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Tips For House&garden Cocos?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by erocknroll, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. What's up everybody, getting my new indoor setup going and I'm running with the House and Garden Cocos base nutes. I'm using Canna coco coir with some perlite and already have some GH rapid start and floralicious plus (got for free from hydro store). Gonna get some other supplements once I have my genetics picked out, most likely gonna use Hygrozyme as well as the H&G Bud XL once I flower.

    A couple things I'm wondering:

    1. Should I get some calmag to add? Or is the Calcium Nitrate in the A and the Mag in the B enough?
    2. When mixing all my nutes do I mix A+B first, then pH, then add supplements(rapid start and floralicious), then its good to water? I always thought you pH'd after adding everything but I recently heard otherwise.

    Any other tips with these base nutes are also welcome.
  2. 3 balls

    3 balls

    This is a old question but I'm just getting into this site. I run HG in Tupur coco.
    Royal Gold rep told me 7mil per CM throughout. HG rep said none, it's already in the A and B. I go 2ml per.
    HG used to say let A mix in water for 10 min or so add B then ph. I talked to them at Cannacon and they said don't worry about, I ph at the end.
  3. Hey erocknroll ,You will need to add cal-mag.I use calmag+. I use @6mls/gal for the initial waterings (2-3), then reduce to 3mls/gal until the last week, if over used you can get some lock-out of other element's (strain dependant,light,temp etc.).
    I have been using H&G cocos a&b for 15 years now and that ratio works best in my grows.Also remember to water every day once you have a good root system,if not you may see problems ,salt builds up very fast when coco dries out especially with h&g,don't let it dry.PH after mixing everything together or your pH will be shifting too much. Good luck.