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Time To Flip?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Medigrow, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. hey all! :)

    This is my first grow and I'm not 100% sure when to flip.. Do you think it's time to flip or better to wait few more days?

    Just to make sure, I have 2 trellis installed... The higher one... I don't know if I will need it but well, fully adjustable so don't get confused by the picture... Damn mobile, hard to take a wide angle picture :(

    Thank you! =)

    edit: forgot to mention, mainly indica strain.
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  2. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    That depends on strain your running, headroom and are you just using a trellis for support or is your goal to scrog em????
  3. Headroom: from trellis to lamp (at its highest possible location) : 63-64 inches.
    Have to keep a minimum of 36/40" from lamp to canopy. It gives around 24 to 27 inches. Trellis is at 18".. I'm wondering about lowering it to 16", that would add more coverage, a huge tucking job though :)

    Strain : critical mass 2.0

    1st trellis for scrog, 2nd for support (if required)

    Thank you for your help @jumpincactus
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  4. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    No problem........Great strain. Let them veg until you have the screen for scrog filled better. Use this time filling your screen to clean all your lowers below the scrog screen. Keep weaving and tucking at least 2 weeks after you flip then let them gals go vertical. Scroggin critical mass will make you very happy with yields. Provided it is done properly :D
  5. Nugg


    I veg 45 the looks of your grow area size per plant..I would now or soon.. almost all plants I have grown damn near triple in size..I give each of mine 3×3'.. fwiw.
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  6. What would you aim for ? 70% of trellis filled?
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  7. I will give them 2-3 more days, they are growing like crazy by now... And the system at the right of this one is a little bit in advance, plants are bigger, I don't know what is different... Only thing I see is A/C output location and PPM probe, left one is reading 20ppm higher.. I just discovered this.
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  8. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    yes thats about right, then flip em and keep tucking during stretch. you can use this time to position the grow tips so you can manage your canopy evenly. Use pipe cleaners as ties to keep them adhered to your screen.

    Then as you practice in more runs you will learn what strains lend themselves better to scrog. Once you master scrog you will be amazed by your yields. Strain and care dependent of course.
  9. Yeah, i'm getting addicted to it, going in the room like 30 times a day! lol

    Pipe cleaners? To tie them? hot glue does the trick? (kidding) :D I have some soft attach I will be using to tie them to the trellis as they go but so far to good! Anxious to flip to see the stretch marathon!
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  10. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Here is a pic of a strain from a few years back called Bullfighter, due to back surgery I couldn't handle the bending over to maintain a traditional scrog. So I decided to make things easier and was able to come up with a way that was more labor intensive but saved my back as during the tying phase I was able to stay seated and just rotate the 30 gallon pot she was in.

    To be clear it was a great therapy for me with the added labor time as I was out of work at the time. She measured almost 5 ' across. This was going on week 3 of a 8 week strain. By harvest time I had used three packs of pipe cleaners. I called it a hybrid scrog. No screen but same strategy. Even spread out canopy.

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  11. @jumpincactus , you were saying I have to clean lowers.. I did clean under the canopy but I am debating, removing things under vs stress on the plants vs flip in 2-3 days... How long can we remove stuff under the trellis before flipping? can we remove tiny shit and leaves under when flipping or it brings too much stress on the plants?
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  12. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    optimally you want to do all your pruning cleaning prior to flip.Then wait a week before flipping to give them time to stabilize. Stress in flower is what you want to avoid.
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  13. I did clean a little bit but my health condition is shit, was in my bed pretty much... I was not able to carry on with everything I wanted to do in the room... Here's how it looks under the hood..

    That one is a monster, already bigger than my thumb in 16 days in the rwdc! That is crazy!

    I will try cleaning more next time! :)
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  14. lol I guess this is a beginner feeling.. fuck I want to flip! LOL waitttttttttt waittttttttttt waittttttttt NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! ahah
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  15. @jumpincactus Do you change nuts (flower nuts) before putting them in 36 hours dark period or when the lights get back 12/12?

    edit: just remember you're in soil... Dunno if any rdwc here that can confirm or add their input about when switching to flower nuts? =)
  16. gwheels


    I use a reservoir for a gravity feed system. When I flip i run 50 50 grow and bloom formula in the rez then as i top up it is just bloom. It helps them grow right through the transition when they still need to stretch.

    The good news is critical mass is not too bad for stretch. I have 63 inches of height and a bit more clearance than you. I used the scrog net to hold a shape and then flipped to keep them short.

    I also left 1/3 of the holes open and then it filled the space perfectly.
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  17. Thank you for your input!

    Glad to hear it does not stretch that much! So 66% of the net filled... I will flip today I think.. I have to refill my topoff, will add bloom nuts in the topoff and let the veg nuts in the system for few days.
    I have to add each day to compensate so I will be adding bloom nuts instead of veg for few days then do a water change to balance everything.

    I start the day at 330ppm, 14-15 hours later, down to 280-290. I don't know if it's good or not, The topoff are at 450ppm and it keeps dropping. They drink around 12-16L each day. Should I go higher ppm in topoff rez?
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  18. gwheels


    Keep the net in. I moved mine because i have too many shutoffs on my lines and 2 were still shutoff and they were dying and then i fixed it and kerboing.....BUT wow the canopy is nice and even.

    I am doing that again !

    I think we need a bigger scrog net batman!!!

    Good luck. Flip it and get a feel for the stretch filling out the other holes. I got lucky and mine were timed exactly right. I went sooner than I felt comfortable with and it was the right thing to do.

    My tents are small though and they fill up fast. Same holds true for any space i would think.
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  19. hawkman


    scrog can go to 30/60/90 days in veg - seen the 90 day veg it was a monster too long for me anyway - like were you are at close to 60 days
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  20. 60 days? They have 21 days today... lol
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