rest of the way through at 3 tsp/gallon of water every week watered in very slowly over hours for very little to no run off but full saturation big pita but well worth it. That is when I was running TLO now I am switching over to timers drip line DTW chow. On the chow I have had two small runs under overdriven T8 and I am just about finishing up a run under a 400 watter and it just seems the plants are so healthy nothing can make them miss a beat. What I did on them is just hand water your bennies at the same application rate. When I am fully switched over I will be in "hempy style chow buckets" so I will update everyone on that adventure. Thanks for the wonderful product and good luck in all your endevors
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    The correct spelling is entomologist. :)

    Good to hear your results Danoid. It's heartening to know that biological controls can be so effective against a wide range of problems.
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    U said u poked holes in the dirt, by that do u mean ur in soil? Im in coco/chow mix and wondering if this might be and effective method for me. one thing im sure of is u need to do a full blown soak when it comes to RA, and removing the waxy stuff they leave behind is important aswell. I also watered with hygrozyme and saw the waxy substance on the surface of the runoff and watered w/o huygrozyme and did not c the waxy stuff so might be some truth to that "myth".

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    So im about 45 days into flower and the azamax has slowed them down but not got rid of them, and now they are back.. i still have green growth on alot of the flower plants.. some are indicas, my longest flowering are kali mist from seed which will go 90 days.. Do you think with about a month left its worth feeding with the foliar pack?..

    I just ordered the 3 pack from ebay.
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    YES. It will definitely slow them the fuck down and allow you a more fruitful harvest.
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    After a 3 week cycle of azamax and pyrethrum (5%) drenches every 3 days, I have started to feed the foliar pack @ 4 cups/ 5 gal. My plants are about a week behind from the RA's but I'm looking like I will make it all the way till the end. I could not have made it this far without the foliar pack for sure.
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    here is proof that if you catch root aphids at an early stage you can defeat them with non-sythetic pesticides and of coarse OG biowar foliar pack. This is a Bubba Kush shot @ end of week 7.