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  1. logic

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    New seeds from Thunderfudge Genetics are now in stock :fire::fire:
    Click here to visit the store link.

    Strawberry Sour Larry (Sour Larry BX2 x Alien Strawberry)

    My Sour Larry x (Sour Larry x Ultimate Chem 08) aka Sour Larry bx2 crossed to a large framed fire OG dom OGR alien strawberry male.they run 9-10 weeks on average,shorter phenos coming in at 9.some genotypes will purple depending on atmosphere, topping early is encouraged.

    Fire Alien Blackberry (Blackberry Kush x Fire Alien Strawberry)
    The Heirloom blackberry kush clone from orgnkid gets revamped by a monster Fire Alien Strawberry from ograskal improvements all around. Yield/structure/and mind blowing potency, extreme blackberry/maironberry aromas with great resin production. Clean lowers and top early and often to encourage vertical & side growth.

    Red Rover (Wi-Fi x Ultimate Chem 08) x Fire Alien Strawberry)
    My short wifi 08 "range rover" cut frosted up,upsized,and dipped in strawberry early and defoliate the bottoms.there is some very nice berry OG genotypes.a few days of preflowering will really encourage tight nodes and a happy harvest.

    Faspak (AF Pak x Fire Alien Strawberry)
    A closely kept clone only Af-pak meets the fire alien strawberry with phenos finishing at 50-55 days with beautiful purple hues.They stand up to stress well and are easily trained.Huge, chunky resin covered nugs that produce sweet candy and bubblegum aromas with heavy hash and musty earth smells.

    Ultimate Lemon Bubba (Lemon Bubba x Ultimate Chem SFV)
    Motarebel's rare lemon bubba(26% thc,7%+ terpenes) meets elites piney ultimate chem SFV. Sweet lemony pine to a spicy exotic fuelly chem with a shorter flower time medium to large yields of triangulated spears. Clean lowers to encourage vertical growth.
  2. EventHorizan

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    I bet some ppl snatch that strawberry soul larry!
    Cause if I wasn't doing a pheno run already, I would snatch some of them up!
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  3. SNTS1

    SNTS1 Well-Known Farmer

    :mad:Wrong time to be broke!
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  4. TheRemer

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    That ultimate lemon bubba sounds sooo good!!
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  5. Krypto

    Krypto Well-Known Farmer

    I'd get'em just to have'em.
    I mean... I don't have time to start another one right now. But, one hell of a gene pool to check out when I do have time.
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  6. jumpincactus

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    Impressive lineup!!!! The Weed Whisperer strikes. :D:smoking::fire::fire::fire::fire:
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  7. logic

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    Every purchase of Thunderfudge Genetics will come with one free pack from Thunderfudge Genetics selected at random. :smoking:

    PakMan (Af-Pak x Pinkman)
    Extremely vigorous colors from green to velvet with sweet candy Red vines and bubblegum are very common smells and tastes, these are very uniform plants that naturally assume a Christmas tree shape, very fast flowering and beautiful color's to explore please enjoy them.

    Pink Alien Fire (Pinkman X Fire Alien Strawberry)
    Pinkman comes from predator pink crossed to bubba ogers, we used the best of the predator pink phenos and a very strong bubba ogers male, these plants love to be trained and filled up under a scrog or to be let loose outdoor or greenhouse style. Flowers in 8 weeks outdoor in 9 weeks. She is known for extremely large 12 bladed fan leaves and pink hues.she has a floral berry and lemon kush taste and smell.most genotypes are medium to heavy yielders.
  8. Trickyleaf

    Trickyleaf Farmer

    So excited to sprout mine:) comming soon to see the dank mess of pakman and pink alien fire and also the fire alien blackberry
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  9. Digger

    Digger Well-Known Farmer

    I don't have any of these but my Sour Larry BX1 is getting damn good reviews and it hasn't even cured a week yet!! That mf'ing sour is a sweet plant!!
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  10. Freedomfarmr

    Freedomfarmr New Farmer

    I picked up sum ultimate chem 08 f2 about a month. This was during the time he was redesigning his packaging and since it took so long to get it changed for the drop to happen he threw in both the pakman and the pink alien fire so I lucked up on that one.
  11. Freedomfarmr

    Freedomfarmr New Farmer

    20170813_085055.jpg my ultimate chem 08 f2 popped the whole pack. Running these in coco.
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  12. NHWhites

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    I just ordered a pack of the Fire Alien Blackberry. Too bad I'll have to wait until next years outdoor season. I also considered the Faspak